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Computer "Aleste 520EX"

Site is dedicated to the “Aleste” computer created in company Patisonic (Omsk) in 1993. The computer, which we fell in love with and which "left" from us the epoch of "Dandy" and Internet.

The “Aleste” computer these are clone "Amstrad CPC" but is working on by control MSXDOS. Russian version of the computer’s name is "Alesta".


Some technical special features were borrowed from MSX 2, "Atari ST" and "Amiga".

Computer "Alesta" was popular among amateurs MSX since it had the analogous organization of memory, the size of disks, the operating system MSXDOS

There was complete compatability with MSX not, but "Alesta" computer was accessible, whereas when "MSX" it was not purchase. Some collected its houses, and others simply bought.

The special pride of "Aleste" - sonic pay "MagicSound" with the aid of which it was possible to reproduce STM, S3M (who does not know - you look that similar "Scream Tracker"). Characteristics of pay at the level "Amiga" (4 channels on eight bits to sample). Coputer "Aleste" "sounded healthily, and indeed in those times "Covox" it was the top of perfection.

However, games for CPC were not popular this, perhaps, and was the main disadvantage in the computer.

For "Aleste" it was created "GameBios" with emulator VDP of MSX2. it was sufficiently - to replace the first several kilos-byte of game and MSX2 game worked. Certainly, video processor MSX is by apparatus sharpened for the games, but they worked sufficiently rapidly to 8MGts of game on "alesta" in order in them to play. Game "FireBird" typical
"vertical scroller" worked very well.

One of the programmers of those participating in the project created for "Aleste" the pay of expansion the "processor of light". This pay governs luminous sources in the theaters and the disk libraries. As the minimum in one of the similar institutions of city "Aleste" it governed light.

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