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DS1 is an SRAM emulation adapter developed by our company ( compatible with V64) DS1 has 256k SRAM built-in and is designed for 64bits games that requires SRAM. Most game requires 32k SRAM for saving data. DS1 is able to save up to 6 games that use 32k SRAM with the DS1 Memory Manager in CD64
Usage for DS1

1. Just place the DS1 adapter on the N64 cartridge slot. . There is no switch or
setting to adjust, "save data" will automatically be saved into it.

2. To play a new game, use the DS1 Memory Manager to backup the SRAM to a slot before starting
the new game.

3. To play back an old game, just use the DS1 Memory manager to restore the data from the
respective bank before playing the game