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Challenger is a Game Boy game installer cartridge.  Its function is to backup the game from the original cartridge into the Challenger. Play the Backup game which upload to the Challenger without using the original cartridge.  Challenger has a capacity of 16M RAM memory which allows more than one cartridge game are installed.


1.      Set the selector of Challenger to Auto position and turn the Game Boy console on, a menu is displayed on screen.  There are three positions Auto, MCB1/2 and MCB5 on the cartridge.  If some games may not compatible to Auto position, Challenger needs to be set to MCB1/2 or MCB5.

2.      Use direction pad to select the following options

Play flash game – play installed game in the Challenger

Play cart game – play cartridge game

            Color palette – change background color and object color for black and white   Game Boy games.


Tool - provide the following functions

            Copy cart game

            This function is to copy the cartridge game into the Challenger cartridge.  Only single-game cartridge can be copied into the Challenger.  Multi-game cartridge cannot be copied by the Challenger.  During the copying process the name and size of the game and percentage of the game copied are shown.


            Delete flash game

            This function is to delete the installed games.  Use direction pad to select the installed game, which would be deleted.  This function will erase all the games in the SRAM


            Erase flash game

            This function is to erase all the install games. When the system of the Challenger cannot function popularly, it is necessary to erase the games to recover the Challenger.


System check

Memory size of the original cartridge is determined if the cartridge is inserted into Challenger.  Memory size of Challenger cartridge and unused space is displayed so that the user can know Challenger have enough memory to install another games.

    Chinese Instruction Manual: 

ChallengerGameBoy遊戲安裝盒帶它的功能是將遊戲從原裝盒帶複製於 Challenger之上, Challenger 的記憶容量是16M RAM, 能夠安裝多過一個遊戲



1.    Challenger的選擇掣,置於Auto位置及將GameBoy主機開啟,跟著目錄便會顯示於螢光幕,Challenger盒帶有三個位置Auto,MCB1/2MCB5可選擇,一些遊戲不能應對於 Auto 位置, 便要將Challenger置於MBC 1/2 MBC5位置


2.    用方向掣選擇以下功能

Play flash game – 玩安裝於 Challenger 的遊戲

            Play cart game – 玩盒帶遊戲

            Color Palette – 將黑白遊戲中的背景及物件顏色轉換

            Tool – 提供以下的功能

                        Copy cart game

                        這個功能是將盒帶遊戲複製於 Challenger 盒帶上, 只有單一遊戲之盒

帶可以被複製於Challenger之上, 多遊戲盒帶是不能被複製的, 在複製過程中, 遊戲的名字, 體積及已被複製的成份會被顯示

                        Delete flash game

這個功能是將已安裝的遊戲移除, 用方向掣去選擇需要移除的遊戲。這個功能同時會移除於SRAM 的遊戲

                        Erase flash game

這個功能是將所有安裝的遊戲移除Challenger的系統不能正常操作, 這便必須移除所有的遊戲來恢復Challenger的功能

                        System Check

如果將遊戲盒帶插進Challenger 遊戲盒帶的容量便可以確定Challenger盒帶的容量及未被使用的空間也被顯示。因此, 用家便可知道Challenger有足夠的記憶去安裝其他遊戲。