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Links / Credits

Nintendo of America
Official Homepage for everything non-Japan.
Mother of it all (Japanese). Some sections were completely removed to erase what they have done during the years (Most notably the 64 DD page, which looks like the unit has never existed)
Wish Technologies
They developed a Nintendo 64 Controller / USB Interface: completely compatible with Windows/Linux USB, just plug it in and all buttons including the analog stick will be automatically recognized. But it's not all! With the appropriate drivers you can get vibrations with Direct Input support and a Controller Pak save manager usable directly from Windows' Explorer! Great! Absolutely worth seeing. Supported by most emulators nowadays.
Game trading center. Sometimes some 64 DD software springs.
Nintendo 64 rare items sometimes surface. Useful to buy cheap Nintendo 64 stuff as well.
Assembler's Homepage
A retrogamer collector page. Lots of Collections and pics of dead systems.
The best site for Nintendo 64 developers and to get patching/cracking tools. Some files come from there. Check it if you want to know about the old scene.
Seller of the Z64 Unit. Though support for Z64 is dead.
One of the sites where you can get info on newly released n64 titles on the scene. Nintendo 64 sections are all dead now, it now focuses mainly on Game Boy Advance and GameCube. Bits of the Hardware History section comes from this site.
One of the biggest emulation sites on the net. Almost every rom for every system. News updated lots of times in a day.
Nintendo 64 Tech
The site from where all the development stuff not on Dextrose has been collected. He cached a lot fo dead sites and made a "nice resume" for some of the info about Nintendo 64 Backup Units that I used here on the site. Mirrored here are the dead sites about Z64 HD mod, PV-backup unit and some other dead scene sites.
Good quality covers for Roms Backup CDs (lot of systems). Also the list of latest releases and GoodN64.