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Nintense; The Corporation.
WT_Riker; Obsidian.

Game: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Game Pak (Front): MODEL #NUS-006 (USA)
Game Pak (Back): NUS-USA/CAN-1
ROM Chip: C984897-H
CIC Chip: (c) (m) 1995 Nintendo
9845 F
PCB Label: NUS-01A-02
(c) 1996 Nintendo
Save Chip: None
Other Chips: None
Other Features: 3 Resistors
1 Capacitor
WT_Riker nfo: Turok 2 or Turok ewww?
Nintense nfo: The black Turok 2 cart. It was only the second colored cart I believe, with the limited Zelda Gold being the first. This is the cart that made colored carts common, as now even the crappiest games can come in slick colors. Such as Battletanx Global Assault, and I think Army Men. Nothing else of interest really.
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