Samples for Z64 external startup commands

Are you familiar with the PC startup sequence ?
The Z64 starts like a PC, but since it is an embedded PC system, the boot-drive A: is coded in the BIOS chip and not as removable diskette. The Z always boots from the internal drive A:. The ZIP drive and others attached have then the drive letters C:, D: ...
With HD&ZIP attached, the HD is drive C.

To let you take over the boot-process, the ZIP/HD BIOS has a command in the boot, to check for a DOS-BATCHfile (z64start.bat) on drive C:.
This jump is just before running the Z64.EXE program:

From the internal Z/HD BIOS autoexec.bat:

if exist c:\z64start.bat call c:\z64start.bat
a:z64 c

In your "Z64START.BAT" you can use
- all internal DOS commands
- The programs and files in the BIOS drive A: (read only)
- all additional programs you supply with the ZIP or HD (e.g. a new Z64.EXE, a SysInfo tool)
The only problem is, that you don't have a standard screen and keyboard.

Sample 1:
This sample shows how to call a batch-file on the ZIP disk when you have HD and ZIP attached.
On my harddisk with 3 partitions the ZIP drive (when attached) is mounted as DISK-4.
The path depends on how many partitions your HD has. The ZIP will be the last drive.
Copy the following lines as z64start.bat file to the main directory on your HD.
if exist C:\disk-4\ZIPstart.bat call C:\disk-4\ZIPstart.bat

Sample 2:
This sample copies all files from folder NEW on the ZIP to folder NEW on HD -Autoupdate-
Prepare your HD as in SAMPLE1 and place the following ZIPstart.bat file on the ZIP-Disk
copy /B C:\disk-4\new\*.* C:\new\*.*

Sample 3:
BACKUP your SAVE files from HD to ZIP disk
Prepare your HD as in SAMPLE1 and use an empty ZIP with the following ZIPstart.bat file
You will also need the DOS LHA archiver LHA255E.EXE
For viewing the archives, I use the free Windows PowerArchiver
CD \disk-4
LHA a -r1x1s1z1n2 C:\disk-4\SAVE C:\*.RAM C:\*.MPK C:\*.EEP

updated: 14.Aug.2000