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What is SN64?
What does it include?
System requirements
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What is SN64?

SN64 is our innovative development kit for the Nintendo 64 games console. Using the SN64 cartridge and tools you can build your programs faster than with any competing system, and download and debug your games under Windows with faster transfer speeds and more flexibility.

What does it include?

Any developer familiar with our development tools for the Sony PlayStation or Sega Saturn will immediately feel at home with the SN64. We supply the latest incarnation of our developer toolchain, containing some of the most powerful, efficient and reliable software ever seen in the industry. You can rely on the SN64 tools all the way through the build process.

SN64 is comprised of the following:

Nintendo 64 interface cartridge
Build tool suite

Nintendo 64 Interface cartridge

This compact and robust cartridge plugs directly into a standard console. Its many features include:

  • on board microcontroller
  • fast SCSI-2 interface to host PC (interface card and connecting cable included)
  • 32MB of RAM (big enough for the largest N64 projects)
  • independent universal (100V-250V AC) PSU
  • LED status indicators

Build Tool Suite

For your initial configuration we provide a conversion tool for the Nintendo-supplied developer libraries.

Our compiler is the popular and highly-rated GNU 'gcc' compiler, providing C and C++ compilation with an incredible array of optimizations. The compiler output is then processed by our blazing custom C-assembler, which outperforms every other C-assembler we’ve seen in the MIPS arena. For assembly-language programmers we provide the ASMN64 macro assembler which is designed to give you miraculous flexibility in your coding.

Our PSYLINK custom linker handles multiple overlays, run-time relocatable modules and huge code and library requirements with startling speed, allowing you to integrate code and data with ease.

Your game build is managed by our PSYMAKE make tool, including a port of GNU Make, giving you precise minimal rebuilds.

We also throw in an extensive and always-expanding utility toolkit, including a library manager and dump tools.

This software suite gives you build times that outperform the Partner64 system by up to 300% on Nintendo’s own demos.


In the modern game development cycle you need a debugger you can trust. The SN64 Windows debugger is a powerful Windows 95 or NT hosted source level debugger with state-of-the-art plug-in technology. It is customizable, expandable and uses the much admired SN Systems view and pane architecture to maximize screen real estate.

  • Debug at source or assembler level
  • Exploit the full C expression evaluator (including type-casting)
  • See CPU registers in 32-bit or 64-bit modes
  • Set an unlimited number of configurable breakpoints
  • Expand data structures, arrays and pointers
  • Modify variables through the debugger
  • View the call-stack and dynamically change the stack context

System requirements

Host 486/Pentium class PC with Windows 95 installed and one free ISA slot. A retail Nintendo 64 with a standard playable game cartridge.

SN Systems Technical Support

You can obtain technical support and upgrades for SN64 direct from us. You're never more than an e-mail or a phone call away from a team of specialist support technicians. Continuing an SN Systems tradition, all our technical support and upgrades are free for the lifetime of the product, ensuring your software is always at the leading edge of Nintendo 64 games development.

How much does it cost?

SN64 price list
Quantity Cost per unit
1 system $5,000 £3,000
2 systems $4,750 £2,850
3 systems $4,500 £2,700
4 systems $4,250 £2,550
5 or more systems $4,000 £2,400

All of the above prices are net of VAT and local taxes. Upon receipt of an order, the goods will be despatched by courier within 48 hours, subject to availability.

For further information on pricing and availability, please e-mail sales@snsys.com.

SN64 is a trademark and Moving the Game On a registered service mark of SN Systems Software Ltd; Nintendo 64 is a trademark of Nintendo Corporation; Win32, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.