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Airzooka Air Gun
Just think of all the fun stuff you can do with air. You can fly in it! You can put it in a bag and pop it, you can use it to toss a Frisbee to a dog, you can even use it to breathe! But with the new AirZooka you can now utilize air as a weapon!

If you've been around the virtual block more than once, you know that you have rights when it comes to digital music and fair use. The RIAA is legislating against those rights. Don't let them! $2 from each anti-RIAA shirt sale is donated to the EFF

Forever Flashlight
The Forever Flashlight uses no batteries or bulbs. Instead it uses Faraday's Principle of Induction and a bright LED to produce light. Flashlight is shaken for about 30 seconds to produce light.

USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive
Why take only a file or two with you when you can take along an entire hard drive? With speedy USB 2.0 transfer rates and capacities now up to 80 GB, these portable storage devices are sure to please.

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap
It means what it says. Shower Shock is caffeinated soap. Soap with caffeine in it. And guess what, our caffeinated soap is even self-cleaning. Think about that for a second. Now buy some.

Atari Classics 10-in-1 TV Games
Travel back in time to the late 70's and early 80's with Atari classics including Adventure, Gravitar, Centipede, Pong & Yar's Revenge. All you need is packed into this amazing retro Atari Joystick. 10 Classic games included!

Powerball Gyroscope
This is certainly an addictive little gadget. A self-contained precision crafted gyroscope, the Powerball has been carefully manufactured using high-quality materials. Capable of speeds in excess of 15,000 rpm. Digital rpm counter.
LED Binary Clock
[Now available in a silver model with blue LEDs!] - Check out this desktop binary timepiece. After a few minutes, you'll be able to read it right away while your friends and family stare in awe at your massive craniums...

Auravision EluminX Illuminated Keyboard
Whether you're a cave dwelling geek or a late night web surfer, you're sure to appreciate the EluminX keyboard from Auravision. Softly glowing keys will reduce the need for task lighting, easing the strain on tired eyes.

Smart Mass Thinking Putty
The putty that thinks. Introducing Smart Mass, an actual mass of, well, smart stuff. It bounces. It shatters. It tears. It stretches. It doesn't do the laundry, but someday it might....see it now...(New Colors Available, Including Glow !!!)

Green Laser Pointer II
This pointer is significantly brighter (about 50 times) than a red laser pointer and because of the color it is more noticeable. Unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air, not just the laser beam dot.

PRISMIQ MediaPlayer
Connect the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer to your home network, and unleash the media files from your PC. Playback video files, MP3s, JPEGs and more from the comfort of your couch! You might just find yourself with an excuse to step away from the PC every so often.

LAN Party
Hrrm. Road signs are supposed to be simple to understand. If you don't get this one, I'm afraid you are simply not allowed to click on it. So, please be forewarned - if you don't know what this shirt is about - DO NOT ENTER.

Eclipse Workstation Lights
The world's most useful task light designed for serious computer users...
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$14.99 - $16.99
Mainline Geek Culture Mainline Geek Culture
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2-Port Integrated KVM Switch 2-Port Integrated KVM Switch
Nikon Coolpix SQ Nikon Coolpix SQ
X-Linx 2-Way Personal Communicator X-Linx 2-Way Personal Communicator
Logitech Internet Chat Headset Logitech Internet Chat Headset
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