Z64 HD Modification without Mutilating the Z64

Complete N64/Z64 setup (without power supply)
I have two AC-DC converters. One is 5V (.9 Amps) and the other is 12V (1.5 Amps) connected to power the HD. A PC power supply would work just as well. Although .5 Amps will run most HDs and some manufacturers claim .3A, 1.5A is the minimum that will spin up most HDs reliably.
With the HD mounted backwards, it allows for a simple connection to a PC for updating without opening the Z64 or messing with .BAT files. It's also quite fast.
The HD sticks out of the Z64 a little. I was only able to use two of the four mounting screws, so I connected a Y power adapter to reduce the chance of breaking the Z64 or the HD while plugging in the HD's power or removing it (as it might happen frequently). The Y adapter also allows me to verify that the voltages are correct (I've been having trouble with the 12V 1.5Amp source being closer to 15V).
There are no modifications to the bottom of the Z64 with the exception of four felt pads which really help the Z64 fit on the N64 more firmly (not required, but a nice touch). I was only able to secure the HD with the two mounting screws on the right.
Notice the nice oblique angle in the IDE cable. I needed to do this to get the pins to line up due to the fact that the HD is backwards. If I had mounted it forwards, the short IDE cable that was on the Zip drive would have worked fine.
I left enough slack at both ends of the IDE cable to not cause stress on the Z's MB, the IDE connectors or the HD. I also left enough slack to be able to easily get the IDE cable off the HD so that I can connect it to my PC.