Game Pak: Front
Game Pak: Front
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Game Pak: Back
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PCB: Front
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PCB: Back

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Nintense; The Corporation.
WT_Riker; Obsidian.

Game: DX256 Super Game Saver
Game Pak (Front): Bung Enterprise LTD.
Game Pak (Back): None
ROM Chip: None
CIC Chip: None
PCB Label: DX256
Save Chip: BSAVE256-64
Other Chips: Winbond
Other Features: 2 Switches (0x0 thru 0xF)
1 CR2032 Battery
"Open for EMU." option (JP1)
Lots of other things!
WT_Riker nfo: 255 x 4KBIT EEPROM slots. Also functions as an "EMU ADAPTER", meaning it has "pin 10" cut and connected to "pin 9". This option is selectable throught the configuration of JP1. Note: P16 is the EEPROM in the cart plugged into the DX256.
Nintense nfo: Neato knobs. Lets you save 4Kbit eeprom games on 256 different slots. Nice thing to have. Read a review on IGN64.
Supplied by: f_fire