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We are proud to present to you PocketVoice, Digital Voice Recorder. A voice recorder with built-in speaker, compatible with all GameBoy
versions. To achieve the best results, a GameBoy Color is recommended. Record your own voice and insert any of the built-in sound effects at any time. PocketVoice will allow you to create your own unique stories with sound effects included. That is but one of the learning functions.

PocketVoice has 4M Flash ROM for recording which can last up to 2.5 minutes. We will provide 2M ROM for recording, this can last up to 85 seconds, the other 2M ROM will be used for mini games and the built-in sound effects. The recordable part is divided into 8 sections, each section can last about 10.5 seconds. The user can begin recording or playback in any of the 8 sections, it will automatically record or play from that section on till the end. We plan to provide information and tools for coders to develop games or applications in which the user can record their own voice and play it back. For example a poker game with the player's voice or an universal infrared remote controller where every key can be defined with the user's voice. PocketVoice will be available before the end of October '99.


Instant voice record and playback;
Built-in high volume speaker;
Built-in mini game;
Built-in sound effects;


For best results, it is recommended
that PocketVoice is used with
GameBoy Color.
To avoid unexpected results always
use new batteries with GameBoy Pocket.

Case - The case has a sleek and ergonomic design, easy to hold and operate.

ASIC -PocketVoice has a built-in custom made asic fully developed by Bung Enterprises Limited.


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HK$193 (US$24.9)
Includes Worldwide Air Mail Price for Single Unit

Unit Weight

Unit Size
5.2cm x 7.4cm x 2cm

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