This page is completely dedicated in preserving and providing info on a great system, bound to death in year 2001 by Nintendo because selling "only" 1000 units in Japan in his last weeks of life. Some of the material contained in here is not my work at all, or it has been heavily modified by me without asking the original authors. That's right, so many times I've tried to contact no longer existing mail addresses or had no reply at all. Some others gave me persmissions with restrictions (link directly, do not edit) and then their sites disappeared completely carrying along all the info they were providing. The system is pretty much dead right now, and I down't want to lose all what it meant to me in those old great days of fun, and this is all I want to preserve. Thus, please don't ask me to remove parts of this site as it doesn't steal anybody's work, credit has been given where it had to be given. If you are an author and you think I didn't gave you credit please drop me a mail. Contributions are always welcome.
Happy reading.

Future dreaming for the fun it could still bring

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