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Do not ask me where to download game roms from
Do not ask me to sell my hardware or games
Do not ask me where to buy Nintendo 64 stuff
Please help providing a list of titles that have not been dumped (including country) if you know any info
Please help filling blanks for missing entries in 64 games / box art section
Please help providing pics, files, part numbers and info of Nintendo 64 / 64 DD Development Units parts
Please help providing info and files on other backup units

If someone has Development Units or beta software on Flash Carts to sell please contact me.

This is what I'm interested in.

SGI Ultra 64 Development board for the Indy, Nintendo 64 Development Unit for PCs along with Libraries CDs, Partner-N cart, PC Card, cables, Programming Manuals, tools

Nintendo 64 Development Software Updates

64 DD Development Unit along with Adapters, Security Rom Cart, Empty / Developer Disks and Programming Manuals

Nintendo 64 Demo or Beta software on original Nintendo Flash Carts / 64 DD Blue Disks

Nintendo 64 Kiosk Cartrdiges or Hardware

For any other queries, donations, critics or whatever please contact me at: