This is a list of codes for the InterAct GameShark. The list is compiled from the codes available at interact's support page as it was in week 1 year 2000.

Keycode Use the installed Diddy Kong code Infinite Lives 8026b1cb0003 Must Be On de0004000000 Enable All Levels 8125508800ff Match Levels Completed 8025508a0005 A BUGS LIFE
Infinite Health 811e1a2e0004 Infinite Lives 801e1a380009 Max Grain 801e1a390032 Have All FLIK 801e1a3a000f Start with Goldberry 811e1a2e0003 All Enemies Killed 811e1a260000 Always Have Super Jump 811e1a280020 Unlock All Levels 81099150000f AERO FIGHTERS ASSAULT
Infinite Chaffs 8027e017000a Infinite Special Weapons 8027e4d20002 Infinite Armor 8027cff500c8 8027cff900c8 Extra Planes 8127ccecffff Extra Points d027a20c0000 8027a20c00ff ALL STAR BASEBALL '99
Away Team Scores 0 810800ca0000 Away Team Scores 50 810800ca0032 Home Team Scores 0 810797720000 Home Team Scores 50 810797720032 Infinite Balls 800abfb70000 Infinite Chara. Creation Points 800e2c3100b0 Infinite Strikes 800abfb90000 1 Ball And You Walk d00abfb70000 800abfb70003 1 Out And You Are Out d00abfbb0000 800abfbb0002 1 Strike And You Are Out d00abfb90000 800abfb90002 2 Balls And You Walk d00abfb70000 800abfb70002 2 Outs And You Are Out d00abfbb0000 800abfbb0001 2 Strikes And You Are Out d00abfb90000 800abfb90001 3 Balls And You Walk d00abfb70000 800abfb70001 Alien Abduction Mode 8106724a0001 Ball Trail Mode 810672420001 Big Ball Mode 810672360001 Big Head Mode 810672320001 Fat-Skinny Mode 8106723e0001 Paperman Mode 8106723a0001 ALL STAR BASEBALL 2000
Infinite Creation Points 811033504170 Infinite Pitch Type Points 811039bc4170 811039c04170 Home Team Scores 50 8005e3730032 Home Team Scores 0 8005e3730000 Away Team Scores 50 800653370032 Away Team Scores 0 800653370000 1 Ball And You Walk d006e4df0000 8006e4df0003 1 Out And You Are Out d006e4e30000 8006e4e30002 1 Strike And You Are Out d006e4e10000 8006e4e10002 2 Balls And You Walk d006e4df0000 8006e4df0002 2 Outs And You Are Out d006e4e30000 8006e4e30001 2 Strikes And You Are Out d006e4e10000 8006e4e10001 3 Balls And You Walk d006e4df0000 8006e4df0001 Infinite Balls 8006e4df0000 Infinite Strikes 8006e4e10000 ARMY MEN: SARGE HEROES
Enable Code (Must Be On) f10507cc2400 All Weapons 8115969e0001 Start With Max Ammo 8115fcbe0001 Immortal (Invincible) 8115fcee0001 Infinite Continues 811596920001 Invisible 811596820001 Tin Solider 811596a20001 Play As Vikki 811609a20008 Play As Plastro 811609a20009 Play As The Big Green One 811609a20007 ARMORINES: PROJECT SWARM
Enable Code (Must Be On) de0004000000 f10396b02400 Infinite Time (Story Mode) 810a4b2e43cb Infinite Lives P1 (Story Mode) 800a4b430004 Infinite Lives P2 (Story Mode) 800a4bb70004 Infinite Lives P3 (Story Mode) 800a4c2b0004 Infinite Lives P4 (Story Mode) 800a4c9f0004 Infinite Time (VS Mode) 810a4d1e43cb ASTEROIDS HYPER 64
Infinite Lives 8007f90e0063 Infinite Points 8107f8feffff Infinite Armageddon 8107f8920001 Infinite Number Items On Pickup 8107f8a2270f AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI
100 Points 800ce7430064 Infinite Time 800ce76f0063 Extra Vehicles 800985c30001 800985c50001 800985c70001 800985cb0001 800985cd0001 800985cf0001 BANJO KAZOOIE
Keycode Use the installed Diddy Kong code Infinite Eggs 80385f670063 Infinite Lives 80385f8b0009 Must Be On de0004000000 8124c9d81000 812876a41000 812d3dc02400 Infinite Air 81385f8e0e10 Infinite Gold Feathers 80385f730063 Infinite Red Feathers 80385f6f0063 Extra Jiggies 80385fcb0063 Extra Notes 80385f630063 Infinite Health 80385f830008 80385f870008 Press L Button To Levitate d02812510020 8137c4bc43e0 BANJO KAZOOIE V1.1
Keycode Use the installed Diddy Kong code Extra Jiggies 803851eb0063 Extra Notes 803851830063 Infinite Air 813851ae0e10 Infinite Eggs 803851870063 Infinite Gold Feathers 803851930063 Infinite Health 803851a30008 803851a70008 Infinite Lives 803851ab0009 Infinite Red Feathers 8038518f0063 Must Be On de0004000000 8124b7281000 812864e41000 812d2e002400 Press L Button To Levitate d02804c90020 8137b6bc43e0 BATTLETANX
Have Storm Ravens Gang 8012579a0001 801357730001 Frogs 801357750001 Have All Levels 801357670001 Hurl Mode 8013576b0001 Invincible 801357630001 Invisible 8013576a0001 Run Story 801357700001 Start With All Weapons 801357650001 Toads 801357760001 Trippy 801357710001 Unlimited Ammo 801357600001 Unlimited Lives 801357720001 BATTLETANX: GLOBAL ASSAULT
Infinite Tank Bucks 80236a9f0064 Level Select 80117f490001 Invulnerability 80125ab00001 Start With All Weapons 80125ab10001 Secret Level 80125ab20001 Enable Models 80125ab30001 Cassandra Gang 80125ab50001 Brandon Gang 80125ab60001 Mini-Tanks 1 80125ab80001 Mini-Tanks 2 80125ab90001 Mini-Tanks 3 80125aba0001 Mini-Tanks 4 80125abb0001 Mini-Tanks 5 80125abc0001 BEETLE ADVENTURE RACING
Low Timer 81025dd43f40 All Cars 8002cff7000b All Tracks 8002cff30006 All Difficulties 8002cffb0003 Castle Track (Multi) 8002d0030001 Ice Flows (Multi) 8002d0040001 Volcano (Multi) 8002d0050001 Dunes (Multi) 8002d0060001 Rooftops (Multi) 8002d0070001 Woods (Multi) 8002d0080001 Number of Lady Bugs Cheat 8002d0090001 Ladybug Color Change Cheat 8002d00a0001 Health Cheat 8002d00b0001 Power-ups Cheat 8002d00c0001 Time Limit Cheat 8002d00d0001 Radar Cheat 8002d00e0001 Damage Cheat 8002d00f0001 ? Mode Cheat 8002d0100001 Time Attack Bonus Boxes Cheat 8002d0110001 Breakables Cheat 8002d0120001 Environment Cheat 8002d0130001 Cars Cheat 8002d0140001 Handicap - Two Player Cheat 8002d0150001 Color Change Cheat 8002d0160001 Field of View Cheat 8002d0170001 Horn Cheat 8002d0180001 Track Music Cheat 8002d0190001 Handbrake Power Cheat 8002d01a0001 BLASTCORPS
Infinite Hydraulics Sidesweeper 803edb510063 Infinite Missiles Motor Bike 803f8ac30063 BODY HARVEST
Extra Weapon And Ammo 810481380203 8104813a0405 8104813c0607 8104813e090a 810481468000 810481488000 8104814a8000 8104814c8000 8104814e8000 810481528000 810481548000 Infinite Greece 81052b180098 81052b1a967f Infinite Health 8104dcec0258 No Humans Killed 8104816a0000 BOMBERMAN 64
"Blizzard Battle" Battle Mode 802ac61f0008 802ac7030008 "In The Gutter" Battle Mode 802ac61f0006 802ac7030006 "Lost At Sea" Battle Mode 802ac61f0009 802ac7030009 "Sea Sick" Battle Mode 802ac61f0007 802ac7030007 Gems 802ac62f0063 Infinite Credits 802ac62b0063 Infinite Lives 802ac6270063 Stop Timer 802ac6430000 Have All Gold Cards 8008e57500ff 8108e576ffff 8108e578ffff 8108e57affff 8108e57cffff 8108e57effff 8108e580ffff 8108e582ffff 8008e58400ff BOMBERMAN HERO
Extra Gems d01652410000 80165241004b Full Bomb Power 8016523f0003 Full Fire Power 801652400008 Infinite Health 801652440004 Infinite Lives 801652430009 Hit GS Button For All OD Bombs 8805749500ff 8805749600ff 8805749700ff BRUNSWICK BOWLING
Have All Keys 810e92e00101 800e92e20001 Infinite Ammo 810e92e603e8 810e92ea03e8 810e92ee03e8 810e92f203e8 810e92f603e8 810e92fa03e8 810e92fe03e8 810e930203e8 810e930603e8 810e930a03e8 810e930e03e8 Infinite Health 810e92d842b0 Infinite Lives 810e96520005 BUST A MOVE 2
Infinite Credits 801201710005 P1 Always Gets Bubbles 801711310006 P1 Never Gets Bubbles 801711310000 P2 Always Gets Bubbles 801736010006 P2 Never Gets Bubbles 801736010000 BUST A MOVE '99
P1 Always Gets Bubbles 800ece590007 P1 Never Gets Bubbles 800ece590000 P2 Always Gets Bubbles 800ecf490007 P2 Never Gets Bubbles 800ecf490000 P3 Always Gets Bubbles 801588b10007 P3 Never Gets Bubbles 801588b10000 P4 Always Gets Bubbles 801589a10007 P4 Never Gets Bubbles 801589a10000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P1 810ece2c0000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P2 810ecf1c0000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P3 811588840000 Infinite Time To Set Pieces P4 811589360000 Ceiling Never Drops P1 810ecdee0000 Ceiling Never Drops P2 810ecede0000 Ceiling Never Drops P3 811588460000 Ceiling Never Drops P4 811589740000 CALIFORNIA SPEED
Always Place 1st 80151c010000 Have All Tracks 81168f8cffff Have Predator 800aae670001 Have Mano 800aae6b0001 Have Five Oh 800aae6f0001 Have Mt. Dew 800aae730001 Have Insect 800aae7f0001 Have Squirrel 800aae8b0001 Have Forklif 800aae8f0001 Have Ol' Truck 800aae9f0001 Have Camper 800aaea30001 Have Semi 800aaea70001 Have Dozer 800aaeab0001 CASTLEVANIA 64
Infinite Health 81389c3e0064 Infinite Throwing Weapon 81389c48000a CASTLEVANIA: LEGENDS OF DARKNESS
NOTE: THESE CODES WORK ONLY IN LOW-RES MODE. Infinite Health 811cab3a2710 Infinite Gold 811cab422710 Infinite Throwing Weapons 801cab450064 Special 1 801cab470001 Special 2 801cab480001 Special 3 801cab490001 Roast Chicken 801cab4a0001 Roast Beef 801cab4b0001 Healing Kit 801cab4c0001 Purifying 801cab4d0001 Cure Ampoule 801cab4e0001 Powerup 801cab4f0001 The Contract 801cab540001 Magical Nitro 801cab550001 Mandragora 801cab560001 Sun Card 801cab570001 Moon Card 801cab580001 Winch Lever 801cab590001 Oldrey's Diary 801cab5a0001 Crest Half A 801cab5b0001 Crest Half B 801cab5c0001 Rose Brooch 801cab5d0001 Archives Key 801cab5e0001 Left Tower Key 801cab5f0001 Storeroom Key 801cab600001 Garden Key 801cab610001 Copper Key 801cab620001 Chamber Key 801cab630001 Execution Key 801cab640001 Deck Key 801cab650001 Rose Garden Key 801cab660001 Thorn Key 801cab670001 Clocktower Key C 801cab680001 Clocktower Key D 801cab690001 Art Tower Key 1 801cab6a0001 Art Tower Key 2 801cab6b0001 Control Room Key 801cab6c0001 Wall Key 801cab6d0001 Clocktower Key E 801cab6e0001 Clocktower Key A 801cab6f0001 Clocktower Key B 801cab700001 CHAMELEON TWIST
Access All Levels 8020850e00ff 8020851000ff Extra Crowns 802517670015 CHAMELEON TWIST 2
Infinite Health 8018ba7d000f All Costumes 8016451a00fe All Levels 80164508003f Press L To Levitate d018bab50020 8118b9e04200 Max Collectable Items 801645010063 Have 6 Carrots 80164519007e CHOPPER ATTACK
Gun Four-Way Shot 801297230004 Infinite Fuel 81129726ffff Infinite Weapon First Position 8012943b0063 Infinite Weapon Second Position 8012943f0063 Infinite Weapon Third Position 801294430063 Score 8112942600ff Infinite Armor 811296c80045 CLAYFIGHTER 63 1/3
Extra Characters/Secret Options 801a2b41000f COMMAND AND CONQUER
Inf. Cash Global Def. 800c4f0600ff Inf. Cash Brotherhood Of Nod 800c50ae00ff Instant Air Strike (GDI) 800962a40032 800C4e5000ff Instant Ion Cannon (GDI) 800962a50033 800c4e3000ff Instant Nuclear Strike (GDI) 800962a60034 800c4e7000ff Instant Air Strike (NOD) 800962a40032 800c4ff800ff Instant Ion Cannon (NOD) 800962a50033 800c4fd800ff Instant Nuclear Strike (NOD) 800962a60034 800c501800ff CRUIS'N USA
Always Place 1st 8015022b0001 Unlimited Time 8015094d0045 CRUIS'N USA V1.1
Always Place 1st 8015034b0001 8015025b0001 CRUIS'N USA V1.2
Unlimited Time 80150a680095 8015097d0095 CRUIS'N WORLD
Keycode Use the installed Yoshi's Story code Always Place 1st P1 803ce0230001 Always Race on Moon 803bf2ef000f Enable Code - Must Be On de2ad4000000 812fe5ec2402 812fe5ee0001 Infinite Time 813d0d3c4296 Have All Car Upgrades 803bee420005 Have All Cars 813bee781fff DARK RIFT
Enable Demitron 80049df40001 Enable Sonork 80049df00001 DEADLY ARTS
Extra Characters 8009e3df00ff Infinite Health P1 811050260000 811071ac0008 Infinite Health P2 8111b3be03e8 8111d5440008 No Energy P1 811050260000 No Energy P2 8111b3be0000 P1 is Always Hikari 80105001000b P1 is Always Yami 80105001000a P1 is Invisible Character 80105001000c P2 is Always Hikari 8011b399000b P2 is Always Yami 8011b399000a P2 is Invisible Character 8011b339000c DESTRUCTION DERBY 64
Have All Difficulty Levels 81097a160003 Baja Buggy 80097a180001 Low Rider 80097a190001 Woody Wagon 80097a1a0001 Pickup 80097a1b0001 Taxi Cab 80097a1c0001 Blue Demon 80097a1d0001 Rag Top 80097a1e0001 Hot Rod 80097a1f0001 Ambulance 80097a200001 Watchback 80097a210001 Street Rocket 80097a220001 Police Car 80097a230001 All Cars And Tracks 500006020000 81097a180101 Metro Challenge Track 80095ccc0001 Seascape Track 80095ccd0001 Boyou Run Track 80095cce0001 Terminal Impact Track 80095ccf0001 Destruction Junction Track 80095cd00001 Sunset Canyon Track 80095cd10001 Apline Ridge Track 80095cd20001 Midnyte Rumble Track 80095cd30001 All Tracks 500004020000 81095ccc0101 DIDDY KONG RACING
Keycode Use the installed Diddy Kong code 50 Balloons 801fcbed0032 Cheat Menu for Tracks Mode 810dfd9effff Enable Code - Must Be On de0004000000 DIDDY KONG RACING V1.1
Keycode Use the installed Diddy Kong code 50 Balloons 801fd3dd0032 Enable Code - Must Be On de0004000000 DOOM 64
Always Have BFG 9000 800632db0001 Always Have Chain Gun 800632cf0001 Always Have Missile Launcher 800632d30001 Always Have Plasma Rifle 800632d70001 Gun/Chain Gun Ammo 800632e300ff Invincible 8006330b0002 Missile Ammo 800632ef0064 Plasma/BFG/Weapons Ammo 800632eb0064 Always Have Chainsaw 800632bb0001 Always Have Double Shotgun 800632cb0001 Always Have Gun 800632c30001 Always Have Shotgun 800632c70001 Blue Key 8006328f0001 Blue Skull Key 8006329b0001 Red Key 800632970001 Red Skull Key 800632a30001 Shotgun Ammo 800632e70064 Yellow Key 800632930001 Yellow Skull Key 8006329f0001 DOOM 64 V1.1
Always Have BFG 9000 8006338b0001 Always Have Chain Gun 8006337f0001 Always Have Chainsaw 8006336b0001 Always Have Double Shotgun 8006337b0001 Always Have Gun 800633730001 Always Have Missile Launcher 800633830001 Always Have Plasma Rifle 800633870001 Always Have Shotgun 800633770001 Blue Key 8006333f0001 Blue Skull Key 8006334b0001 Gun/Chain Gun Ammo 8006339300ff Invincible 800633bb0002 Missile Ammo 8006339f0064 Plasma/BFG/Weapons Ammo 8006339b0064 Red Key 800633470001 Red Skull Key 800633530001 Shotgun Ammo 800633970064 Yellow Key 800633430001 Yellow Skull Key 8006334f0001 DUAL HEROES
1 Win To Win P1 d02267150000 802267150001 1 Win To Win P2 d02267170000 802267170001 GS Button For Death Blow P1 8922671c0000 GS Button For Death Blow P2 8922671e0000 Infinite Energy P1 d022671c0000 8122671c00fa Infinite Energy P2 d022671e0000 8122671e00fa Infinite Time d02267240000 81226724003c P1 Never Wins d02267150001 802267150000 P2 Never Wins d02267170001 802267170000 DUKE NUKEM
Infinite Grenades 802a5a0700ff Infinite Jet Pack 812a5a8e0640 Infinite SMG Ammo 802a5a0500ff SMGs/Grenade Launcher 812a5abc0101 Cheat Menu 801012d80001 801012dc0001 801012e00001 801012e40001 801012e80001 Expander/Missile Launcher 812a5ac00101 Have All Keys 802a5a47000f Infinite Expander Ammo 802a5a0d00ff Infinite Laser Trip Bomb Ammo 802a5a1300ff Infinite Missiles 802a5a0f00ff Infinite Pipe Bomb Ammo 802a5a0900ff Infinite Plasma Ammo 802a5a1100ff Infinite Shrinker Ammo 802a5a0b00ff Pipe Bombs/Shrinker 812a5abe0101 Plasma Cannon/Laser Trip Bombs 812a5ac20101 Invincibility 802aaa680001 DUKE NUKEM ZERO HOUR
Requires 3.0 GameShark and Ram Expansion Pack! Have Dynamite 8111a7700001 Have Extra Weapon 8111a7980001 Have Grenade Launcher 8111a7200001 Have Laser 8111a8100001 Have Machine Gun 8111a6f80001 Have Machine Shotgun 8111a7c00001 Have Pipe Bomb 8111a7480001 Have Pistol 8111a6a80001 Have Plasma Gun 8111a7e80001 Have Shotgun 8111a6d00001 Infinite Ammo Extra Weapon 8111a79a0063 8111a7a00000 Infinite Ammo Laser 8111a8120063 8111a8180000 Infinite Ammo Machine Gun 8111a6fa0063 8111a7000000 Infinite Ammo Machine Shotgun 8111a7c20063 8111a7c80000 Infinite Ammo Pistol 8111a6aa0063 8111a6b00000 Infinite Ammo Plasma Gun 8111a7ea0063 8111a7f00000 Infinite Dynamite 8111a7720063 8111a7780000 Infinite Grenades 8111a7220063 8111a7280000 Infinite Pipe Bombs 8111a74a0063 8111a7500000 Infinite Shotgun Shells 8111a6d20063 8111a6d80000 L Button Super Jump d0117df40008 81117eecffff d0117df40008 81117eeefc00 Never Rearm Dynamite 8111a77a0000 Never Rearm Pipe Bombs 8111a7520000 Never Reload Extra Weapon 8111a7a20000 Never Reload Grenade Launcher 8111a72a0000 Never Reload Laser 8111a81a0000 Never Reload Machine Shotgun 8111a7ca0000 Never Reload Machinegun 8111a7020000 Never Reload Pistol 8111a6b20000 Never Reload Plasma Gun 8111a7f20000 Never Reload Shotgun 8111a6da0000 Infinite Health Mean Streets 80117f1f0980 8019f0610980 Infinite Health Liberty or Death 80117f1f0980 8019e9550980 Infinite Health Nuclear winter 80117f1f0980 8019e4d90980 Infinite Health Wetworld Secret Level 80117f1f0980 8119da990980 Infinite Health Fallout 80117f1f0980 8019d61d0980 Infinite Health Under Siege 80117f1f0980 8019e4d90980 Infinite Health Boss Hog 80117f1f0980 8019bf0d0980 Infinite Health Dry Town 80117f1f0980 8019fb450980 Infinite Health Jailbreak 80117f1f0980 8019e1a50980 Infinite Health Up Ship Creek 80117f1f0980 8019e3910980 Infinite Health Fort Roswell 80117f1f0980 8019f3950980 Infinite Health Probing The Depths 80117f1f0980 8019e05d0980 Infinite Health Cyborg Scorpion 80117f1f0980 8019c0550980 Infinite Health Whitechapel Killing 80117f1f0980 8019f1a90980 Infinite Health Brainstorm 80117f1f0980 8019c94d0980 Infinite Health Brothers Nukem 80117f1f0980 8019d5790980 Infinite Health Dawn of Duke 80117f1f0980 8019f6250980 Infinite Health Hydrogen Bomb 80117f1f0980 8019e2ed0980 Infinite Health The Rack 80117f1f0980 8019db3d0980 Infinite Health Zero Hour 80117f1f0980 8019bc7d0980 Infinite Health Going Down 80117f1f0980 8019ed2d0980 EXTREME G
100 Points 80167c370063 Anti-Grav + Fish Eye Lens 80095f6f000a Anti-Gravity Mode 80095f6f0008 Boulder Mode 80095f6f0001 Boulder Mode + Fish Eye Lens 80095f6f0003 Boulder Mode + Wireframe Mode 80095f6f0011 Extreme Mode 80095f6e0002 Fish Eye Lens 80095f6f0002 Ghost Mode 80095f6f0040 Infinite Turbos 801635cb0003 801635cf0003 Magnify Mode 80095f6f0004 Stealth Mode 80095f6f0020 Ugly Mode 80095f6f0080 Wireframe Mode 80095f6f0010 Extra Characters 80167c130001 80167c170003 EXTREME G 2
100 Points 80183a330064 Extra Characters 801839cf0001 801839d30001 801839d70001 Extra Tracks 80182f870001 8018305f0001 801831370001 8018320f0001 801832e70001 801833bf0001 801834970001 801836470001 8018371f0001 801837f70001 Infinite Nitros 81170b660003 81170b620003 Infinite Shield 81170b8c42c8 Lasers Never Overheat 81170b9842c8 Blurry Mode 81092b8a1000 Constant Random Weapons 81092b8a0080 Infinite Shield/Lasers 81092b8a0100 No Panel Mode 81092b8a4000 Overhead View 81092b8a0008 Spiral Mode 81092b8a0010 Super Speed Mode 81092b8a0800 Tron Mode 81092b8a0002 Ugly Mode 81092b8a0001 Wipe Out Mode 81092b8a0400 Wireframe Mode 81092b8a0004 EARTHWORM JIM 3D
Infinite Health 800c690f0064 Infinite Lives 800c69130063 Infinite Laser Ammo 800c691700fa Infinite Egg Chucker Ammo 800c69bf00fa Infinite Cleaver Ammo 800c6a1f00fa Start W/ 100 Marbles d00e9ff30000 Start W/ 100 Marbles 800e9ff30064 Infinite Blaster Ammo 810c691603e7 Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 810c694603e7 Infinite Banana Peel Ammo 810c697603e7 Infinite Green Slimer Ammo 810c69a603e7 Infinite Shotgun Ammo 810c69ee03e7 Infinite Music Gun Ammo 810c6a0603e7 Infinite Boomerang Knives Ammo 810c6a1e03e7 Infinite Mushroom Ammo 810c6a3603e7 F-ZERO X
Keycode Use the installed Yoshi's Story code Enable Code - Must Be On de0670000000 Have Boost From Start d02c4dac003f 802c49250050 Infinite Lives 800e5ed90005 Infinite Shield 812c4b484326 812c4b4c4326 Time Always 00'00"00 / Place 1st 812c4bc00000 812c4bc20001 Unlock Everything 800cd3c80001 FIFA '99
Away Team Scores 0 800375b30000 Away Team Scores 9 800375b30009 Home Team Scores 0 800375b70000 Home Team Scores 9 800375b70009 FIFA SOCCER
Away Team Scores 0 801190430000 Away Team Scores 9 801190430009 Home Team Scores 0 801190470000 Home Team Scores 9 801190470009 FIGHTERS DESTINY
P1 Always Have 0 Stars 802097570000 P1 Start W/ Extra Stars d02097570000 80209757000f P2 Always Have 0 Stars 8020b61f0000 P2 Start W/ Extra Stars d020b61f0000 8020b61f000f FIGHTING FORCE 64
Infinite Pistol Ammo 8106006c2400 Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 810601302400 Infinite Shotgun Ammo 810601d82400 Infinite Lives P1 800ce0f30003 Infinite Lives P2 800ce0f70003 FLYING DRAGON
1 Win to Win P1 d020c27f0000 8020c27f0001 1 Win to Win P2 d020c27f0000 8020c27f0010 Infinite Health P1 8020b7b100c8 Infinite Health P2 8020bc0c00c8 Infinite Special P1 8120aeb40190 Infinite Special P2 8120b1b00190 No Health P1 8020b7b10000 No Health P2 8020bc0c0000 No Special P1 8120aeb40000 No Special P2 8120b1b00000 FORSAKEN
Infinite Lives 8004013c0005 Infinite Shields d014e5e20011 8114e5e01000 GS Button For 255 Gravgon Missiles 8814e64200ff GS Button For 255 MFRI Missiles 8814e64300ff GS Button For 255 Mug Missiles 8814e63d00ff GS Button For 255 Pine Missiles 8814e64600ff GS Button For 255 Purge Missiles 8814e64400ff GS Button For 255 Quantum Missiles 8814e64700ff GS Button For 255 Scatter Missiles 8814e64000ff GS Button For 255 Solaris Missiles 8814e63e00ff GS Button For 255 Spare0 Missiles 8814e64800ff GS Button For 255 Tag Bombs 8814e65100ff GS Button For 255 Titan Missiles 8814e64100ff GS Button For Max Pods 8814e6100003 GS Button To Refill Primary Weapon 8914e5e88000 Enable Battle Mode And Levels 8008ed6e0012 Gore Mode 8008ed670012 FOX SPORTS COLLEGE HOOPS '99
Away Team Scores 0 8012a4ea0000 Away Team Scores 150 8012a4ea0096 GS Button For 1-Second Shot Clock 8912a4bc3fc0 Home Team Scores 0 8012a4d20000 Home Team Scores 150 8012a4d20096 Infinite Shot Clock 8112a4bc4210 Infinite Time Outs Away 8012a4ec0006 Infinite Time Outs Home 8012a4d40006 No Time Outs Away 8012a4ec0000 No Time Outs Home 8012a4d40000 Big Head Mode 81098e880100 Trail Follows The Ball 810b46004100 Partially Invisible Players 81098e840100 Shot Clock Disabled 8109707c0000 GAUNTLET LEGENDS
Infinite Health 800a54d90004 Extra Flies d00a54df0000 800a54df0032 Start With 50 Remotes d00a54eb0000 800a54eb0032 GEX 64
Have All Artifacts 800c56bf0063 800c56c30063 800c56c70063 Infinite Health 800c56bb0005 Infinite Lives 800c56b70005 GLOVER
GS Button For 40 Gems 8829018f0028 Infinite Health 802901970003 Infinite Lives 802901930005 Infinite Double Jumps 8028fc070000 Press L Button To Levitate d02ae9050020 8129033443e0 GOEMON'S GREAT ADVENTURE
Infinite Coins P1 (After First Boss) 8119adee03e7 Infinite Gold P1 8108828603e7 Infinite Health P1 800882840003 Infinite Lives P1 800882830003 Open All Levels 50002d020000 810882aa0303 Infinite Gold P2 8108829003e7 Infinite Lives P2 8008828d0003 Infinite Health P2 8008828e0003 GOLDENEYE
All Guns 800696530001 Bond Invisible 8006965a0001 DK Mode 8006965c0001 Enemy Rockets 8006966c0001 Fast Animation 8006966a0001 Infinite Ammo 8006965b0001 Invincible 800696520001 Line Mode 800696570001 No Radar (Multi-Player) 800696670001 Paint Ball Mode 8006965f0001 Slow Animation 8006966b0001 Tiny Bond 8006965e0001 Turbo Mode 800696680001 2XGrenade Launchers 8006966e0001 2XHunting Knife 800696710001 2XLaser 800696720001 2XRC-P90 8006966f0001 2XRocket Launchers 8006966d0001 2XThrowing Knife 800696700001 Gold PP7 800696650001 Golden Gun 800696630001 Laser 800696620001 Magnum 800696610001 Silver PP7 800696640001 Play Archives Level (Multi-Player) 8002b5370009 Play Bunker Level (Multi-Player) 8002b5370008 Play Caverns Level (Multi-Player) 8002b537000a Play Egyptian Level (Multi-Player) 8002b537000b Bulletproof Bond 8002ce440030 80030b200030 Enemy Cannot Aim 8002ce400030 80030b1c0030 Extra Ammo 80030b280048 Weak Enemies 8002ce480048 Extra Characters 8002b1970040 Enable All Levels 80036fb70001 Have All Objectives Done 80036fd30001 No Objects In Level 80036f7f0000 Walk Through Doors 800364cb0000 Enable Agent Levels 80036fb30001 Fast Bond 80036fcf0001 Invisible 800364c70000 No Backgrounds 80036f7b0000 Speed Display 80036f770001 GT64
All Races 1 Lap 8015fc350001 Always Place 1st 801608d80001 Always Have 99 Points 8015fd090063 HEXEN
Axe/Staff/Frost Shards 8013db7700ff Hammer/Firestorm/Arc of Death 8013db7900ff Quietus/Wraithverge/Blood… 8013db7b00ff Infinite Blue Mana 8013db7d00cf Infinite Green Mana 8013db7f00cf Invincibility 8113db4cffff HYBRID HEAVEN
Enable Code (Must Be On) f102c1642400 Press L For Moon Jump d005ce510020 Press L For Moon Jump 8124a0b03fcb Max Health 8117dc40270f Infinite Health 8117dc42270f Max Stamina 8117dc48270f Max Offense 8117dc80270f Max Defense 8117dc82270f Max Reflex 8117dc84270f Max Speed 8117dc86270f Level 99 8117dc880063 Max Head-Offense 8117dc50270f Max Body-Offense 8117dc52270f Max Right Arm-Offense 8117dc54270f Max Left Arm-Offense 8117dc56270f Max Right Leg-Offense 8117dc58270f Max Left Leg-Offense 8117dc5a270f Max Head-Defense 8117dc5c270f Max Body-Defense 8117dc5e270f Max Right Arm-Defense 8117dc60270f Max Left Arm-Defense 8117dc62270f Max Right Leg-Defense 8117dc64270f Max Left Leg-Defense 8117dc66270f Max Head-Hit Count 8117dca8270f Max Body-Hit Count 8117dcaa270f Max Right Arm-Hit Count 8117dcac270f Max Left Arm-Hit Count 8117dcae270f Max Right Leg-Hit Count 8117dab0270f Max Left Leg-Hit Count 8117dab2270f Max Head-Damage Count 8117dcb6270f Max Body-Damage Count 8117dcb8270f Max Right Arm-Damage Count 8117dcba270f Max Left Arm-Damage Count 8117dcbc270f Max Right Leg-Damage Count 8117dcbe270f Max Left Leg-Damage Count 8117dcc0270f Infinite Life Chargers S 8017e0080063 Infinite Life Chargers M 8017e0100063 Infinite Life Chargers L 8017e0180063 Infinite Life Chargers X 8017e0200063 Infinite Stamina Chargers S 8017e0280063 Infinite Stamina Charger M 8017e0300063 Infinite Stamina Charger L 8017e0380063 Infinite Stamina Charger X 8017e0400063 Infinite Battle Charger S 8017e0480063 Infinite Battle Charger M 8017e0500063 Infinite Battle Charger L 8017e0580063 Infinite Battle Charger X 8017e0600063 Infinite Speed Restorer 8017e0680063 Infinite Poison Restorer 8017e0700063 Infinite Super Restorer 8017e0780063 Infinite Offence Raiser 8017e0800063 Infinite Defence Raiser 8017e0880063 Infinite Speed Raiser 8017e0900063 Infinite Ring Eraser 8017e0980063 Infinite Flame Shot 8017e0a00063 Infinite Flame Shot SP 8017e0a80063 Infinite Ice Shot 8017e0b00063 Infinite Ice Shot SP 8017e0b80063 Infinite Poison Shot 8017e0c00063 Infinite Poison Shot SP 8017e0c80063 Infinite Hurricane Shot 8017e0d00063 Infinite Hurricane Shot SP 8017e0d80063 Infinite Ion Shot 8017e0e00063 Infinite Ion Shot SP 8017e0e80063 Infinite Offence Enhancer 8017e0f00063 Infinite Defence Enhancer 8017e0f80063 Infinite Speed Enhancer 8017e1000063 Infinite Stamina Booster 8017e1080063 Infinite Power Booster 8017e1100063 Infinite Offence Drainer 8017e1180063 Infinite Defence Drainer 8017e1200063 Infinite Speed Drainer 8017e1280063 Infinite Memory Card 8017e1300063 Infinite Code Key 8017e1380063 Infinite Map Viewer 8017e1400063 Infinite Defuser 8017e1480063 Infinite Flame Unit 8017e1500063 Infinite Cold Unit 8017e1580063 Infinite Invisible Unit 8017e1600063 8017e1680063 IGGY'S WRECKING BALLS
Infinite Credits 800bdea50005 Always Have 99 Points 810d8ee00063 Enable All Courses 810ccdf20b00 810ccdf40b00 810ccdf60b00 Extra Characters 810c632effff IN THE ZONE '98
Away Team Scores 0 pts. 8013c2b30000 Away Team Scores 150 pts. 8013c2b30096 Home Team Scores 0 pts. 8013c2b10000 Home Team Scores 150 pts. 8013c2b10096 IN THE ZONE '99
Away Team Scores 0 pts. 8129195c0000 Away Team Scores 150 pts. 8129195c0096 Home Team Scores 0 pts. 812903780000 Home Team Scores 150 pts. 812903780096 Infinite Time Outs Home 802903740007 No Time Outs Home 802903740000 Infinite Time Outs Away 802919580007 No Time Outs Away 802919580000 INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR SOCCER
Infinite Character Creation Points d01af9710002 801af9710063 d03e0cb20001 803e0cb20063 Team 1 Scores 0 8011ddaf0000 801a8afd0000 Team 1 Scores 50 8011ddaf0032 801a8afd0032 Team 2 Scores 0 8011ddaf0000 801a99790000 Team 2 Scores 50 8011ddaf0032 801a99790032 JEOPARDY!
P1 Always Has $1000 810581220000 P1 Always Has $50,000 81058122c350 P2 Always Has $1000 810581240000 P2 Always Has $50,000 81058124c350 P3 Always Has $1000 810581260000 P3 Always Has $50,000 81058126c350 KEN GRIFFEY'S SLUG FEST
KeyCode Use Diddy Kong Key Master Code (Must Be On) de0616000000 Home Team Scores 0 80104e5c0000 Away Team Scores 0 80104e5d0000 Home Team Scores 50 80104e5c0032 Away Team Scores 50 80104e5d0032 Infinite Strikes 8021ac480000 1 Strike And You Are Out d021ac480000 8021ac480002 2 Strikes And You Are Out d021ac480000 8021ac480001 Infinite Balls 8021ac470000 1 Ball And You Walk d021ac470000 8021ac470003 2 Balls And You Walk d021ac470000 8021ac470002 3 Balls And You Walk d021ac470000 8021ac470001 1 Out And You Are Out d021ac410000 8021ac410002 2 Outs And You Are Out d021ac410000 8021ac410001 KILLER INSTINCT GOLD
Player 1 Fast Jump/Walk 801d347c0001 Player 1 Slow Jump/Walk 801d347d0050 Player 1 Unlimited Energy 801d34840069 Player 1 Untouchable 801d34d4000a Player 1 Fast Punch Kick 801d347e0010 KNIFE EDGE NOSE GUNNER
Infinite Armor 8011d4670064 Level 11 Vulcan Cannon 801239b3000a Infinite Bombs 8011d46f0003 LODE RUNNER 3D
Infinite Lives 8015299f0063 High Gold 80152aff0032 8015293b0032 All Navigation Pieces 8015298b0005 MACE THE DARK AGES
Infinite Health P1 8008b1e70064 Infinite Health P2 8008ae5f0064 No Health P1 8008b1e70000 No Health P2 8008ae5f0000 Extra Characters 8007f9f80001 R Button Health Restore P1 d007cd2b0010 8008b1e70064 Z Trigger Deathblow P1 d007cd2a0020 8008ae5f0000 Infinite Time 81138b2a0708 Infinite Time To Choose Character d01340f60001 811340f60260 P2/CPU Never Wins 80138b430000 1 Win to Win P1 d0138b470000 80138b470001 1 Win to Win P2 d0138b430000 80138b430001 MADDEN 64
Away Team Scores 0 80084ee10000 Away Team Scores 50 80084ee10032 Home Team Scores 0 80082d950000 Home Team Scores 50 80082d950032 Infinite Time Outs Away Team 80084ee30003 Infinite Time Outs Home Team 80082d970003 No Time Outs Away Team 80084ee30000 No Time Outs Home Team 80082d970000 Extra Stadiums 81073510ffff 81073512ffff 81073514ffff 81073516ffff 8007351800ff Extra Teams 81073cf8ffff 81073cfaffff 81073cfcffff 81073cfeffff 80073d0000ff MADDEN '99
Away Team Scores 0 8005fa470000 Away Team Scores 50 8005fa470032 Home Team Scores 0 8005cf870000 Home Team Scores 50 8005cf870032 Infinite Time Outs Away Team 8005fa490003 Infinite Time Outs Home Team 8005cf890003 No Time Outs Away Team 8005fa490000 No Time Outs Home Team 8005cf890000 Extra Stadiums 8104a7f0ffff 8104a7f2ffff 8104a7f4ffff 8104a7f6ffff Extra Teams 8104add0ffff 8104add2ffff 8104add4ffff 8104add6ffff 8104add8ffff 8104addaffff 8104addcffff MAGICAL TETRIS CHALLENGE
Always Get Magical Tetris Pieces 811d267edb20 Always Get Straight Pieces 801d25f40000 Quick Score Gain 811d26a6ffff MARIO GOLF 64
Warning: Version 3.0 or higher, needed to use these codes. Must Be On f10b16702400 Extra Characters 810c28e80004 810c28ea0006 810c28ec0008 810c28ee000a 810c28f0000c 810c28f60005 810c28f80007 810c28fa0009 810c28fc000b 810c28fe000d MARIO KART 64
No Laps to Race 811643900000 811643920002 Banana Bunch 80165f5d0002 80165f8a0002 Blue Spiny Shell 80165f5d0007 80165f8a0007 Double Mushroom 80165f5d000d 80165f8a000d Fake Item Box 80165f5d0009 80165f8a0009 Ghost 80165f5d000b 80165f8a000b Invincible Star 80165f5d000a 80165f8a000a Lightning 80165f5d0008 80165f8a0008 Single Banana 80165f5d0001 80165f8a0001 Single Green Shell 80165f5d0003 80165f8a0003 Single Mushroom 80165f5d000c 80165f8a000c Single Red Shell 80165f5d0005 80165f8a0005 Super Mushroom 80165f5d000f 80165f8a000f Triple Green Shell 80165f5d0004 80165f8a0004 Triple Mushroom 80165f5d000e 80165f8a000e Triple Red Shell 80165f5d0006 80165f8a0006 Always Have 46 Pts Bowser 8018d9cf002d Always Have 46 Pts D.K. 8018d9cc002d Always Have 46 Pts Luigi 8018d9c9002d Always Have 46 Pts Mario 8018d9c8002d Always Have 46 Pts Peach 8018d9ce002d Always Have 46 Pts Toad 8018d9cb002d Always Have 46 Pts Wario 8018d9cd002d Always Have 46 Pts Yoshi 8018d9ca002d MARIO PARTY
Lower Left Char. 99 Coins 810f33180063 Lower Left Char. 99 Stars 810f331c0063 Lower Left Char. No Coins 810f33180063 Lower Left Char. No Stars 810f331c0063 Lower Left Char. Rolls 10 800d635b000a Lower Right Char. 99 Coins 810f33480063 Lower Right Char. 99 Stars 810f334c0063 Lower Right Char. No Coins 810f33480000 Lower Right Char. No Stars 810f334c0000 Lower Right Char. Rolls 10 800d639f000a Upper Left Char. 99 Coins 810f32b80063 Upper Left Char. 99 Stars 810f32bc0063 Upper Left Char. No Coins 810f32b80000 Upper Left Char. No Stars 810f32bc0000 Upper Left Char. Rolls 10 800d62d3000a Upper Right Char. 99 Coins 810f32e80063 Upper Right Char. 99 Stars 810f32ec0063 Upper Right Char. No Coins 810f32e80000 Upper Right Char. No Stars 810f32ec0000 Upper Right Char. Rolls 10 800d6317000a Infinite Lives On Mini-Game Island 800f37bb0063 MICRO MACHINES 64 TURBO
Infinite Lives 800bafd20009 Infinite Specials On Pickup 802084010005 Always Place 1st 802083f10001 MIKE PIAZZA'S STRIKE ZONE
Away Team Score 30 80165f5d001e Away Team Score 0 80165f5d0000 Home Team Score 0 80165f5d0000 Home Team Score 30 80165f5d001e Infinite Balls 80165f5d0000 Infinite Strikes 80165f5d0000 Almost Always Hit A Home Run 801957140001 Low Gravity 801957260001 Increased Gravity 801957270001 Fast Game 801957290001 Slow Game 8019572a0001 MILO'S ASTRO LANES
Bowl A Perfect Game P1 800ac9f0000a 800ac9fc000a 800aca08000a 800aca14000a 800aca20000a 800aca2c000a 800aca38000a 800aca44000a 800aca50000a 810aca5c0a0a 800aca5e000a MISCHIEF MAKERS
Infinite Red Gems 81175b66270f MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
Uzi With Infinite Ammo 800a8ea70063 800a8ea50002 Infinite Ammo 800a8ea70063 800a8eb70063 800a8ec70063 800a8ed70063 800a8ee70063 800a8ef70063 Infinite Health 810862b2ffff Big Feet Mode 800892a10004 Big Hands Mode 800892a10003 Big Hands, Head And Feet 800892a10005 Big Head Mode 800892a10001 Huge Head Mode 800892a10002 Kid Mode 800892a10007 Tiny Mode 800892a10006 Turbo Mode 800899c80001 MONOPOLY
Infinite Money P1 81324b46270f Infinite Money P2 81324b5a270f Infinite Money P3 81324b6e270f Infinite Money P4 81324b82270f MORTAL KOMBAT 4
1 Round To Win P1 d01050f30000 801050f30001 99 Wins P1 800fe27f0063 Infinite Credits 800493bf00ff Infinite Time 8010511b0063 Play As Goro P1 800fe293000f Play As Noob Saibot P1 800fe2930011 Infinite Health P1 810fe0d80001 810fe0da0000 Infinite Health P2 81126f540001 81126f560000 Big Head Mode 80048cb50001 MORTAL KOMBAT TRIOLOGY
Player 1 Unlimited Energy 8016984d00a6 Player 1 No Energy 8016984d0000 Player 2 No Energy 80169b210000 Player 2 Unlimited Energy 80169b2100a6 MULTI RACING CHAMPIONSHIP
Always Place 1st 800a960f0000 Infinite Time d0094e97000a Infinite Time 80094e970064 Low Course Time 8009483b0000 MYSTICAL NINJA
Infinite Health 8015c5e70028 Infinite Lives 8015c5ef0009 Infinite Ryo (Money) 8115c5ea270f Press L Button To Levitate d00c7d3b0020 8116a0444000 NAGANO WINTER OLYMPICS '98
Infinite Stamina 81138400447a 81138404447a Press [START] To Reset Timer 811378860000 NAMCO MUSEUM 64
Enable Code (must Be On) f1091f941000 Pac Man Infinite Credits 800a88170063 Pac Man Infinite Lives P1 800bbe230004 Pac Man Infinite Lives P2 800bbe270004 Pac Man Eat All Ghosts All The Time 810a87600000 810a87620000 810a878c0000 810a878e0000 810a87b80000 810a87ba0000 810a87e40000 810a87e60000 Ms. Pac Man Infinite Credits 800bbe4b0063 Ms. Pac Man Infinite Lives P1 800bbe230004 Ms. Pac Man Infinite Lives P2 800bbe270004 Ms. Pac Man Eat All Ghosts All The Time 810bc1000000 810bc1020000 810bc12c0000 810bc12e0000 810bc1580000 810bc15a0000 810bc1840000 810bc1860000 Galaga Infinite Credits 800d76a40063 Galaga Infinite Lives (both players) 800d75100002 Galaxian Infinite Credits 800cd3d00063 Galaxian Infinite Lives 800cd3ad0003 Pole Position Infinite Time 8010a2430063 Dig-Dug Infinite Credits 800fe67e0063 Dig-Dug Infinite Lives P1 800fe7090002 Dig-Dug Infinite Lives P2 800fe76b0004 NASCAR '99
1 Lap to Race 800438b30009 d021fbab0000 8021fbab0008 d022359b0000 8022359b0008 NBA COURTSIDE FEAT. KOBE BRYANT
Must Be On de0004000000 Away Team Score 0 813f19260000 Home Team Score 0 813f4ca60000 Infinite Shot Clock 8012aa0700ff Infinite Time Outs Away Team 803f19240009 Infinite Time Outs Home Team 803f4ca40009 Infinite Turbo Away Team 8112283a0100 81122a160100 81122bf20100 81122dce0100 Infinite Turbo Home Team 81121d120100 81121eee0100 811220ca0100 811222a60100 811224820100 NBA COURTSIDE 2
Away Team Infinite Turbo 8111531e00ff 811159c200ff 8111606600ff 8111670a00ff 81116dae00ff Home Team Infinite Turbo 8111745200ff 81117af600ff 8111819a00ff 8111883e00ff 81118ee200ff No Shot Clock 8111317602d0 NBA HANGTIME
Team 1 Scores 150 pts. 800a66890096 Team 2 Scores 150 pts. 800a668b0096 Press GS Button For 99 Pts. P1 890a66890063 Press GS Button For 99 Pts. P2 890a668b0063 NBA JAM '99
Away Team Scores 150 81160ffe0096 Home Team Scores 0 81160ffa0000 81160ffe0000 Home Team Scores 150 81160ffa0096 Infinite Time Outs Away 800d5c9b0007 Infinite Time Outs Home 800d5c750007 No Time Outs Away 800d5c9b0000 No Time Outs Home 800d5c7f0000 Home Team Giant Players 811823ba0032 811823c2003c 811825c60032 811825ce003c 811827d20032 811827da003c 811829de0032 811829e6003c 81182bea0032 81182bf2003c Home Team Tiny Players 811823ba0011 811823c20014 811825c60011 811825ce0014 811827d20011 811827da0014 811829de0011 811829e60014 81182bea0011 81182bf20014 Home Team Full Court Dunks 811824120004 8118261e0004 8118282a0004 81182a360004 81182c420004 Away Team Giant Players 81182df60032 81182dfe003c 811830020032 8118300a003c 8118320e0032 81183216003c 8118341a0032 81183422003c 811836260032 8118362e003c Away Team Tiny Players 81182df60011 81182dfe0014 811830020011 8118300a0014 8118320e0011 811832160014 8118341a0011 811834220014 811836260011 8118362e0014 Away Team Full Court Dunks 81182e4e0004 8118305a0004 811832660004 811834720004 8118367e0004 NBA LIVE '99
Away Team Scores 0 801d401d0000 Away Team Scores 150 801d401d0096 Home Team Scores 0 801d34510000 Home Team Scores 150 801d34510096 Infinite Time Outs Away Team 801d40240007 Infinite Time Outs Home Team 801d34580007 No Time Outs Away Team 801d40240000 No Time Outs Home Team 801d34580000 NBA SHOWTIME: NBA ON NBC
Team 1 Score 0 811a1e860000 Team 1 Score 255 811a1e8600ff Team 2 Score 0 811a1ea20000 Team 2 Score 255 811a1ea200ff P1 Infinite Turbo 8119d2b40006 8119d2b64000 P2 Infinite Turbo 8119d3080006 8119d30a4000 P3 Infinite Turbo 8119d35c0006 8119d35e4000 P4 Infinite Turbo 8119d3b00006 8119d3b24000 Infinite Creation Points 80165c52000a Max Height 80165c410014 Max Weight 80165c420014 Max Power 80165c430014 Max Speed 80165c440014 Max 2 Ptrs 80165c450014 Max 3 Ptrs 80165c460014 Max Steal 80165c470014 Max Block 80165c480014 Max Dunks 80165c490014 Max Dribble 80165c4a0014 Max Stats 500a00010000 80165c410014 Choose All Privileges 80165c530002 NFL BLITZ
Away Team Score 50 802adf570032 Home Team Score 50 802adf4f0032 Infinite Turbo Away Team 812add6c42c8 Infinite Turbo Home Team 812add9842c8 Allow Stepping Out Of Bounds P1 802997f70001 Allow Stepping Out Of Bounds P1 & P2 802997f70003 Allow Stepping Out Of Bounds P2 802997f70002 Big Football 802997670001 Big Head P1 8029975b0001 802997570001 Big Head P1 & P2 8029975b0003 802997570003 Big Head P2 8029975b0002 802997570002 Fast Passes P1 802997e30001 Fast Passes P1 & P2 802997e30003 Fast Passes P2 802997e30002 Fast Turbo Running P1 802997e70001 Fast Turbo Running P1 & P2 802997e70003 Fast Turbo Running P2 802997e70002 Fog On 8029977f0001 Headless Team P1 8029977b0001 Headless Team P1 & P2 8029977b0003 Headless Team P2 8029977b0002 Hide Receiver Name 8029976b0001 Huge Head P1 802997cb0001 Huge Head P1 &P2 802997cb0003 Huge Head P2 802997cb0002 Infinite Turbo P1 & P2 802997bb0003 Invisible P1 802997d70001 Invisible P1 & P2 802997d70001 Invisible P2 802997d70001 Late Hits P1 802997cf0001 Late Hits P1 & P2 802997cf0003 Late Hits P2 802997cf0002 Lights Out 802997a70001 Night Game 802997770001 No First Downs 802997c70001 No Head P1 802998030001 No Head P1 & P2 802998030003 No Head P2 802998030002 No Punting 802997bf0001 Random Play Choice P1 802997df0001 Random Play Choice P1 & P2 802997df0003 Random Play Choice P2 802997df0002 Show More Field 802997530003 Speed Up 802997eb0001 Super Field Goals 802997fb0001 Team Big Players P1 8029975f0001 Team Big Players P1 & P2 8029975f0003 Team Big Players P2 8029975f0002 Thick Fog 802997970001 Tiny Team P1 802997630001 Tiny Team P1 & P2 802997630003 Tiny Team P2 802997630002 Tournament Mode 802997930003 Turn Off Stadium 802997db0001 Weather: Clear 802997ff0001 Weather: Rain 8029976f0001 Weather: Snow 802997a30001 P1 is Brain 812ae0440000 812ae0460001 P1 is Carltn 812ae0440000 812ae0460010 P1 is Daniel 812ae0440000 812ae0460002 P1 is Forden 812ae0440000 812ae046000f P1 is Gentil 812ae0440000 812ae0460007 P1 is Grinch 812ae0440000 812ae046001f P1 is Guido 812ae0440000 812ae0460028 P1 is Hidden Character 1 812ae0440000 812ae0460012 P1 is Hidden Character 10 812ae0440000 812ae046001b P1 is Hidden Character 11 812ae0440000 812ae046001c P1 is Hidden Character 12 812ae0440000 812ae046001d P1 is Hidden Character 13 812ae0440000 812ae046001e P1 is Hidden Character 14 812ae0440000 812ae0460020 P1 is Hidden Character 15 812ae0440000 812ae0460022 P1 is Hidden Character 16 812ae0440000 812ae0460023 P1 is Hidden Character 17 812ae0440000 812ae0460024 P1 is Hidden Character 18 812ae0440000 812ae0460025 P1 is Hidden Character 19 812ae0440000 812ae0460026 P1 is Hidden Character 2 812ae0440000 812ae0460013 P1 is Hidden Character 20 812ae0440000 812ae0460027 P1 is Hidden Character 3 812ae0440000 812ae0460014 P1 is Hidden Character 4 812ae0440000 812ae0460015 P1 is Hidden Character 5 812ae0440000 812ae0460016 P1 is Hidden Character 6 812ae0440000 812ae0460017 P1 is Hidden Character 7 812ae0440000 812ae0460018 P1 is Hidden Character 8 812ae0440000 812ae0460019 P1 is Hidden Character 9 812ae0440000 812ae046001a P1 is Japple 812ae0440000 812ae0460005 P1 is Jason 812ae0440000 812ae0460004 P1 is Jenifr 812ae0440000 812ae0460006 P1 is LT 812ae0440000 812ae0460021 P1 is Luis 812ae0440000 812ae0460008 P1 is Mark Turmel 812ae0440000 812ae0460000 P1 is Mike 812ae0440000 812ae0460011 P1 is Raiden 812ae0440000 812ae0460009 P1 is Root 812ae0440000 812ae046000a P1 is Sal 812ae0440000 812ae046000e P1 is Shinok 812ae0440000 812ae046000b P1 is Skull 812ae0440000 812ae046000c P1 is Thug 812ae0440000 812ae046000d P1 is Van 812ae0440000 812ae0460003 Power Blockers 802997ef0001 Power Defense 802997af0001 Powerup Teammates 802997b30001 Show Field Goal % 8029978f0001 NFL QUATERBACK CLUB '98
Infinite Character Creation Points 800aecd30090 81072f30015e Infinite Time Outs Away 8004c62e0003 Infinite Time Outs Home 8004c0b60003 No Time Outs Away 8004c62e0000 No Time Outs Home 8004c0b60000 NFL QUATERBACK CLUB '99
Infinite Creation Points 8107b36e03e7 Infinite Time To Choose Play 810814482800 Infinite Time Outs Home 800549560003 No Time Outs Home 800549560000 Infinite Time Outs Away 80054ed60003 No Time Outs Away 80054ed60000 Max Acc 8007526d0064 Max Rng 8007526f0063 Max Scr 800752710063 Max Rcg 800752730063 Max Clu 800752750063 Max Spd 800752770063 Max Hnd 800752790063 Max Cat 8007527b0063 Max End 8007527d0063 NHL '99
Away Team Scores 0 810909380000 81092d600000 Away Team Scores 50 810909380032 81092d600032 Home Team Scores 0 810908fa0000 81092c700000 Home Team Scores 50 810908fa0032 81092c700032 Infinite Creation Points 800e73d900b0 NHL BLADES OF STEEL
Away Team Scores 0 801f64070000 802004c00000 Away Team Scores 50 801f64070032 802004c00032 Home Team Scores 0 801f64060000 802004bf0000 Home Team Scores 50 801f64060032 802004bf0032 NHL BREAKAWAY '99
Away Team Scores 0 801297bd0000 Away Team Scores 50 801297bd0032 Home Team Scores 0 801297bc0000 Home Team Scores 50 801297bc0032 Open Cheat Menu 81052b380100 NIGHTMARE CREATURES
Berzerkers 810a4bbe0009 Chaos 810a4bc40009 Dynamite 810a4bb60009 Fire Bombs 810a4bba0009 Flash 810a4bb80009 Freeze Spell 810a4bb40009 Gun 810a4bc60009 Healing 810a4bc20009 Infinite Lives 800a4b530009 Multi-Gun 810a4bbc0009 Proximity Mines 810a4bb00009 Repulsive Smoke 810a4bb20009 Spider Cards 810a4bae0009 Super Healing 810a4bc00009 Start On Last Level d00978b10000 800978b10013 NUCLEAR STRIKE 64
Infinite Lives 800a5df00009 Play Mission 1 800a5df10000 Play Mission 2 800a5df10001 Play Mission 3 800a5df10002 Play Mission 4 800a5df10003 Play Mission 5 800a5df10004 Play Mission 6 800a5df10005 OFF-ROAD CHALLENGE
Always Place 1st 80103c570000 Infinite Turbos 80103ebb000a Max. Acceleration 8012c49f000a Max. Nitros 8012c49b000a Max. Shocks 8012c4a7000a Max. Speed 8012c4a3000a Max. Tires 8012c4ab000a OLYMPIC HOCKEY '98
Big Heads 811157783fc0 Constant Fighting 8009bb5e0020 Crunched Players 811157803f00 Giant Players 8111577c3fc0 Tall Thin Players 811157803fc0 Team 1 Score 0 81111c700000 Team 1 Scores 50 81111c700032 Team 2 Score 0 811151f80000 Team 2 Scores 50 811151f80032 Tiny Heads 811157783f00 Tiny Players 8111577c3f00 PAPERBOY
Infinite Health 8006a5d20064 PENNY RACERS
1 Lap to Race d022ad050001 8022ad050003 No Laps to Race d022ad050000 8022ad050003 PILOT WINGS 64
Infinite Fuel Gyrocopter 803628210081 Low Timer 803627500001 POKEMON SNAP
KeyCode Use The Diddy Kong Keycode Must Be On de0004000000 f103d8a02400 Enable All Levels 810c22120006 QUAKE
All Weapons 801639eb007f Debug Mode 8006c4c20001 Have All Keys 801639e9000f Infinite Ammo 80163a2d0064 80163a2f0064 80163a310064 80163a330064 Infinite Armor 8116394442c8 QUEST 64
Have All Elements 8107baa43232 8107baa63232 Infinite Health 8107ba8401f4 8107ba8601f4 Infinite Magic Points 8107ba8801f4 8107ba8a01f4 Super Agility 8107ba8e01f4 Super Defense 8107ba8c01f4 RAINBOW SIX
Have All Crates 810c70f87fff 810c70faffff 810c70fcffff 810c70feffff 810c7100ffff 800c710200ff Lotsa' Lums Part 1 500064010000 800c710800ff Lotsa' Lums Part 2 500019010000 800c70bd00ff Open Map 810c70f0ffff 810c70f2ffff XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS
1-Hit Death P1 d10b617042c8 810b61704080 No Energy P1 810b6170c080 P1 25% Energy d10b617042c8 810b617041e0 P1 50% Energy d10b617042c8 810b61704260 P1 75% Energy d10b617042c8 810b61704298 P1 Never Wins 800c0c030000 P1 Needs 1 Win To Win d00c0c030000 P1 Needs 1 Win To Win 800c0c030001 1-Hit Death P2 d10b635442c8 1-Hit Death P2 810b63544080 No Energy P2 810b6354c080 P2 25% Energy d10b635442c8 810b635441e0 P2 50% Energy d10b635442c8 810b63544260 P2 75% Energy d10b635442c8 810b63544298 P2 Never Wins 800c0c050000 P2 Needs 1 Win To Win d00c0c050000 800c0c050001 Infinite Health P1 810b617042c8 Infinite Health P2 810b635442c8