/\   __
             (      _/______/\
          __ _\     \   _  /  \
         (_//______/_)  \______)
.-----------------(_____ /---------------.
:                      \/                :
:               WCW Mayhem               :
:            PAL/V64/128Mbit             :

Well we've been on our X-mas holidays, and
the 64 has seen a flood of releases across
all territories in the past week. Its nice
to see the N64 finally kick out some great
      titles and at a steady pace.

WCW Mayhem helps to boost one of Nintendos
more under-represented genres.  Apparently
we don't have enough crappy racers or shit
         'wrassling' games :)

EA in their infinite wisdom have developed
yet another game with a Wrestling Licence!
This title will please any of those  young
impressionable, pre-pubescent, half-witted
people that do actually watch this shit on
Teev.  I think its all rubbish, but how on
earth could all those US fans be wrong! :)
With the create a wrestler feature you can
now design your own over-sized and  sweaty
leotard wearing 'wrassler'.


Icarus, Rico, Fredro, Saska, Wildfire, Rza
 Redbox, Netfucker, Actraiser, Nil, Ninja
   Swasti, Titanik, Ego, Hico, Bazooka
      Unit, Stumble, Cyborg, Ego_UK

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