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09.29.2000 MORE ON DK64 SAVING
The following was posted by a user, Benjamain, on the Dextrose messageboard:

When you are ready to save, pause it and hit save. Then hit restart, and go back to your saved game. As soon as dk comes walking out of the cave pause it and hit save, note the long delay, and then its saved.

detailed description:

step 1: After I finish playing and I'm ready to save: I pause the game and then choose save, then I choose restart.

step 2: I don't usually wait on that cutscene where king k rool is laughing, you don't have to either. Just go back to your saved game and then select it again.

step 3: Right after donkey kong comes walking out of the cave hit start, and then select save. You should notice a long. maybe 2 second delay before it says "OK." I usually hit it several times after that but it probably doesn't matter.

Then I hit restart again, and I turn the game of while they are singing the dk rap. But it probably doesn't matter when you turn it off cause your game is already saved.

About the dk64 crack its not 100%. you lose the save basically when you complete certain tasks. for instance... once u get the first crown and save, it loses it. This happens on all backup units. and it is copy protection. I have to look at it, but probably wont get to it this weekend. this sucks. now i feel dumb cause i made same mistake as titanik. i trusted the beta testers ;) its hard to tell if a game is 100% cracked when u have to play thru the whole game. you just play as far as you can and HOPE that you got rid of all the protections.

I've been playing Pokemon Puzzle quite a bit and finished the hard level yesterday, here's a code which appeared after the credits:

09-29-2000 Int. Superstar Soccer 2000 Konami Europe nil-is2k.zip 128mbit
09-29-2000 Power Rangers Rescue THQ USA mnc-prlr.zip 96mbit

Ok it seems that Z64 users have problems with the Donkey Kong 64 PAL save (and the US one?). I've been told that the save dissapears when you've played for awhile. If anyone got a lot of spare time and feel like testing (both V64 and Z64 users), then please do.

09-28-2000 Armymen: Sarge's Heroes 2 3DO USA mnc-srg2.zip 64mbit

The US crack and save fix was released a few days ago and due to a lot of requests (from me atleast), LaC decided to make a crack and save fix for the PAL version aswell, and here it is. Please note that the fix isn't tested on a PAL N64 w/Z64, so please report to me or directly to LaC on IRC Efnet if you have any problems.

Click here to download.

09-26-2000 Pokemon Puzzle League Nintendo USA mnc-pmpl.zip 256mbit

As if there ever really were. Well most of you probably know JL_Picards NES emulator for the Nintendo64 called vNES64, atleast thats what it did at first, but along the way he has changed engine and therefore also name. RockNES64 and DarcNES64 where it has stopped for good now, well almost. Due to fact that he and a couple of friends have been unable to optimize the code to run atleast half decent, JL has decided to stop the project, which I choose to called NES64.

The source has been handed to someone who remains unknown for the time being, but it's unlikely, I think, that we'll ever see another release using this source. The emulator was never released to the public as RockNES64 or DarcNES64, but betas do exist out there.

Due to the ammount of ECTS and other pictures the loading time was longer than I feel is right, therefore I've decided to move the first half of the months news to the archive. If you haven't checked 'em out yet then click here.

He's truely amazing, and I bet you know who I am talking about. LaC does it again and brings us a working save fix, and crack, for Donkey Kong 64 (USA). The save fix allows you to save using SRAM (DS1) instead of 16k eeprom. It automaticly detects if you're using SRAM or 16Kb EEPROM. Oh and the crack/save fix also works with the Z64, read the nfo for more details.

Click here to download.

Roadhouse of HighSoceity is back with another "palfix" which has been in the works for a few days now as he was trying to figure out why some of his palfixes doesn't work on my PAL TV. If you have problems using (running) any of this fixes or trainers on your PAL TV then please report it to me or to Roadhouse on IRC.

Click here to download.

09-21-2000 Pokemon Snap (French) Nintendo Europe hs-posnf.zip 128mbit
09-21-2000 Pokemon Snap (Italian) Nintendo Europe hs-posni.zip 128mbit

He does it again and brings us another kickass thingy which I know a lot of people have requested. This fix converts the save to SRAM instead of 16k eeprom, which it normally uses.

Click here to download.

09.17.2000 NEW LOOK
I was getting quite tired of the old one, so here's the result of the past few days trying to find a better one. Hope it's not too bad ;)

Sofar its only this page which has the new look, but the entire site should be changed over the next weeks, as well as I'll add a larger archive of old stuff to the site.

TUROK 3 (USA) +2 (download)
  • Secrets Unlocked (YES/NO)
  • Press L for Mega Jump (YES/NO)

    09-15-2000 Pokemon Snap (German) Nintendo Europe lfc-pspg.zip 128mbit

  • 09.14.2000 MORE ECTS PICTURES
    I finally got my own pictures and spent an hour scanning some of them (damn I need a digital camera). Anyway here they are, so enjoy:

    You want a piece of me?! come on!!

    Attack of the giant Gameboy Advance

    Hahaha! look at that pathetic bastard taking a photo

    Chick playing Gameboy Color

    Well this is the 64scener "HQ"... clean and tidy

    Pokèmon shite

    Konami stand, PS2 shite

    Midas and their cheapo PSX game crap.

    Zelda: MoM beta cartridge. Unfortunately I couldnt get any closer and have no zoom

    Fucking long que just to play a few mins of Mario Kart Advance, grr! Oh hello VIC

    PS2 shite

    More PS2 shite

    Wait, is that what it looks like?! yeap a Wideboy64 at SunSoft's stand

    It's dem Codies.

    Lots of sad gits waiting to enter ECTS 2000.

    Are you one of those who wants a DexDrive badly, but is unable to get one due to Interact's bad handling and advertising of the thingy? Well relax, Blaze was showing off one of their latest invensions at ECTS. It's called MPXchanger (hmmm sounds bung'ish) which I believe is short for "Memory Pak Exchanger. It's capable of backing up Gameboy, PlayStation, N64 and Dreamcast saves, although some special "adaptor" is required before you're able to backup DC saves. The cool part is that the MPXchanger is compatible with DexDrive saves.

    Unfortunately no price or release date was given.

    09-13-2000 NFL Blitz 2001 Midway USA mnc-bz01.zip 128mbit

    Harvest Moon (USA) +5 (download)
    Infinite stamina in horse race (YES/NO)
  • Unlimited fodder (YES/NO)
  • Infinite lumber (YES/NO)
  • Infinite stamnia (YES/NO)
  • Infinite money (YES/NO)

    Roadhouse is here again with a video mode selector for an older Japanese release. Click here to download.

    Hercules (USA) +3 (download)

  • Infinite Health (YES/NO)
  • Unlimited Magic (YES/NO)
  • Unlimited Gold (YES/NO)

    Here's a few screenshots taken from the Konami ECTS press kit which I doubt you've seen online before, if you have well then you'll see them again below. Oh and check out the WideBoy64 Gameboy Advance border, now thats something!


  • 09.08.2000 LOOKING BACK AT ECTS 2000
    Returned safely from ECTS, eventhough we did have problems on our way home since our train to the airport broke down as well as a defective domestic airplane at Copenhagen airport which made us wait another hour and 20 mins before we could go home, but the trip was quite cool and I met a lot of the people from N64 IRC channels, VIC[CML], Steve--, Count0, NEP-CML, Nagra, Hartec and Nil.

    I began my trip to ECTS early morning, 2nd September. I took a plane from Aalborg to Copenhagen where I would meet Vic, Steve and Nep later on since we had planned to stay at the same hotel. Three hours after my arrival at Copenhagen my cellular phone rang and it turned out to be VIC[CML], so we met and after eating a hotdog we continued our journey.

    We borded the 14:30 flight to London Stansted, the food on the plane was terrible but atleast there were free drinks. An hour later we arrived at the London Stansted airport and while waiting to pickup our luggage, Count0 and a friend of his joined. Almost everyone got their luggage, why almost? well one bag was missing, Nep's.

    Well the 6 of us continued our journey to Paddington where our hotel was located, unfortunately we got a bit lost when looking for the hotel, so Nagra, who would be staying at the same hotel aswell, came to rescue.

    After unpacking our stuff we decided to go and grap something to eat and after looking around a bit we decided just to eat at Burger King, which unfortunately wasn't such a great experience, the burger looked like it had been grilled all day, but was cold. The fries were cold and un-salted (did come with small bags of salt though). Well atleast the coke was cold too.

    After enjoying our delicious burgers at Burger Crap we went to a pub where we later met Hartec (of Dextrose) and a friend of his.

    Sunday was the first day of ECTS. We got up around 8 and ate "english breakfast" at the hotel which was beans, an egg, 1 piece of bacon and a tiny sausage (sausage only included on sundays) and some toast. I dont know what they "do" the coffee in england, but it tasted quite good, am I'm usually not a coffee drinking person. I realised after the breakfast that I'm no bean eating person either, oh well.

    So we teamed up with Nagra and the seven of us (Nep, Steve, Vic, Count0, Johan (Count0's friend), Nagra, and me) went to the Paddington underground station to catch the train for London Olympia, actually we had to change train on the way but I doubt you would find that interesting, or?

    When we arrived there was, ofcourse, a massive que of people lined up infront of the entrance, so it took like 10 - 15 minutes to get in. Once we got inside we were met by a giantic Intel and Nintendo stand, and a Konami stand a little to the left which ran the Metal Gear 2 DVD, I persume, on a giant screen. We decided to split up in smaller groups and then meet later that day. And so the hunting for kickass free stuff began.

    I headed to the Nintendo stand, ofcourse, up some stairs, since the Gameboy Advance was located on the first floor. The GBA sure will be Nintendo next hit console, if the GameCube flop, then atleast they know they can depend on the GBA.

    A lot of Nintendo64 games were displayed at Nintendo's stand, games such as: Banjo-Tooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Zelda Majora's Mask, Dinosaur Planet, Mickey's Speedway, Mario Tennis, Pokemon Puzzle, Pokemon Snap, Mario Party 2. Most were complete except for Banjo-Tooie, Dinosaur Planet (which crashed when I played it, so I quietly left the stand) and Conker's Bad Fur Day. Nintendo had a lot of Gameboy Color games on display aswell such as Sonkey Kong Country (GBC version of the SNES one) and Pokemon Pinball. Finally Nintendo has released the stupid Pikachu Nintendo64 in Europe, go figure. Some European release dates to look forward to are: 17 Nov - Zelda Majora's Mask and 24 Nov - Mickey's Speedway.

    But outside Nintendo's stand the N64 was pretty much invincible, or just heavily outnumbered by Playstation2 titles. Ubi Soft didnt have a single N64 game at their stand eventhough they still are planning to release a few. To their defence is that they Donald Duck game was displayed at Disney Interactive's stand. The game is called Donald Duck Quack Attack if anyone needs to know the exact title. Another game in the work by Ubi is "Batman: return of the joker".

    THQ had no N64 games at their stand either eventhough they've got a few titles up their sleeve aswell, Might Morphin Power Rangers and Aidyn Chronicles, however screenshots and movies of these were to be found on their Press Kit CD, so the games should be released in Europe. Midway had one N64 game on display, San Fransisco Rush 2049, which recently has been released in the US. Capcom had no games on display at all, atleast not public, and there were no word about Mega Man 64 in their press releases. Konami only had one N64 game on display, International Superstar Soccer Millenium and their press kit was damn difficult to obtain aswell, hmmm doesnt sound like Konami at all, well blame the damn European branch.

    We did see other than games as you can see above.

    After ECTS we decided NOT to go to McDonalds. Count0 and Nil, who Nagra now had introduced, suggested a trip to KFC, but we ended up at some restaurant. Everyone was more or less exhausted from the walking and walking and walking, and the heat at Sony's stand, so we decided to return to the hotel, since Nil had to mod a few PS2's aswell.

    Monday I decided not to go for the English breakfast, so I just had some toast. We headed off to ECTS again for more playing and free stuff. Around 2 in the afternoon everyone had enough of ECTS, and we went to the Picadilly Circus to buy a meal at McDonalds, oh and take a look at some shops aswell.

    Tuesday we didnt have much time since we had to leave for the airport around 1 - 2 in the afternoon, so we decided to head off to the Picadilly Circus again to kill time. Well the time came where we had to head to the airport, so we went to Paddington train station and got on the Stansted Airport Express, and everything was going great. Well until the train broke down and we had to wait for another. This meant that we entered Stansted Airport at 3:20 and our plane left at 4. It took us quite some time to find the right check-in point and were met by a pissed lady because we came in so late.

    Well we got on the plane and left for Copenhagen. I better add that we once again got some quite disgusting food at the plane, can't SAS do any better? Well we arrived at Copenhagen and left for the domestic flights terminal to catch a plane to Aalborg 1½ hour later. Unfortunately the plane had a defect and we had to wait another 1½ hour.

    But in all it was a kickass trip and i'll definately be there next year aswell, see you there? 2 - 4 september 2001 at London ExCel! Special thanks to Vic for the pictures, Steve, Nep, Count0, Johan, Hartec, Nagra and Nil.

    09-06-2000 San Francisco Rush 2049 Midway USA mnc-2049.zip 96mbit
    09-06-2000 Madden NFL 2001 EA USA mnc-mf01.zip 96mbit
    09-05-2000 Rat Attack Mindscape USA mnc-rata.zip 64mbit

    09.02.2000 LEAVING FOR ECTS
    Yes I'm off to the airport in less than an hour, going to London to attend the ECTS where I'll get to see the Gameboy Advance and probably the Gamecube! This means no updates for the next 4 days, but some heluva cool info when I return :)

    see ya!

    09-01-2000 Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Acclaim Europe mnc-t3p.zip 256mbit