Game Pak: Front
Game Pak: Front
Game Pak: Back
Game Pak: Back
PCB: Front
PCB: Front
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PCB: Back

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Nintense; The Corporation.
WT_Riker; Obsidian.

Game: Memory Card Plus (Interact Brand)
Game Pak (Front): None
Game Pak (Back): SV-375A
ROM Chip: None
CIC Chip: None
PCB Label: SV-375A
Save Chip: SEC KOREA
Other Chips: 74HC123D
HRn9614 C

TL  74HC139D
HA  997230Q
AN  Hnn9527 C


Other Features: 1 CR2032 Battery
WT_Riker nfo: This controller pak seems a little more "up-market" than the other 3rd party one. It has surface mounted resistors and capasitors like the offical Nintendo Controller Pak.
Nintense nfo: A lot of stuff here that I don't know anything about. There's tons of resistor type things, too many for me to bother to try labeling them all, hehe. This board is of a much higher quality than the single sized memory card, also made by Interact, but it still has the hot glue, which annoys me, hehe. I guess the quality doesn't matter all that much, since I've lost many a save with this piece of junk. The battery was halfway out of it's slot when I opened it, maybe that's why. I do like how the battery slides in and out though, making it easy to replace. Notice those 8 metallic squares near the top of the front of the board? That's where the selector switch is, it works by just sliding a medal connector piece across those squares, connecting the pair you wish to use at the moment.
Supplied By: Nintense