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Game Pak: Front
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Game Pak: Back
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PCB: Front
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Nintense; The Corporation.
WT_Riker; Obsidian.

Game: Cruis'n World
Game Pak (Front): NUS-006 (USA)
Game Pak (Back): NUS-USA/CAN-1
9832 E
CIC Chip: (C) 96-97 Nintendo
9825 E
PCB Label: NUS-01A-02
(c) 1996 Nintendo
Save Chip: BK16D 9851
813 H24
Other Chips: None
Other Features: 4 Resistors
1 Capacitor
WT_Riker nfo: Crusin World: Finally another cart using the labelling technique on the save chip that I hoped would be more common, 16KBIT EEPROM here. Also note the Yoshi-Type cic chip.
Nintense nfo: Another nice scan set from Phrodide. A few interesting things to note, first the 6106 boot chip. Second the 16Kbit eeprom save chip. BK16D 9851. It seems that stands for 16Kbit. The K might not, but it appears that 16 properly represents the size of the chip.
Supplied by: Phrodide