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USA Boot/Save List
TitleBoot CICPrimary SaveSecondary Save
1080ş SnowboardingCIC-NUS-6103SRAM 
Aero GaugeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
AeroFighters AssaultCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
All-Star Baseball 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
All-Star Baseball 2001CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
All-Star Baseball '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
All-Star Tennis '99CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.CIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Army Men: Air CombatCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Asteroids Hyper 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Automobili LamborghiniCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Banjo-KazooieCIC-NUS-6103EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Banjo-TooieCIC-NUS-6105EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
Bassmaster 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Batman Beyond: Return of the JokerCIC-NUS-6102None 
Battle TanxCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Battle Tanx: Global AssaultCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Battlezone: Rise of the Black DogsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Beast Wars TransmetalsCIC-NUS-6102None 
Beetle Adventure RacingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Big Mountain 2000CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Blast CorpsCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Blues Brothers 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Body HarvestCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Bomberman 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Bomberman 64: The Second AttackCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Bomberman HeroCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Bottom of the 9thCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Brunswick Circuit Pro BowlingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Buck BumbleCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Bug's Life, ACIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade EditionCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Bust-A-Move '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
California SpeedCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Carmageddon 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
CastlevaniaCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Chameleon TwistCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Chameleon Twist 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Charlie Blasts TerritoryCIC-NUS-6102Password 
Chopper AttackCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Clay Fighter 63 1/3CIC-NUS-6102None 
Clay Fighter: Sculptor's CutCIC-NUS-6102None 
Command & ConquerCIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
Cruis'n ExoticaCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Cruis'n USACIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Cruis'n WorldCIC-NUS-6106EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
CyberTigerCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
DaikatanaCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Dark RiftCIC-NUS-6102None 
Deadly ArtsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Destruction Derby 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Diddy Kong RacingCIC-NUS-6103EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Donald Duck: Goin' QuackersCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Donkey Kong 64CIC-NUS-6105EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
Donkey Kong 64 KioskCIC-NUS-6102None 
Doom 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Dual HeroesCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Duke Nukem 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Duke Nukem: Zero HourCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Earthworm Jim 3DCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
ECW: Hardcore RevolutionCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Elmo's Letter AdventureCIC-NUS-6102None 
Elmo's Number JourneyCIC-NUS-6102None 
Excitebike 64CIC-NUS-6103EEPROM (16 Kbits)Controller Pak
Excitebike 64 KioskCIC-NUS-6103NoneController Pak
Extreme-GCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Extreme-G 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
F1 Pole Position 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
F-1 World Grand PrixCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
FIFA '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
FIFA Soccer 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Fighter Destiny 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Fighters DestinyCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Fighting Force 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Flying DragonCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Forsaken 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Fox Sports College Hoops '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Gauntlet LegendsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Gex 3: Deep Cover GeckoCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Gex 64: Enter the GeckoCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
GloverCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Goemon's Great AdventureCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Golden Nugget 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
GoldenEye 007CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
GT64 Championship EditionCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Harvest Moon 64CIC-NUS-6102SRAM 
Hercules: The Legendary JourneysCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
HexenCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Hey You, Pikachu!CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Hot Wheels Turbo RacingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Hybrid HeavenCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Hydro ThunderCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Iggy's Reckin' BallsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
In Fisherman Bass Hunter 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Indiana Jones and the Infernal MachineCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Indy Racing 2000CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
International Superstar Soccer 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
International Superstar Soccer 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
International Superstar Soccer '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
International Track & Field 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Jet Force GeminiCIC-NUS-6105FlashRAM 
Jet Force Gemini KioskCIC-NUS-6105FlashRAM 
Ken Griffey Jr's SlugfestCIC-NUS-6103FlashRAM 
Killer Instinct GoldCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsCIC-NUS-6103EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Knife Edge: Nose GunnerCIC-NUS-6102None 
Knockout Kings 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Kobe Bryant in NBA CourtsideCIC-NUS-6103EEPROM (16 Kbits)Controller Pak
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, TheCIC-NUS-6105FlashRAM 
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, TheCIC-NUS-6105SRAM 
LEGO RacersCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Lode Runner 3DCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Looney Tunes: Duck DodgersCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Mace: The Dark AgeCIC-NUS-6102None 
Madden 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Madden 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Madden '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Madden NFL 2001CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Magical Tetris ChallengeCIC-NUS-6102None 
Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.CIC-NUS-6103SRAM 
Mario GolfCIC-NUS-6102SRAM 
Mario Kart 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Mario PartyCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Mario Party 2CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Mario TennisCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
Megaman 64CIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
Mia Hamm Soccer 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Mickey's Speedway USACIC-NUS-6105EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Micro Machines 64 TurboCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Mike Piazza's Strike ZoneCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Milo's Astro LanesCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Mischief MakersCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Mission: ImpossibleCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Monaco Grand PrixCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
MonopolyCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Monster Truck Madness 64CIC-NUS-6102Password 
Mortal Kombat 4CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-ZeroCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Mortal Kombat TrilogyCIC-NUS-6102None 
Ms. Pac-Man Maze MadnessCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Multi-Racing ChampionshipCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Mystical Ninja Starring GoemonCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Nagano Winter Olympics '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Namco Museum 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Nascar 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Nascar '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA Courtside 2 Featuring Kobe BryantCIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
NBA Hang TimeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA In the Zone 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA In the Zone '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA In the Zone '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA Jam 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controllre Pak 
NBA Jam '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA Live 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA Live '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NBA Show Time: NBA on NBCCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
New Tetris, TheCIC-NUS-6102SRAMController Pak
NFL BlitzCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Blitz 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Blitz 2001CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Quarterback Club 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Quarterback Club 2001CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Quarterback Club '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NFL Quarterback Club '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NHL '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NHL Blades of Steel '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NHL Breakaway Hockey '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
NHL Breakaway Hockey '99CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Nightmare CreaturesCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Nuclear Strike 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Off Road ChallengeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly CaliberCIC-NUS-6102SRAM 
Olympic Hockey '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
PaperboyCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Penny RacersCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Perfect DarkCIC-NUS-6105EEPROM (16 Kbits)Controller Pak
PGA European TourCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Pilotwings 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Pokémon Puzzle LeagueCIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
Pokémon SnapCIC-NUS-6103FlashRAM 
Pokémon StadiumCIC-NUS-6103FlashRAM 
Polaris SnocrossCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Power Rangers: Lightspeed RescueCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
QuakeCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Quake IICIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Quest 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rainbow SixCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rally Challenge 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rampage 2: Universal TourCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Rampage: World TourCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rat AttackCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rayman 2: The Great EscapeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Resident Evil 2CIC-NUS-6102SRAM 
Re-VoltCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Ridge Racer 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
Road Rash 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
RoadstersCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Robotron 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rocket: Robot on WheelsCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Rugrats in Paris: The MovieCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Rugrats: Scavenger HuntCIC-NUS-6102None 
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USACIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
S.C.A.R.S.CIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
San Francisco Rush 2049CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
San Francisco Rush: Extreme RacingCIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Scooby-Doo: Classic Creep CapersCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Shadow ManCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four TowersCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Snowboard KidsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Snowboard Kids 2CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
South ParkCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
South Park RallyCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
South Park: Chef's Luv ShackCIC-NUS-6102None 
Space InvadersCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Space Station Silicon ValleyCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Spider-ManCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Star Fox 64CIC-NUS-6101EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Star Soldier: Vanishing EarthCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for NabooCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Star Wars Episode 1: RacerCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (16 Kbits) 
Star Wars: Rogue SquadronCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Password
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Starcraft 64CIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
Starshot Space CircusCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Stunt Racer 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Super BowlingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Super Mario 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Super Smash Bros.CIC-NUS-6103SRAM 
Supercross 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
SupermanCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
TarzanCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
TetrisphereCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
The World Is Not EnoughCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Tigger's Honey HuntCIC-NUS-6102FlashRAM 
Tom & Jerry in Fists of FurryCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Tonic TroubleCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Top Gear Hyper BikeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Top Gear OverdriveCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Top Gear RallyCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Top Gear Rally 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Toy Story 2CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Triple Play 2000CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil KioskCIC-NUS-6102None 
Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Turok: Dinosaur HunterCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Turok: Rage WarsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Twisted Edge Extreme SnowboardingCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Vigilante 8CIC-NUS-6102Controller PakPassword
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffenseCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Virtual Chess 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Virtual Pool 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
V-Rally Edition '99CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Waialae Country Club: True Golf ClassicsCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
War GodsCIC-NUS-6102None 
Wave Race 64CIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits)Controller Pak
Wayne Gretzky's 3D HockeyCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WCW Backstage AssaultCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WCW MayhemCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WCW NitroCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WCW vs nWo: World TourCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WetrixCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Wheel of FortuneCIC-NUS-6102None 
WinBack: Covert OperationsCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Wipeout 64CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
World Cup '98CIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
World Driver ChampionshipCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Worms ArmageddonCIC-NUS-6102EEPROM (4 Kbits) 
Wrestlemania 2000CIC-NUS-6102SRAMController Pak
WWF: AttitudeCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
WWF: No MercyCIC-NUS-6102FlashRAMController Pak
WWF: WarzoneCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Xena: Talisman of FateCIC-NUS-6102Controller Pak 
Yoshi's StoryCIC-NUS-6106EEPROM (16 Kbits)