Dumped Cart Games

This page is dedicated in providing info about all the games, covering size, number of players and accessories supported. If you don't have the manual or the original box is almost impossible to tell which accessories are supported by each game.

Though most useless for people not using backup units, it might be of interest for you. Check the Z64 Compatibility list section for an explanation of Boot CIC and Primary Saves.

The list is taken from the latest GoodN64 renaming utility for Nintendo 64. The list shown here is made only by dumps recognized by it (I have to base my work around something). Most of it consists of official stuff that I'm interested in.

If you can fill the blanks please contact me. Check Submit / Contact Section.

Games #0 to F

Games G to Q

Games R to Z

Other roms, not games (not ready)



Does anyone have these roms?

Nushi Zuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte (J)
Pokemon Snap (S) [!]
Pro Shinan Mahjong Tsuwamano (J) [!]