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Z64 Shipping Center  for the
UK & Ireland

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Trade Page

You are about to enter the trade page for Z64. Please have your username and password ready. This is needed to enter the next page.

IF you have an account but you have forgotton your details, enter your email address below and it will be emailed to you. This must be the Email Address registered to your account.

E-mail Address

If you do not yet have a trade account please fill out and submit the form below.

Advantages of buying from the official source:

We handle all repairs and exchanges here in house. No need to wait for repairs or returns. If you are an Unofficial distributor buying from abroad then you will have that big delay.

We keep a good stock in so you can get new supplies usually the day after we recieve the order.

You get listed as an official UK distributor on this site.

If there are any hardware/software modifications you will get the new units/software  sooner.

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You must be resident in the UK or Ireland to apply.
All other countries please apply to www.z64.com

Note: If you do not have a Web Site then please enter "see comment". Then in the comment box please give other details of your business.

* = Required       + = Optional

Web Site URL:*

If this form is not filled out correctly you will not recieve a reply.
After the form is submitted and your details have been verified you will recieve an email with the Z64 prices.
After your first order you will recieve a Username and Password for the Trade Area.

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