October 2nd, 2000

Damn, it's been a long time, but here is the often requested update (well, mostly by redbox). As you can see, I am no longer on n64zone. I've gotten so very tired of the shenanigans there, always down, no updates on status, etc. So...we're back to xoom, or should I say nbci? If anyone is interested in hosting tcsr, I'd definetely be willing to hear ya out (It currently takes up about 34,610,715 bytes). As for updates, well, everything that I have from people is up now, which means 5 (yay) new scans went up today. They are: Episode One Racer AUS, SFX 64 (both from that silly aussie scrotey), Pokemon Snap (f_fire), Rally Challenge 200, and Fighter Destiny 2000 (both jb0395's work, who seems to have stopped any submissions sadly, of course most people probably consider this site dead, so I don't blame him ;p). I've updated the Q & A section with a few interesting e-mails, so feel free to check that out as well. I also have a special treat for you all, a scan of an article from a recent issue of Nintendo Power (yes I scanned it, case you were curious). It is about the translation of Zelda 2 from Japanese to English. I found it rather interesting, and it has some nice little tidbits in it. Apparentley we can look forward to Spanis, French, and German versions of Zelda: MM. And the japs will be getting a redesigned Joanna Dark when Red & Black gets to their side of the Pacific. She'll be remodeled to better match the actor in the commercials. I must admit that is something I would like to have had. I can't remember some of the urls I had hoped to post, but here are a few (okay, more than a few). First, we have IGN's view of the N64's future, and then there is the follow-up. They're always so negative over at IGN, sigh. In case anybody missed it (sure), here is a link to IGN's Ultimate Gamecube FAQ. The thing debuted while I was away you see. I'm looking forward to it personally, it's looking very cool. Nintendo is a sure fire winner now that manufacturing costs are no longer an issue. Sure, the thing is a bit odd looking (to say the least), but it does what it's made to do, and I'm sure it'll do a damn fine job of it too. Make sure you check out the Rogue Squadron videos. Oh, a little somethign called GBA debuted as well. Here is a recap of all of IGN's Space World coverage. I used SpaceWorldLive.com personally. They were very good on keeping on top of all the updates around the web on the big night. Ahh, there will be a shortage of PS2 units on launch, how very sad. Bwahahhaah, everything is falling into place. I for one, will be helping to make sure that the devil (PS2) fails miserably, by getting my lenticular copy of Zelda: MM, and stocking up on Pikachu N64s on October 26th. Sony bastards, ruined one of the coolest little features of the PS2 cases. Saving money by just using the standard amaray cases used for most DVDs. NUON, I'll be making sure to get one just because it is full of so many wonderfully original ideas. In case any of you cable monkeys out there are interested in going online with your DC before the broadband adapter comes out, I have a nice page you should check out. I remember someone doing this on a Linux OS once, but don't know what happened to it. Ya know, why don't some of you elites out there help IGN on their GBC project, could be a good way to get into the game programming world. Finally, I have to make mention of the what is looking to be a historic fight against Sega being put forth by ISOnews. Although, I think nothing will come of it, Sega will most likely back down, much like other companies have in the past when they've tried to stop isonews from reporting. There is too much at risk for Sega, it would be a major loss if they were to lost the battle in court, setting up quite the precedent for all future websites. Nintense

July 17th, 2000

Alrighty, a long overdue update today. This is pretty much all I have to update with, so if anyone wants to submit something, I would really love it ;) Now, let me try and remember what is new, and who it is from, hehe. First off, after months of hard work, I managed to haxx0r Redbox's hdd, and stole a large set of scans from him. Yes, my ereet hacking skillz have finally paid off (okay, he nicely submitted them, fine). To me, a scan is a scan is a scan, I don't really want to get into the politics of it all, heh. Anyway, we got C&C USA, Super Mario 64 USA, PAL, JAP, and Hong Kong, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer USA and PAL, Star Fox JAP, Pokemon Stadium PAL, and Yoshi's Story JAP and PAL. Achilles was kind enough to send in scans of Mario 64 USA (up to 5 scans), and Mario Party (64DD compatible, leet). And last, but definitely not least, jb0395 did a nice scan of Star Craft 64. I think that's all of them. I would just like to note, that I got my DC before the piracy boom, as you can see below ;) Guess I knew them when. URLs, hrmm, what can I post? How about this, it's a nice url from IGN, a little exposť on the Dolphin. Mini DVDs? Would make sense in the piracy prevention area. Try and remember it's pretty much all speculation, and nothing is confirmed. Harsh words from Mr. Oddworld, we don't really want them on the Dolphin anyways. New name for PD maybe? New cartridge design pics courtesy of Nintendo Nation. Now me and WT were chatting about these, and it looks like those are sliders on the top, perhaps for a save slot selector, or boot chip selector. Now, one would think that could be a pirate cart, perhaps registered by Nintend0. But, notice the territorial lockouts, this cart is made to work only in Japan. Which would lead you to believe it's from the big N. Maybe it's for saving extra pics in 64DD games (such as Mario Artist) or the like. Who knows, maybe those are even card slots on the top. Hrmm, Star Cube, could that be the name of the Dolphin? One can only hope not, but C&VG seems to be pretty sure it is. They're said to not be the most reliable news reporter though. I'm still out on this, Black DC is cool, but I don't know about the big ass Sega Sports logo. Even the cable is black, pretty cool. Well, that's about all the urls I could think of, hehe. Oh, for any of you US peeps out there, Target has got some handy carts on sale this week. Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer for $9.44, Knockout Kings 2000 for $9.44, Ridge Racer 64 for $14.99, and Jet Force Gemini for $14.99. Two of those are awfully handy for saving 16Kbit eeprom games. I picked up KK2000, RR64, and another Pod Racer (mine has Blockbuster stickers on it, and no manual). I already bought JFG when it was $50, long long ago ;) BTW, god rid of the logo on the main page, had the wrong url on it, hehe. Anyone done a new one yet? Nintense

June 14th, 2000

Yeah, yeah, I know. I've been busy damnit ;p Alrighty, let's see what I've got in my big red bag of scans for my adoring public today. First off, I've got 4 nice scan sets coming courtesy of our favorite logo maker bullz64, those are of course Super Mario 64 JAP, Mortal Kombat 4, Vigilante 8, and WCW vs NWO: World Tour v1.1 (v2, heh). Then everybody's favorite jb (model number 0395) was nice enough to send in Bomberman 64: Second Attack scans, so up they go. Last, but definitely not least, we have some leet scans courtesy of achilles. The first being All-Star Baseball 20001, which features a very nice red casing. Our first red cart scan =) Now we just need a green cart, and I think there are blue carts out there too. Some better looking black carts would always be nice too. Just got myself a Dreamcast, must say I was mildly impressed. Crazy Taxi is beautiful, but not enough variey, it needs more than one level. Was sad to see a bit of slowdown though ;( In case you haven't heard yet, check out this link. Death of the fledgling NGPC scene. Not quite dead, but it might as well be. Oh, and I must have died and gone to heaven, because my dreams have come true. I will get both versions when they come to the US, I can guarantee it ;) Nintense

May 24th, 2000

Long time no see eh? After numerous server problems and/or moves, we're back with an update, mildly big one too. I scanned and put up Perfect Dark, and scans of Goldeneye 007, Star Fox 64, Zelda 1.1, and Super Mario 64 from n0ble. Also newly upped are some nice scans from jb0395, those being Excitebike 64, Turok 2, WCW/NWO Revenge, and All-Star Baseball 2000. Make note of the changed e-mail addys in the menu frame over on your left, those are perm and you don't need to worry about them going down ;) File attachment size limit on mine is 2MB I think. Which should be enough for a single scan set submission. If not, you can send the scans seperately or the like. I suppose I should also note that we're now at http://tcsr.n64zone.com, hopefully everyone will find their way here. And yes, I know the big logo needs to be updated, speaking of which, I've had some complaints about it, along the lines of it not fitting in with the rest of the page. Well, I'm always open to logo submissions ;p Perhaps something with a bit less height, banner ad height I suppose, maybe a bit higher. Oh, Game Shark Pro is up too. Nintense

May 10th, 2000

Put up a bunch of "oddities", they can be found near the bottom of the cart scans page. These were brought on by MMR's submission of rtc-10, so I figured I'd do up mine too. Someone requested controller paks, that's why they're there. It seems the @n64zone.net e-mail addresses are down for now, so if you e-mailed in the last week or so, it was probably returned. It should be fixed soon hopefully. Nintense

May 5th, 2000

More updates, some unusual stuff, as well as some common stuff... it's all good. There will be more going up soon, so if your scans haven't been put online yet, it means we haven't got around to it yet. But we will. Keep submitting, the amount of information we're gathering at the moment is huge... thanks everyone! WT_Riker

April 29th, 2000

Just put up quite a few scans from scrotey, those being: 1080 JAP, 64 Oouzumo 2 JAP, a second Banjo Kazooie US scan, Command and Conquer PAL, Donkey Kong 64 PAL, another Jet Force Gemini PAL set, the second Mario Kart US scan set, NBA Hangtime, and revision two of Zelda US. Also changed the menu frame around a bit, and put to use a nice logo from bullz64. Thanks bullz =) I picked up three new games today, expect scans soon ;) Now, why would I buy these games? Well, Best Buy is running a deal where you can buy Castlevania 64 and Hybrid Heaven for $20 each, and you get a $20 mail-in rebate on each, so all you pay for is tax basically. I also bought Glover, just because $9.50 for a semi-decent game is too good to pass up, maybe that's just me though ;) Nintense

April 28th, 2000

Five scans from f_fire added, more scans coming soon. Thanks to everyone who's submitted scans so far! WT_Riker

April 26th, 2000

Put up three scan sets. Also from n0ble. They consist of California Speed, Madden '99, and NBA Live '99. Thanks for the scans n0ble =) Nintense

April 26th, 2000

Just put up a couple scans. A second Goldeneye US set from Phrodide, and a WWF Wrestlemania 2000 set from n0ble. Got a lot more coming, hold your horses ;) Nintense

April 24th, 2000

Three more scans up. A second Zelda pal scan set from Ruscal, and a Jet Force Gemini pal from Ruscal. Also put up another scan set from Phrodide, this one being Cruis'n World, and this one wasn't in a fire ;p Keep 'em coming guys, but give us time, we're sort of backlogged, hehe. I can't stress enough how important it is to send in a text file showing what is written on each chip, some of these scans can be tough to read. Thanks for the support everybody. Nintense

April 24th, 2000

Two scans submitted by Ruscal added to the collection, thanks to all the people submitting scans so far, they will all be online as soon as possible! Please continue to contribute to the site, and help create a great resource for the N64 Scene WT_Riker

April 23rd, 2000

I just put up two more scan sets. Mario Kart 64 from Phrodide, and Chopper Attack from Klone. Thanks for the scans guys. Head on over to the cart scans section and check 'em out. Nintense

April 22nd, 2000

Just thought I'd remind everyone that, it is perfectly fine to submit a scan set, even if said cart is already online here. It appears each cart (even the same game) uses slightly different chips, and we'd like to see that ;) I added a little to the end of the tutorial section, just a little form type thing that you can cut and paste, and fill out when you send in scans. It seems we received a little flack here and there, so WT_Riker has officially responded to a news statement on Dextrose. You can read WT_Riker's statement right here, and have your say right about....here, on the Dextrose forum. Nintense

April 22nd, 2000

Things are going decently, just thought I'd point out the addition of the Q & A section. It was prompted by my first e-mail, hehe. I felt I needed a place to properly address questions that I might meet up with, thus the birth of Q & A. I'll just update it every now and then if questions are posed, but only if I know the answers ;p Nintense

April 21st, 2000

Well, we just debuted yesterday, with some good things coming of it, and some bad. The bad doesn't really deserve any mention, but the good does ;) The good mainly being that we will now be hosted by the great guys at www.n64zone.net, tcsr.cjb.net should have forwarded you to the proper new location. The url may change again in days to come, so pay attention ;) If anyone has anything to contribute, go right ahead, if you like, you can just e-mail it to nintense@n64zone.net, it should work just fine. Nintense

April 20th, 2000

The Cart Scan Repository Offically announced and open to the public! WT_Riker

April 13th, 2000

Ready for going public. WT_Riker

April 10th, 2000

More scans added. WT_Riker

April 7th, 2000

Updated the design, more scans added, still in beta stage. WT_Riker

April 1st, 2000

The page has just debuted. Hopefully the purpose of this site is pretty self explanatory. I've pretty much scanned every cart I have access too, so in order for there to ever be any more updates I'll need the public's help ;) Scan if you can, would be very nice of you =) Follow my tutorial link in the menu frame for a little info on how to do it. Nintense