lfc-n64.tar.gz  (DEVELOPER LIBS FOR THE N64 [eg the N64 DEVKIT {has man pages, the link/compile tools/object libs] a lightforce release) JOINLFC@HOTMAIL.COM #N64SCENE #N64DEV

N64-Introductory-Manual.rar (same as this [kantan])

n64-psy-q.tar.gz (contains  .o files, the snsys psyq ide kit setup + this manual [SN Build Tools, GNU C Compiler, and SN Debugger], libultra.a, libultra_rom.a, and libultrahost.a)

psy-q-new.tar.gz (contains ultra1.v64, includes, libs, the n64 intro manual, and the ide binaries (some of which aren't in the above ide kit setup, and some are but are older versions)

n64.devkit.filelist.txt a listing of every file in the above archives