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Enhance Your Nintendo 64

Welcome to Mr. Backup Z64 !

The Z64 is a unique enhancement to the Nintendo 64™ system which brings a lot of fun to thousands of families all over the world. Allowing you to Back Up your precious Game Cartridges on to Iomega Zip Disks.

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A Zip Disk can hold up to 100 Mbytes of data which is equal to 800 Mbits. Game cartridges are measured in Mbits and are typically 64, 96, 128 & 256 Mbits in size. So you can see how the size depends on the quantity you can fit on 1 disk.

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Being the official UK & Ireland shipping center for the Z64 means we handle the returns and warranties for the Z64 here in house in the UK. This is because we supply the official UK distributors.  This means that if there is a problem you will receive your repaired or exchanged Z64 usually the day after it arrives here. When you purchase your Z64 please make sure you return your warranty card, this is very important. You will have a warranty card if you purchased from an official UK Z64 dealer listed on the UK Dealers page or from us. There are also some Dealers not listed but these are mainly non internet based.  If you do not have a warranty card then chances are you brought from an unofficial source. In this situation you will have to argue with your supplier about that. Also you may have a long wait while it gets sorted as they will have to send their Z64s back abroad for repairs or exchange.


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