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Most Active
1 Gaim
2 AWStats
3 eGroupWare, Enterprise collab suite
4 phpMyAdmin
5 Tiki CMS/Groupware
6 Azureus - BitTorrent Client
7 WinMerge
8 Alvaro\'s Messenger
9 Gallery
10 Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution

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Top Downloads
1 eMule
2 BitTorrent
3 DC++
4 CDex
5 VirtualDub
6 eMule Plus
7 ffdshow
8 phpBB
9 AC3Filter

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Latest News
Tiny COBOL Compiler release 0.61
    dessex - 2003-09-13 06:46   -   The Tiny COBOL compiler project
This release contains mainly bugs fixes, and some enhancements. It includes updates to the main compiler and run-time. Tiny COBOL is a COBOL compiler being developed on the Linux OS. It generates GNU x86 assembler code.
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Gallery v1.4-pl1 released
    beckettmw - 2003-09-13 06:45   -   Gallery
Gallery v.1.4-pl1 has been released. Gallery is a slick, intuitive web based photo gallery with authenticated users and privileged albums. Easy to install, configure and use. Photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, etc. User privileges make this great for communities. Version 1.4 premieres some major new features: Gallery is now internationalized, and can be displayed in more than 20 languages, with more on the way! In addition, we've completely overhauled the documentation and made it more accessible and more informative. Other changes include ownership of individual album items, not just of albums, and a slew of minor improvements and bugfixes.
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NASM 0.98.38 is released
    hpa - 2003-09-13 06:44   -   The Netwide Assembler
The most important change to 0.98.38 is that the broken ELF backend in 0.98.37 has (hopefully) been fixed. The Netwide Assembler, NASM, is an 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity. It supports a range of object file formats, including Linux and NetBSD/FreeBSD a.out, ELF, COFF, Microsoft 16-bit OBJ and Win32. It will also output plain binary files. Its syntax is designed to be simple and easy to understand, similar to Intel's but less complex. It supports Pentium, P6, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE and SSE2 opcodes, and has macro capability.
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Updates to mp4live - testing help wanted
    wmaycisco - 2003-09-13 06:42   -   MPEG4IP
We're finished with the main updates to mp4live. Our in-house test has been running for 10 days still maintaining audio/video sync. These changes were accomplished by updating to the V4L2 driver, and updating faac. These changes have been submitted to CVS on sourceforge. To use them you must install v4L2 (server/mp4live has a new html file telling you how we accomplished that). The MPEG4IP project provides an MPEG and IETF standards-based system for encoding, streaming, and playing MPEG-4 encoded audio and video.
KDE 3.1.3(a) RPMs moved to stable
    rexdieter - 2003-09-13 06:41   -   KDE RPMS for RedHat Linux
The kde 3.1.3(a) packages have been moved to the stable repository. Get 'em while they're hot. The KDE for RedHat project intends to promote the use of KDE and KDE-based applications on RedHat Linux. (3.1.4 is in the works, and maybe, just maybe, we may see a preview of 3.2 showing up in unstable in the not-too-distant future.).
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