Unofficial Hardware

This page contains reference information for additional hardware parts that are not endorsed by Nintendo; some of them really do envolve reverse engineering. Click on the image to see additional info.

Adaptoid - This adapter allows you to use your N64 controller to play games on your computer! It connects using USB industry standard interface, supports Rumble Pak and allows transfering of game saves from your N64 Memory Pak to your PC!
Dex Drive - This is basically a cradle for downloading data contained in your memory cards to the pcs through a serial / parallel cable.
Tristar 64 - A neat little invention from Hong Kong. The Tristar 64 allows you to play Super NES and NES games on your N64. Unfortunately, the video quality is sort of poor, and it won't play SNES games that originally had a coprocessor on the cartridge, but it can be found pretty cheap now.
Passport III - This is an adaptor developed to accomodate games that are not designed for your console, that's it.