Recently , N64 's release a lot of cartridge that they have software protection. ( Like Banjo Kazooie, F-Zero64, Pocket Monster, Zelda64 ) . So it let the user cannot download the games directly. Even you can download the data, but the game will start in Blank Screen. So the user usually need to wait for the PATCH to release. Otherwise they cannot play the game directly.
An additional function for DECODER is you can make the sram save of those card. You need to insert one normal original card  ( like mario ) for boot card, and another protected card ( like 1080, F-zero ) for the sram save. For permenant save, you need to using CD64COMM.EXE Version 2.10 to Grab or Transfer sram save data from/to N64 game card to your PC computer.
Grab sram save data from N64 game card (256Kb): cd64comm -g -fsave.dat -sa8000000 -l8000
Transfer sram save data to N64 game card (256Kb):cd64comm -t -fsave.dat -sa8000000

Now we have just release a PROTECTED CARTRIDGE DECODER for the CD64's user. It allow them to download the game immediately and play the game without patch. ( old user need to upgrade to Bios 1.23 ). It is a big advantage over the other copier.
Dcp00578.jpg (270315 bytes) Dcp00580.jpg (299002 bytes)

On the PROTECTED CARD ADAPTOR , there is 2 slot. One slot is for ordinary boot cartridge , and the other is for the Protected Cartridge ( e.g. Snowboard 1080 , Banjo Kazooie ).