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Where developers collaborate and help each other develop better software, faster.

SourceForge.net has created areas for top-tier Open Source developers to congregate, get information, contribute code and collaborate on a particular technical topic. These areas are called Foundries.

A Foundry is a targeted software development Community built around a specific technology focus. It's where developers share expertise and news, get and give advice, and generally help each other develop better software, faster.

Some key features of Foundries:

  • Contain news and original content that pertain to the technology focus of the Foundry
  • Newsletters
  • Searchable mailing list archive to see past discussions and research information
  • Software library
  • Foundry Guides who are leaders in their respective fields and chart the course of the Foundry and the information within it


Here is a list of all foundries on the system. Some are more complete than others. If you see a foundry you may want to contribute to, contact the existing foundry admins for that foundry.

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