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Boot Chip Mode Feature

From version 2.13, Z64 introduced a new function:BOOT CHIP. It can
'emulate' different kind of boot(protection) chips, so user can use
a normal cartridge to run protected games.

To use this function, first enter OSD menu. On load game selection
menu, move the lightbar to the game you want to setup, then press 
left C. You will see another menu appears on the screen. Select
BOOT CHIP and use left/right to select the type of boot chip you
want to emulate, then press B to confirm and return to main menu.

When you select DEFAULT in BOOT CHIP, it will disable boot chip 
emulation, and Z64 will not do any special action for those games.

When you select anything other than DEFAULT in BOOT CHIP, it will
enable boot chip emulation.

Although you can only use OSD mode to setup BOOT CHIP type, this 
function also works on LCD mode.

If you play a game using BOOT CHIP function on HW1/HW2, when you
press RESET button, the game will crash. That is because BOOT CHIP
function needs to reload its boot emulation program when the game
starts/restarts, but HW1/HW2 can't monitor the RESET signal. If you
want to reset the game, hold on ENTER key of Z64, then turn N64 off.
You will see a message "RESTART GAME/TURN ON N64 POWER". Turn on N64
and the game will restart. On HW3, the RESET button can work without 
any problem.

When BOOT CHIP function is enabled, internal/external patch files
will be disabled. Becasue some games are not protected by boot chip
only, these games will not run when you enable BOOT CHIP. 

For example, Zelda64 is a 32MByte(256MBit) game, and it needs SRAM. 
Because Z64 will use all 32MByte DRAM to emulate the ROM, it can not 
emulate SRAM for Zelda64, and Zelda64 will crash after introducing 
screen because it can not access SRAM. The Zelda crack will move the 
SRAM area to other area, so user should use patch file for Zelda64,
not BOOT CHIP function.

Another example is Yoshi Story, it uses a special EEPROM for record.
Although the game can run if you use BOOT CHIP function, you can not
save game record because the EEPROM type is different. The Yoshi Story
crack will use normal EEPROM to save game record.

Some other games have country protection, these games can not run on
N64 for other countries(NTSC games run on NTSC N64 only, PAL games
run on PAL N64 only). BOOT CHIP can not make these games run on 
different type of N64.

Most protected games use boot chip type 6103, Yoshi Story and F ZERO-X
use type 6106, and Zelda64 uses type 6105.

The boot chip setting infomation is stored in gamefile.INI.

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