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-> *zodi* nice... very nice, just proves that I'm right
[Zodi] nah
[Acey] and whoose the real ass here
[Zodi] we dont care
[Acey] yah well same here
[Zodi] you run a site be unbiased you prick
[Zodi] you released one game and it got duped
[Zodi] we released 50
[Zodi] so get off your anti tc shit
[Acey] yah, but why not double check your shit before releasing?
[Acey] I'm not being anti-tc
[Zodi] how?
[Zodi] we had rainbow6 first
[Acey] I assed about the fucked up MNC release too
[Zodi] dkc was a storee copy, we couldnt go redump it, we had one shoot
[Zodi] no you didnt
[Zodi] not on your page
[Zodi] yet we got crucified
[Acey] yeah I did... go check it out
[Zodi] re2 was fucked
[Zodi] but with only one 512 to guage it looked fine
[Zodi] chopper attack we released because redbox said he never heard of a crack or relrelease
[Zodi] all feasable
[Zodi] we dont make corrupt shit and dupes on purpose
[Acey] yah well neiter do I, Lylat Wars was released on request
[Zodi] 52 releases 2 dupes, one we got screwed out of.. two corrupt but one was pre release and the other was rare cause it was 512
[Zodi] yeah
[Acey] wasnt ment to count in any chart
[Zodi] request of redbox
[Zodi] who later says he just wanted a copy not for you to release it
[Acey] redbox as well as a few others
[Zodi] thats not my point
[Zodi] shit happens
[Zodi] you think we werent upset shit was corrupt and duped?
[Zodi] that was out worst month ever
[Acey] probably
[Zodi] but shit happens
[Zodi] and 52 good releases
[Zodi] and fuck all was said about mnc
[Zodi] and we dont release shit without testing either
[Zodi] yet you assumed that too
[Zodi] dkc was tested
[Zodi] re2 was tested once released
[Zodi] no other way
[Acey] re2? then why was the first release only half size?
[Zodi] dupes
[Zodi] lets see
[Zodi] we lost pokemon snap because actraiser made some rules
[Zodi] we lost R6 cause redbox changed actraisers rules
[Zodi] one of them is ours
[Zodi] thats the fucked one
[Zodi] we had no way of knowing it was fucked
[Zodi] we dont hex edit it
[Zodi] we used rikers and redboxes programs to dump it
[Acey] yeah well I have nothing to do with RedboX and Actraiser or their rules
[Zodi] i upped it to nil released and said to redbox better check it cause it dont look right
[Zodi] before it even got to nil
[Zodi] as for chopper attack
[Zodi] 99% of oppl didnt know there was a crack or redump
[Acey] you write "TC for the people"... well I use Intergal as my source and what gets there first ends up on my list
[Zodi] and thats our 5 fuckups in 57 n64releases 2 gbc releases and demos/utils etc etc etc
[Zodi] yeah
[Acey] since intergal is the place for the people
[Zodi] where luigi sticks his fake zip passed shit too
[Zodi] for the people has nothing to do with imntergal
[Zodi] infact i hate it
[Acey] again, that has nothing to do with me
[Zodi] anyone can delete your files
[Zodi] cause everyone uses the same account
[Acey] but intergal is the only public FTP site around
[Zodi] so what?
[Acey] not like "TC" runs one, eventho they're "for the people"
[Zodi] this has never been about when the public gets shit
[Zodi] you misunderstand the definition
[Zodi] you see if mnc and some others had there way noone would see the roms but "l33t" ppl
[Acey] maybe so... but if you're too leet to care about the public, then its really bad
[Zodi] we release em
[Zodi] we spread em
[Zodi] leet?
[Zodi] we are all lamers
[Acey] some tend to think they arent
[Zodi] anyone who even thinks theyre elite is full of shit
[Zodi] i know
[Zodi] i agre
[Zodi] e
[Zodi] why you think everyone hates TC?
[Zodi] cause it started cause we run #n64dcc
[Zodi] HS and MNC hate the fact we make the roms open to the public so fast
[Zodi] they want them to wait a while if not forever
[Acey] hmmm... maybe if TC was less "we am da shit... we 0wn everyone"
[Zodi] see
[Zodi] presuming shit
[Acey] cause thats what I get from most nfo's
[Zodi] we never did shit
[Zodi] this all started because after our 2nd release eurasia tried to take our suppliers
[Zodi] when we told them to get fucked
[Zodi] we got no accounts on ultra
[Zodi] next day HS are attacking us and it just kept going
[Zodi] we are innocent of it all
[Zodi] sure
[Zodi] we stuck it up em
[Zodi] but wouldnt you?
[Zodi] fuck you all
[Zodi] all we did was filla void
[Zodi] and very well at that
[Zodi] and because all these groups all of a sudden couldnt release they all started bitching
[Zodi] every group has asked every member to join them
[Zodi] yet NO they hate us :p
[Zodi] its all crap
[Zodi] we learned a long time ago to not bother
[Zodi] BUT
[Zodi] when i see your site
[Zodi] a supposedly serious site condemn us for no reason
[Zodi] then it pisses me off cause you really have no fucking clue
[Acey] all I wanted to do was remind people of checking their shit before releasing, yeah I *assumed* you didnt, since TC releases most stuff you ofcourse get most crap when something goes wrong...
[Acey] which it did a lot in November
[Zodi] 8 months of torment and everyone against you just because you wouldnt sell your group out and quit and join another group
[Acey] I know you didnt have a lot (if any) screw ups in the past
[Zodi] umm ONLY in november
[Zodi] we lost pokemon snap because actraiser said.. hs had it on theuir whq first
[Zodi] we had it everywhere else
[Zodi] including nil
[Zodi] so we sucked it in and let it be
[Acey] thats the bad thing about dextrose, too much power
[Zodi] then inc had it on nil but we got packeted going to nil and had it 30mins earlier
[Acey] people believe anything they say (write)
[Zodi] but redbox changed the rules and said, has to be oin nil first
[Zodi] very true
[Zodi] but you are no better
[Zodi] you accuse us of shit and dont know anything
[Zodi] you made a big fucking deal of everything
[Zodi] i even seen what tyou said when we fixed mnc supercross fuckup
[Zodi] so dont think i doint see youyr shit on irc
[Zodi] we fixed their crap way after it was released
[Zodi] we didnt even try for it
[Zodi] and only cause they werent gonna do it
[Zodi] hell they only ips patched the first fuckup which was lame
[Acey] here's a quote from 64zine:
[Acey] Menace released Supercross 2000 first, but their release was corrupt and
[Acey]                                    therefore the release goes to The Corporation!
[Acey] 12.05.1999
[Zodi] but for mnc on your page" file is corrupt, d/l the fix" for tc releases?? once again
  they try to fast to release games without checking.. quality not quantity
[Zodi] baah bullshit
[Zodi] and thats why youre banned cause youre a biased piece of shit
[Acey] well it's the truth isnt it?
[Zodi] have a look at the difference
[Acey] they did release it first, but it was corrupt... therefore TC gets the release
[Zodi] if you cant see your bias youre fucked up
[Acey]                                    12-02-1999
[Acey]                                            Supercross 2000
[Acey]                                                              EA
[Acey]                                                                        USA
[Acey]                                                                              tc-sx2k.zip
[Acey]                                                                                       128mbit
[Acey] oops
[Zodi] go abck and read the shit about our corrupt releases
[Zodi] the first in 7 months then look at what you said about mnc`s 2 in 3 days
[Zodi] if roles were reversed it would have said " once again the corp fucked it up, thanks to menace for the good dump"
[Zodi] but we cant upset rza
[Acey] yeah... but I bets every "lamer" who downloads a 27meg DK64 file from a slow-fucker-website would get a bit pissed, wouldnt you be?
[Zodi] i seen the way you kiss his ass
[Acey] erh, I bet
[Zodi] it sint the first fuckup by ppl and it wont be the last
[Zodi] if you can do any better go for it
[Zodi] re2, 5% of ppl could play it anyway
[Zodi] dkc
[Zodi] it was a store copy
[Zodi] lucky to have it to start
[Zodi] everyone thought it was protection
[Zodi] thats our two corrupt
[Zodi] thats pretty good if you ask me
[Acey] it probably is... I havent kept logs of previous corrupt releases, eventho I've been around since the beginning... but yeah others have screwed up too
[Acey] november was a bad month for TC... two corrupt releases in one months is bad, imo atleast
[Acey] but I agree.. 2 corrupt releases out of 50+ aint bad
[Acey] and I would happily write that if it would make you feel better
[Zodi] mnc corrupted 2 in 3 days
[Zodi] yet you said shit
[Zodi] i dont want anything said
[Zodi] i want a fair unbiased opinion
[Zodi] shit happens
[Acey] atleast they discovered the error fast and released a fix... like others have
[Zodi] yeah
[Zodi] but we couldnt
[Acey] like AGS did back when Chopper Attack was released
[Zodi] it was 4 days till dkc`s release
[Zodi] it was a pre release which everyone thought was protection
[Zodi] re2
[Zodi] thats just took time
[Zodi] it was 60megs
[Zodi] we had to fix it with a damn modem
[Zodi] but everyone knew it was fucked from like 5mins after its release
[Zodi] for re2
[Acey] so why not write in the nfo "we had to do this in a hurry, hope nothing screwed up, but this is a store preview and we had to copy in a hurry"... that would've changed my oppinion atleast
[Zodi] why?
[Zodi] we didnt know it was fucked
[Zodi] looked fine to us when we tested it
[Zodi] everyone we spoke to said must be that bigass protection
[Zodi] we got to a title screen
[Acey] but it didnt do that... insteat "we're first again"
[Acey] instead
[Zodi] not at all
[Zodi] we had it for 2 days before we released it
[Zodi] see
[Zodi] thats why i think youre a dick
[Zodi] cause you assume everything or listen to other groups bullshit idealistics about us
[Zodi] when you couldnt be further from the fucking truth
[Zodi] so go get fucked
[Zodi] we never rush
[Zodi] thats why we have lunch time releases
[Zodi] most of us are playing it before we even put it on the whq and release it
[Acey] "#51 can you feel it? It's all around you..."
[Acey] a quote from one of your nfos
[Zodi] yeah
[Acey] the more numbers the better
[Zodi] a fuckup if you paid attention
[Zodi] it was really 50
[Zodi] and it was to celebrate that milestone
[Zodi] i think 50 was deserving
[Zodi] and thats 50 since april
[Zodi] damn good in my opinion
[Zodi] especially since number 2 everyone has been out to get us
[Zodi] you make your own shit up and listen to too much bullshit
[Zodi] thats your porblem
[Zodi] sure, we stick it up everyone else
[Zodi] why shouldnt we
[Zodi] we have been damned since the start
[Zodi] every group hasnt tried to get us for nothing
[Zodi] everyone ridicules our intro yet everyone wants coders
[Zodi] its all jealousy
[Acey] "Number 5 for the month.."
[Acey] "Number 8 for the month.. "
[Zodi] yeah
[Acey] "Number 14 for the month."
[Zodi] we release so much group news gets challengeing
[Zodi] so what?
[Zodi] its fact
[Zodi] its not bragging
[Zodi] its merely changing the last nfo to be accrurate
[Acey] all about bragging, yeah
[Zodi] no
[Zodi] its number 14 for the month
[Zodi] how many other groups have done it?
[Zodi] i would say prolly none
[Zodi] you dont take pride in your work?
[Acey] so what? I could care less if it was no.1 or 20... as long as it works
[Zodi] get real
[Zodi] we didnt ask you to read it either
[Zodi] it still wasnt bragging
[Zodi] it simply states the correct factual release number for the month
[Acey] Chopper Attack "Number 13 for the month." eventho you knew it was a dupe
[Zodi] as i always like to start the month opff saying number 1 for the month.. it steamrolls some more than others.. depends who does the nfo
[Zodi] umm NO
[Zodi] see
[Zodi] you dont even listen too me
[Zodi] we didnt know ags had even fixed it
[Zodi] redbox said so himself to riker and klone
[Zodi] klone msged me saying you want it
[Zodi] we took it
[Acey] if it wasnt fixed it wouldnt even have been on the lists... well it would, but as a bad dump
[Zodi] he sent us it and supplied
[Zodi] we knew no better
[Acey] + you chould've found the fix on dextrose I believe, no?
[Zodi] no
[Zodi] thats wrong
[Zodi] because
[Zodi] it worked
[Zodi] on the bad dump
[Zodi] just some sjhit was fucked
[Zodi] alah sages jap mario golf
[Zodi] which mnc released a full version of after a fix
[Zodi] when a correct dump was made
[Zodi] you really have no fucking clue
[Acey] they released a fix and a full dump, yes
[Zodi] redbox had said there was no fix or redump of chopper
[Zodi] thats why we did it
[Zodi] rza pointed it out after the fact
[Zodi] we wouldnt have done it otherwise
[Zodi] we were still smarting from dk64  for memory
[Zodi] think about it
[Zodi] we normally dont release old shit
[Zodi] go away
[Zodi] cause youre nto even paying attention
[Zodi] i am going back to play hm64
[Acey] so what... RedboX was wrong, that doesnt make you innocent
[Acey] you still released the damn thing
[Zodi] for someone that runs a site for n64 you sure do know shit all about what goes on
[Acey] a little more checking and you wouldve found the fix
[Zodi] you released the dupe of starfox
[Zodi] big fucking deal
[Zodi] get over it
[Zodi] shit happens
[Zodi] and as you said
[Zodi] dx has too much power
[Zodi] so when redbox says it needs releasing we dont expect it to be a fucking dupe you moron
[Zodi] so go fuck yourself cause i am sick of your petulance
[Zodi] youre a small minded incoherant pain in the ass
[Acey] hmm
[Acey] maybe you should get over it? all this happened back in November when you did release some dumpes and bad dumps... 64 zine hasnt written anything bad about TC in December, correct?
[Acey] therefore! I AM IN NO WAY ANTI-TC
[Zodi] we have been on semi holiday
[Zodi] not much to speak about when mnc is kicking our asses
[Zodi] and i care not about december
[Zodi] i care about the fact..
[Zodi] you treat us differently
[Acey] thats your oppinion
[Zodi] thats everyones opinion
[Acey] I wouldve done that to anyone releasing two corrupt games in 1 month
[Zodi] damn, whats up with that page, he hates you guys
[Acey] no it isnt
[Zodi] thats all in hear
[Zodi] UMMM
[Acey] else people would stop visiting 64zine
[Zodi] mnc released two corrupt releases in 3 days fuckhead
[Zodi] you didnt say shit about them compared to ours
[Zodi] get off the grass for fucks sake
[Zodi] you absolutley went on a anti tc campaign when we did it
[Zodi] yet you barely made mention of it for mnc
[Zodi] let alone your own fucking opinions
[Zodi] i am just glad dx updates more now
[Zodi] cause noone goes to your page
[Zodi] atleast theyre unbiased
[Zodi] and everyone saw it too.. evryone noticed it yet you dont seem to see it
[Zodi] maybe if you pulled your head from your ass or atleast admitted it instead of denying it
[Zodi] its only other groups who hate us
[Zodi] and i wonder why
this conversation couldve continued forever, but decided to stop here