Z64 Upgrade Pictures Page

HD,ORB,ZIP The upgrade media
Z64 with ORB drive The internal EIDE ORB 2.2GB drive fits into the Z64 case.
A trick to close the Z64 cover is to leave the Orb mounting screws loose and the drive door open.
cheapestExternal IDE The cheapest solution
A long IDE cable and a Y power cable - With a male IDE plug, the cable outside the Z can be much shorter and devices are better pluggable.
3.5HD+ZIP An external 3.5" HD and ZIP Drive
The Y power cable is connected to an external powersupply.
Newport NMXS0512U Syko VCF5.1.12.800 Pictures show DCDC converters to connect the 3.5" HD with the Z powersupply.
This solution is to expensive and may not work in all cases. Get a powersupply with 12&5V (cheapest from old external PC devices -Tape,HD) replacing the Z powersupply, or an extra 12V powersupply for the HD only
SI-117A The highend solution: A 3.5 removable tray for a 2.5 disk
Visit www.ssi.com.tw and ask for a reseller in your region
SelfMade My selfmade removable tray for a 2.5 disk
With 50PIN SCSI Connectors. An adapter -below- from IDE 2.5 to IDE 3.5 is still needed
AdapterAdapter Two different commercial adapters for IDE 2.5 to IDE 3.5 connectors
No active parts. Just wiring.

updated: 14.Aug.2000