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For those who don't know ZCC is the file extension saved by the Z64s Cheat Codes option in the version 2 Bios. Lets say you have a backup called MK4.ROM then you create some cheat codes. The file saved will be MK4.ZCC. This will contain all the cheat codes you add through the Z64s on screen menu. As the cheats are saved in different files for each game this makes it perfect for swapping, exchanging cheat files. This is where this page comes in. I will try to add all the cheat files i can here. If anyone has any cheat files then please email me with them with a description of the cheats etc.

new.gif (12853 bytes) ZCC Cheat file Editor NOW AVAILABLE new.gif (12853 bytes)
Allows you to edit your ZCC cheat files. Much easier than typing those cheats in on the N64 pad. Just use your PC keyboard. Safe the file off and put it on your ZIP disk.
CLICK HERE to download it

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Remember. The ZCC file needs to be the same name as the image you want it to work with.
EG: MK4.ROM must have the cheat file MK4.ZCC. IF your rom is say MORTAL4.ROM then you MUST rename the file to MORTAL4.ZCC.



ZCC File

ZCC Cheat File Editor Edit your cheat files with ease. No need to use the N64 control PAD. ZCC.ZIP
Wipout 64 (USA) Infinate, Time, Infinate Shield, Open Velocitar, Open Piranha, Open Super Combo Challenge WIPEOUT.ZIP
Mortal Kombat 4 Over 80 cheats from Infinate life to always be Scorpian etc MK4ZCC.ZIP
Assorted A huge collection of ZCC files. I will try to spread this out to individual files when i get more time. Thanks to the Viagra guys for these. VGA-ZCC.ZIP

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