MAY 2000

Turns out that there were a few problems with the first release of the Universal Bootemulator by LaC (of Dextrose). The bootemu now has an autodetect video-mode feature which means that there will be no more flickering on PAL-only TV's. It also had a small bug which meant that the emulator would slow down games by a few frames per second (read .nfo for more details), but that has been fixed in this new release aswell.

Enough writing, click here to download the Universal Bootemu V1.1 and a very special thanks to LaC for this great bootemu.


Hahahaha, remember this "game"? Well a zip file with boxart and a screenshot was distributed to a lot of sites around new year 1998, claiming that n64.com (now known as ign64.com) would release it. Calm down tho, the game never existed. If you in the mood for some porn, then why not download CALi's slideshow? :)

Click here to check out the screenshot tho.

Along with the new page design I've created a review of Mario Golf, click here to check it out.

Enzymer64 has sent me this fix for the US Kiosk version of Excitebike 64. Apply this fix to the rom, in V64 format, and use LaC's bootemu to boot the game. Click here to download the fix.

05-20-2000 Int. Track & Field 2000 Konami USA tc-itf2k.zip 96mbit

LaC has released a new bootemu which should run every game released. Click here to download.

05-19-2000 Perfect Dark Nintendo USA msftug69.zip 256mbit

It's said that the game uses 16kb Eeprom to save, same type as the Star Wars Racer. The CIC chip (boot chip thing) is 6105a, which is an updated version of the 6105? Well Donkey Kong 64 uses the 6105 chip and also carries 16kb Eeprom.

It seems that Perfect Dark will run on a NTSC N64 if you use Zelda64 as boot cart. Use Zelda 64 as boot cart and a controller pak to save and you'll be off to play probably the best N64 game yet.

PAL users might've had trouble getting the game to run on their PAL N64, but download this small fix and you're able to play a kickass game. (huge thanks to Olsa_, couldnt have made this fix without your help). Note that the rom has to be in V64 format. Also, this fix doesnt change the video mode to PAL, sorry, so I hope you've got a multi-mode TV :)

I've been told that you're able to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time in someting very much like a beta mode, but it seems like the codes wont work with the PAL version of the game, the Game Shark went crazy when I used the code, anyway you might get it to work with the NTSC (US) version of the game, but it might be a good idea to back up the SRAM first, just in case it somehow gets deleted.

Version 1.0 : 8011B9E3 0020
Version 1.1 : 8011BBA3 0020
Version 1.2 : 801197E3 0020

Place modifier (v1.0) : D01C84B5 0020 + 8111B936 0001
Appear Strange Places (v1.0) : D01C84B5 0010 + 8111B936 0001
Moonjump : D01C84B5 0020 + 811DAC50 40CB

Okay, you'll start out in Beta Quest. Moonjump over to Kakario Villiage. When the scene changes, you'll find yourself falling through oblivion, just outside the villiage. Moonjump into the villiage. Go to Death Mountain Trail. Again, when the scene begins, you'll be falling so be ready to moonjump. You'll see a blue light, moonjump in that direction. When you get close enough, you'll find yourself on Death Mountain Trail again. Walk up to the top, you'll see the goddess Nayru levitating above you in a blue light.

If you havent bought a V64jr512mb yet you'll be in a lot of trouble when the next batch of kickass games are released. Cause rumor has it that Eternal Darkness, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Dinosaur Plant all will be 512mbit. Its even said that an even bigger cartridge was planned for Eternal Darkness, but they managed to compress it all down to a 512mb cartridge.

However this is another damn rumor by the famous ign64.com so if we should believe it or not, I dunno. There's always the option of buying these carts tho, I know I will ;)

Here's some new release dates, taken from ign64.com, for the games I bet we all are waiting for:

Banjo-Tooie – August 28 (repositioned from its original July 23 release)
Conker’s Bad Fur Day – December 4 (just in time for the holidays!)
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – November 20
Mario Paper – September 26

No I'm not there myself, unfortunately, but here's some news I've picked up.

Midway canned Stunt Racer 64: Midway has officially taken the game created by Boss Studios off their release list. The reason given is a missed delivery date from Boss Studios. This might mean that we never will get to play this racer, which looks quite F-Zero'ish and cool, but Boss is currently looking for a new distributor for the game.

This may be another bad move by Midway who surely havent had a lot of luck with their part of the N64 releases. They did get a bit of success with SF Rush, but honestly, it wasnt a kickass game. And they cant understand why they arent selling as many games as they want to, well try learning a bit about quality first. :)

Mickey's Racing looks like it could be a new N64 racer at the same standard as Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, and its ofcourse made by rare. Worth the wait, definately.

Hype - The Time Quest has been under development for a very long time, but it now looks like Ubi Soft has canned the N64 version of the Playmobile adventure as its nolonger displayed on their release lists. GBC and PSX owners can look forward to be playing the game on those systems though. I will try to get some more info about this game from Ubi, but I bet they dont feel like talking much.

Conker rewraped and the new game looks pretty much like a hardcore version of Banjo-Kazooie, unlike the old version which looked very lame, first gen. graphics and a story which sure didnt meet the Rareware standards.

Another F1 game by Ubi Soft and we dont need it, nuff said.

Donald Duck 64 is in the works at Ubi Soft, not much is known about the game style yet, may we're getting a bad platformer?

Scooby Doo: Classic Creep Capers is being developed by the hardcore THQ staff, blah, and I know we'll get a great game from the company which always has been known for the incredible quality games, or lack there of.

Indiana Jones is comming to the N64 and the game is being created by Lucas Arts and Factor 5. I believe this will be one of the titles which will be worth waiting for, it has some very clear and nice graphics, boosted by the exp. pack, and if the gameplay is just as great then this game will be a killer. Lucas Arts is known for making some great adventure games in the past, and I doubt things will go wrong this time.

Do you need some new porn for your collection then do download this slideshow of nude's by CALi. Honestly its lame as hell and I wouldnt wanna bother really, though he's working on a Pong game for the N64 which might be interesting if it reached the same hights as that kickass commercial PSX Pong release.

Click here to download the Kings of Porn demo.

Yep, I'm finally done making my project and ready to return to weekly (daily) updates of N64 Scener. However it doesnt seem like we'll be getting a lot of games in May, atleast not from Europe, and nothing which hasnt already been released in the US. The only game on NOE's list is Operation Winback.

The US release list doesnt look too impressive either, although there is one game I bet we all are looking forward to, eventhough it cant be played on Game Copiers right away.

Beast Wars 64 (5/21)
Perfect Dark (5/23)
Bomberman 64 - The Second Attack (5/25)

Already released, this month, is Excitebike, another brilliant N64 game. We all know how ofent the release lists change, so we might see more games released in May, or maybe less if they decide to delay Perfect Dark again ;)

05-06-2000 NBA in the Zone 2000 Konami Europe trsi-n2k.zip 128mbit
05-02-2000 ExciteBike 64 Nintendo USA mnc-ebke.zip 128mbit
04-30-2000 64 Hanafuda Altron Japan hs-64hj.zip 64mbit
04-29-2000 Jikkyo Baseball 2000 Konami Japan hs-jpb2j.zip 96mbit
04-28-2000 Top Gear Rally 2 Kemco Japan hs-tgr2j.zip 96mbit
04-27-2000 Zelda: Mujura no Kamen Nintendo Japan mnc-zld2.zip 256mbit
04-26-2000 Beast Wars Metals Takara Japan hs-bwmj.zip 96mbit
04-26-2000 ExciteBike 64 Kiosk Nintendo USA tc-xcite.zip 128mbit
04-26-2000 Tarzan (Fre) Activision Europe pdx-tarz.zip 128mbit
04-25-2000 Al Shougi 3 Ascii Japan hs-ai3j.zip 64mbit
04-20-2000 Battle Tanx Global Assault 3DO Europe pdx-batt.zip 64mbit
04-20-2000 Tarzan (Ger) Activision Europe hs-tarpg.zip 128mbit
04-17-2000 Parlor! Pro 64 Telenet Japan hs-pp64j.zip 96mbit