Introduction of DX256
(Nintendo 64 Original Cartridge User version)

DX256, developed by Bung Enterprises Limited is the only one of its kind in the world. As most cartridges only have 1 to 4 files for user to save, DX256 allows users to save up to 256 banks. If a cartridge owner shares his cartridge with other users, e.g brothers, sisters or friends and does not want to share the save file with them, the DX256 allows cartridge owners to let multiple users save with only one cartridge. Studies have found that large number of N64 users rents game from videogames rental shops like Blockbuster, etc. and a large number of gamers also borrow games from friends or other sources. When the cartridge is returned, the save data is also gone with the cartridge. N64 users will not be able to keep their save data like high scores, stages completed, best times and etc and when they play back the same game again, they got to start from scratch again. DX256 is designed for N64 gamers who do not owned or have only temporary possession of the cartridge and needs to retain their save data when they return the cartridge. It solves the common problems for N64 gamers who wants to continue their game when they get/rent back the cartridge they have played before as the save data is stored in the DX256 instead of the cartridge. DX256 is slot in between the original N64 game cartridge and the N64. It replace the EEPROM (where save data is stored) found inside the N64 game cartridge, save data will be saved into it instead of the original cartridge and up to 256 games "save data" can be saved into it.

Usage when playing with Original Game Cartridge

1. Make sure that the N64 is turned off, insert the original N64's game cartridge into the DX256 and then insert the DX256 into the N64.

2. Select to the bank combination that where the game is to be saved (e.g. A3, B10, N16). If a new game is played, turn to a new bank combination where no games have been stored before. If the game has already been saved into the DX256 before, select back to the original bank combination it was saved before. (Please note: If wrong bank combination is selected, when the N64 is turned on, new game save data will overwrite old game save data. If a saved data has been overwritten, there is no way to retrieve back.)

3. Turn on the N64 to play game. Save data will be saved into the DX256 instead of the original game cartridge.

4. To play another game, repeat instructions 1-3. Make sure that the bank?game name is recorded somewhere so that it will be easier to refer to in the future. (Please note: There is no way to retrieve the game name if user have forgotten what is saved in the bank.)

Introduction of DX256 (Doctor V64 User version) DX256 is designed to compliment the Doctor V64, it is the perfect solution for saving multiple games by while having only one cartridge. The usage is identical with Nintendo 64, the emulation adapter is still needed.

Usage when using with Doctor V64

1. Make sure that the N64 is turned off, insert the original N64's game cartridge into the DX256, insert the DX256 into either DOCTOR V64's emulation adapter or DS1 and then the emulation or DS1 into the N64. (Please note: If you have DS1, you don`t need the original emulation adapter.)


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