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  1. Installation
  2. Loading a Game From CD ( LOAD CD64 FILE )
  3. Play Game ( START CD64 FILE )
  4. Download Game Cartridge ( DOWNLOAD CARD )
  5. Play Cartridge ( START CARD )
  6. S-RAM transfer ( MEMORY MANAGER )
  7. Cheat - Code Function ( X-TERMINATOR )
  8. Utility Programs ( CD64 TOOLS ) -
    Pro Comms Link
    Edit Memory
    Checksum Dram
    Copy Card Header
    Swap Dram Byte
  9. System Test
    Dram & Card Verify
    CD64 Initialization
    XTERM Buffer Format
    CD64 Configuration
  10. Trouble Shooting
  11. Important Safeguards
  12. GameBoy Emulator
  14. Cheat V Codes
  15. Warranty



Remove the plastic cover off the U64's expansion port ( on the bottom side of the N64 ) and connect to CD64 'S port ( On the top of CD64 ) ** i.e. place U64 over CD64

Plug one of your U64's cartridge into CD64 slot ( beside the CD's ROM panel )

Connect the DC adapter for CD64, Turn on the U64. ( Ha ! screen came out )

The N64 is placed on top of the CD64. No additional connector or a lockout-adaptor is necessary. An original Nintendo-Cartridge must be inserted into a port located at the front of the CD64. That means that the N64-CartPort actually is not used at all.

The CD64 works on NTSC as well as on PAL-N64's.

By powering on the N64 you will be welcomed by the CD64 Startup-Logo followed by the Main Menu. The Menu is English, very colorful and can be comfortably controlled by the N64-Joypad.




Loading a Game From CD ( LOAD CD64 FILE )

Insert a CD containing game or utility program into the CD drive, and then press Joypad's button A. By selecting this option, the CD64 will try to load the directory of the inserted CD. Interesting on that point is that CD64 doesn't care how you name your files but scans the whole directory and displays the filenames as well as the header name and country-information. If the header is in Chinese, you will see real Chinese characters and no garbage. Now you can select a game and start loading by pressing "A"-Button. After loading you may start the game or go back to Main-Menu.

* Different CD-ROM Drive will load at different speeds. It normally take 8-25 seconds to load a 64MBIT files.

Play Game ( START CD64 FILE )

This option starts the ROM-Image currently in CD64s RAM which you may have loaded by using the previous menu-option or dumped with the Download-Option. The actual ROM-Image-Name is displayed on the bottom of the Menu-Screen. It will return an error if no file is present.

Download Game Cartridge ( DOWNLOAD CARD )

Read out the inserted N64-Cart to CD64-Ram by selecting this menu-option. The reading-out progress is very fast. A 64Mbit-Module takes around 14 seconds to backup into DRAM.

Play Cartridge ( START CARD )

Execute the Cartridge plugged into the CD64-Slot.



Those game ( with battery save feature ) you just play , there save data is store into the S-RAM of you boot cartridge. You can upload & down it from /into the Joypad's RAM CARD for permanent storage.you can save the records into CD64 as long as the game cartridge that you plugged in has EEPROM built in.However, we do recommend you always has this type cartridge plug in and always has memory pad installed in your controller. When playing the game, the game save data is tempory save onto the boot cartridge. After you finish to play
the game. You can transfer the saved data to the Joypad's memory card. One 256K Ram Card can store 15 normal save. You may as well use the SRAM Manager 2.0 from www.blackbag.org , but of course you will need to load it from CD/PC first. By using this compress program ,you can store up to 256 save. Button configuration will display on screen.

Cheat - Code Function ( X-TERMINATOR )


Pre-load the game from CD-ROM or /Game cartridge. Select the build-in code or edit by yourself. Enable the function active ( X-TERM : ON ). Then play the game. You can obtain infinitive live, energy, select level etc by using this powerful function.

You can also save you own parameter code into the Bios. Button configuration will display on screen.

Here we go with an example to make you fully understand the procedure. After loading a game into DRAM (in our example Extreme-G US-Version) you go back to Main Menu and select the X-Terminator-Option. Here you can roam through a list of available cheats sorted by Game-Name. Often there is more than one cheat available per game. After selecting "Extreme-G [USA]" you can select pre-defined cheats and enable them by using the "A"-Button or enter a new one yourself. You can enable more than one cheat at a time. The selected codes will be displayed in a different color and the amount of cheats selected is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are satisfied with your selection, go back to main menu, the button status bar now shows "XTERM [ON]". On selecting the Option "Play CD64-File" Extreme-G will be started with the cheats enabled. Notice that you can format the X-Terminator-Buffer by using the Format-Utility in the "CD64 Test"-Menu. This will disable all cheats again. Of course you may also turn them on/off manually in the X-Terminator-Menu one by one again.

Utility Programs ( CD64 TOOLS )


The Tools menu provide five option utility programs. It is very useful for the professional programmers.

PRO-COMM LINK - Can link to PC by using a pro-Comm link card.

DRAM EDITOR -Hex Editor function.

As stated before, the CD64-Tools-Menu features a hex-editor. The HEX-Editor can be used to, you guessed it, hexedit the DRAM. It is so to speak a very simple version of Hedit or Niew you know from PC. Maybe helpful to change a few things for advanced coders. Changes can be checksum-calculated afterwards

DRAM CHECKSUM - Can calculate the Dram checksum

SWAP DRAM BYTE - Can swap Dram Byte

COPY CARTRIDGE HEADER - Can copy cartridge header automatically

** those tools is for professional user & programmer only **

System Test

It's can check the CD64's Dram & ROM performance. Just press Joypad's button A


In this menu you will find a few test utilities such as download and verify a cartridge . The third option will format the X-Terminator-Buffer to disable codes you selected before in the X-Terminator-Menu.

DRAM & CARD VERIFY- User can use this function by download the cartridge data and compare the data in Dram to verify the memory is in good condition.



CD64 INITIALZATION V You can initialize your CD64 to the original set-up by using this function.


XTERM BUFFER FORMAT V You can format the X-Terminator code storage buffer to the original format when you meet problem for storing the cheat-code.


CD64 CONFIGURATION V You can configure your CD64 by selecting this menu.

  1. CDROM SPEED V you can select the cd-drive to access in higher speed if it support.
  2. COMMS MODE V you can select the communication hardware to link to your pc ( PRO V Prom Comm Link Card, PC V Parallel Port adaptor )
  3. PLAY MODE V You can select which way ( button : A or Reset ) to start the game. The default is button A , some game need to use Reset button to start the game due to the hardware protection ( e.g. Yoshi Story , Snowboard 1080 ).
  4. MENU LANGUAGE V For the latest version in the future, you can select the Display Language that you like.



If you encounter a problem while installing or using your CD64, check this section for help.
CAUTION : To prevent damage to your Game Console and PC, turn off electrical power before connection or disconnection .

  1. No menu screen came out form TV after CD64 installed
    Make sure you already insert a boot cartridge into CD64.
    Boot Cartridge :- ( original cartridge without hardware protection * i.e. Mario64, Pilot Wing , You cannot use following card for boot card : Snowboard 1080, Yoshi story, Diddy Kong Racing. Since those cartridge has hardware protection. )
  2. Menu screen came out but go black after few seconds
    Make sure you connect the AC Adaptor to the CD64, otherwise CD64 are using the power current of N64. Some N64 AC Adaptors current are not enough for both of N64 & CD64.
  3. TV screen keep scrolling
    Your TV is too old for using CD64, it cannot auto-synchronize the signal by itself, please use another TV for using CD64.
  4. CD64 display 0M for dram memory size
    Bad contact between (i ) the memory ram module and slot or (ii ) CD64s pin connector and N64. Please remove the memory module and re-install again or check the pin connector to make sure the pin not bent, otherwise clean the pin connector by alcohol
  5. Game files load to CD64 , but no file name display on the bottom of the menus screen.
    Please refer to CD64 display 0M for dram memory size. And also maybe the connecting cable for the CD-Drive is loose, please re-connect again..
  6. No color on some games and Cannot play some game.
    Because of the software protection, a lot of PAL games [ENG] cannot play on the NTSC [JPN] machine. But you can patch the game to run on the NTSC machine, there are a lot of patch file you can found at the NET. But be careful , there are a lot of patch files still have bugs ( no color , hang? etc. )?on it. You have try to get the right one.
  7. The output connector for TV on the CD64 is not working.
    The AV out of the CD64 is use for the optional VCD output, and it is no function at this moment.
  8. CD format error
    CD64 's cd format is ISO 9660 MODE 1, it can read muti-session cd. But it cannot support sub-directory. The file extension can be anything. Our Bios & Hardware structure is totally different from V64 & Z64. Only the CD-ROM software ) is compatible. The CD64 can load V64 and Z64 files alike.
  9. Checksum Error.
    Please refer to 4 & 5.or  The checksum error means the game file is not n64 checksum made. You can use the cd64 tools menu checksum function to make thechecksum.
  10. Game hangs while playing
    Make sure you already connect the AC Adaptor to the CD64. Sometime, insufficient current may cause the game hangs.
  11. Blank screen after start game
    If you confirm there is no not the problem of the games files. Please select menu "CD64 CONFIG". Select start game by press [A]key or [RESET] (Some patched game need to start with [RESET] example : Snowboard 1080. ). If you select start game by [ RESET ], you cannot use the cheat-code function at the same time. You can have an alternative method by turn off the N64 and on again. Select START CD64 FILE to start the game.
  12. Top part of CD64 getting warm.
    It is normal, because CD64 have a current protection circuit design on it.
  13. Cannot link to PC
    Make sure you already install the Pro Comm Link card or the Parallel Port Adaptor into your PC. The operation for linking to PC , please refer to the USAGE OF PARALLEL PORT ADAPTOR.
  14. Upgrade problem
    The bios image and the upgrade program is fully tested and did not get any problems. It should work if people follow the instruction show by the upgrade program step by step. They should upgrade the cd64 successfully. When there are upgrading the bios don't turn the system off!!!! By solving your mistake, If you have a eeprom programer:
    A. Take the eeproms out from the cd64 and don't forget the odd[O] &even[E] position.
    B. Select programmer with the eeprom type as ATMEL 29c010.
    C. You can load file to the programmer with binary format.
    D. Burn the odd byte to eeprom marked with [O], and even byte to eeprom marked with [E].
    E. If your programmer didn't have the burning odd even byte function, you need first to split the file into odd and even format files.
    F. Put the eeproms back to it's position.
  15. More Problem Solving Help
    If you still have the problem, please contact your local dealer or service center. Or you can email to :  webmaster@cd64.com for help.


    All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated
    The safety and operation instructions should be retained for future reference
    The product should be connected to a power supply only of the type described in the operation instructions or included inside the package.
    The AC Adaptor of the product should be unplugged from the outlet when left unused.
    Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not pilled into the enclosure through openings.
    The product should be serviced by qualified service personnel when:
    A. The AC Adaptor has been damaged; or
    B. Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into the product; or
    C. The product does not appear to operate normally or exhibits a marked change in performance; or
    E. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged
  7. The user should not attempt to service the product beyond that described in the operation instructions. All other servicing should be refereed to qualified service personnel.

GAMEBOY EMULATOR ( not avaible on the Bios Menu, it is available in software). It can let CD64's user to play GameBoy's games by CD64. Please check from your dealer or download from the internet.



parallel_port.JPG (97244 bytes)

The parallel port adaptor is allow the user to communicate ( upload & download ) between CD64 ( I/O port)  & PC ( parallel port / printer port ).

Using CD64COMM.EXE and Parallel Port Adaptor at PC ECP PRINTER PORT 1 (LPT1)
to link up with the CD64:

Install the Parallel Port Adaptor at PC ECP PRINTER PORT 1 (LPT1), and connect
it to the CD64 with a parallel cable. Copy the CD64COMM.EXE and DOS4GE.EXE into
the C:\N64 directory. Type CD64COMM.EXE at the DOS prompt and follow the on screen prompts. If the communication fails, have a look at the Trouble Shooting section
of this manual.

Optimizing your PC:

To get the best performance with the Comms software you may wish to try the

1. The comms software uses disk access a lot, a disk cache will speed this
process up considerably. Ensure you have some form of disk cache running.
If in DOS mode (i.e. Not in a Windows DOS shell) then install SMARTDRIVE.
If you are in Windows 95 then you will find a disk cache is already on.

2. If in Windows, run the CD64COMM.EXE program at full screen and not in a
window. Although the program does work perfectly OK in a window it is
considerably faster at full screen.

3. Ensure your ISA bus speed is set to its fastest in your machines BIOS.
(Some machines do not have this setting).

Communicate Procedure:
1. Turn off the CD64 & N64 .
2. Connect Parallel Port Adaptro to your PC.
3. Move Parallel Port Adaptor switch to CD64
4. Connect the cable between Parallel Port Adaptor and CD64
5. In your PC DOS mode, type following command.
6. Turn our your CD64. ( Make sure your cd64 config are set to Parallel Port Adaptor and press START button to save the config.
7. Upload and Download start.

Type the following command line at dos prompts at C:\N64 directory:

1. Download file GAME.BIN to CD64 DRAM ADDRESS and using Parallel Port Adaptor
C:\N64>CD64COMM -p378 -t -fgame.bin -sb4000000

2. Download file GAME.BIN to CD64 DRAM ADDRESS and run the files by using Parallel Port Adaptor
C:\N64>CD64COMM -p378 -x -fgame.bin -sb4000000

3. Grab file GAME.BIN from CD64 CARD ADDRESS length 0x800000 and using Parallel
Port Adaptor at ECP PRINTER PORT 1 (LPT1).
C:\N64>CD64COMM -p378 -g -fgame.bin -sb2000000 -L800000

4. Grad file GAME.BIN fromCD64 DRAM ADDRESS length 0x800000 and using Parallel Port Adaptor at
C:\N64>CD64COMM -p378 -g -fgame.bin -sb4000000 -L800000

* C:\n64>cd64comm
* CD64 Up/Download utility Ver2.00
* Usage: CD64COMM -P<port> -T -X -G -F<fname> -S<start> -L<length>
* Example: CD64COMM -x -fTEST.BIN -sb4000000
* CD64COMM -p378 -t -fTEST.BIN -sb4000000
* CD64COMM -g -fTEST.BIN -sb2000000 -l800000
* CD64COMM -p378 -x -fTEST.BIN -sb4000000
* Options :
* -P pc Port address  378-ECP PRINTER PORT
* -T Transfer a block of data to CD64 but don't do anything with it
* -X eXecute code after download
* -G Grab game from CD64 to file
* -F Filename of binary image to download\upload
* -S Start address b2000000=card start, b4000000=dram start
* -L Length of grab 800000=64Mb, c00000=96hMb, 1000000=128Mb, 1400000=160Mb(20MBYTE),
* -  1800000=192Mb, 1c00000=224Mb(28MBYTE),  2000000=256Mb
* All lengths are hex

Parallel Port adaptor's Trouble Shooting:

a. Failed to communicate.

If using Parallel Port Adaptor, the PC PRINTER PORT should be ECP MODE PRINTER
PORT and PORT 1 (LPT1). And the port address setting should be -p378.

There are the ERROR MESSAGEr meaning:
1.The file length error means the file length is not in 32bit (4byte) mode, file length last digit should be $0,$4,$8,$c.
2.The checksum error means the game file is not n64 checksum made.
     You can use the cd64 tools menu checksum function to make thechecksum.
3. The download error means there are something wrong in the download   process.
      May be cause by nose environment, cable too long, pc not ground.

However the CD64comm.exe can not run with some pc by the compatibility problem. Please try the RTOOLS, you can found it at www.blackbag.org.


CD64 user can get the X-terminator cheat -code from the following web-site.:
www.gametech.co.jp ( Japan code )
www.blaze.de/german/download.htm (Europe )
www.x-plorer.co.uk ( U.K. )
www.gameshark.com ( U.S.A. )
www.xploder.com ( U.S.A. )


All product sold by our company are warranted against any defects in materials and / or manufacture in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. The product will be repaired or the parts of the products will be replaced free of charge within 30 days from the date of invoice / shipping date if the product is defective according to the judgement of UFO's technician.

2. This warranty covers only 12 months free labor after the date of invoice/shipping date.

3. Defect or damage of the product caused by accident, negligence, misuse, modification, improper voltage, unauthorized repair or alteration will not be covered by this warranty.

4. The repair of any defect or replacement of any parts does not result in any extension of the warranty period.

6. For repair, please send the defective product to our office with a copy of your shipping receipt or receipt from Shipper. The replacement of parts and shipping cost ( onward /return ) will be chargeable to owner.