SGI pictures - these are some systems that I picked up from an auction by a previous employer. They were used for games development, and I myself used similar systems when I worked there, thus my interest in them.

This first entry on the page is an Indy that turned out to have an Ultra 64 Development Board in it. I know nothing about the board, and assume that it was probably a programmer's system. It has none of the art tools we used, but the 2gb drive is almost full of development tools, from C++ to the Ultra 64 Development software.


I took some photos of the "hinv" results, the Ultra 64 board itself, and the Software Manager. Please excuse the quality, I don't know how to do screen shots yet, and even if I did, the system isn't on my network yet.

"hinv" results from the Unix Shell.

The Ultra 64 Development Board. The first 3 shots are very large files, but I assumed you would want to see as much detail as possible.

The full list of programs from the Software Manager.

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Last revised: January 6, 2002