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Releases listed in:

RED IS DUPLICATES - Eventhough the release says Europe as the "country" where is was released, it could be the US version released Europe without even the slightest change in the image header. Most cezar releases are dupes, atleast thats how the rumors goes, said to be hexedited images. Another group called Dumper has started dumping a lot of games again because they were released with an intro by the original release group, these are counted as dupes aswell.

GREY IS BAD DUMP OR OVER DUMPS - Now and then groups manage to release a bad dump or just an over dump. These are being counted as a valid release if it's an over dump, though we would prefer a clean dump.

ORANGE IS ACCESSORIES - Such as cheat devices which won't quite work on your flash advance linker, but still nice to have :)

BLUE IS BETA RELEASES - The releases I love the most, unfortunately most other sites don't. But getting to see work in progress is very cool imo.

I would like to state that 64scener is not affiliated with any group copying GBA or any other games, or even offer game dumps for download. Downloading and playing games you do not own is illegal. 64scener is not a warez site, but do report scene releases as a service for you. So please respect this by not sending us rom requests of any kind.

01-19-2002 Guilty Gear X Adv. Ed. Sammy Japan 64mbit
01-18-2002 ESPN's Winter X Games Snow.. Konami USA 32mbit
01-17-2002 Snap Kids Enix Japan 128mbit
01-17-2002 Asterix & Obelix PAF! Them... Infogrames Europe 64mbit
01-13-2002 Flintstones: Big Trouble in... Conspiracy Europe 32mbit
01-12-2002 Pac-Man Collectoin Namco Japan 32mbit
01-12-2002 San Goku Shi Koei Japan 64mbit
01-12-2002 Creatures Creature Labs Europe 32mbit
01-08-2002 Dark Arena Majesco USA 64mbit
01-07-2002 Mech Platoon Kemco USA 64mbit
01-01-2002 Spiderman Mysterio's Menace Activision USA 64mbit

12-27-2001 EZ-Talk 4 KeyNet Japan 64mbit
12-27-2001 EZ-Talk 3 KeyNet Japan 64mbit
12-27-2001 Sansara Saga 1x2 Victor Japan 64mbit
12-26-2001 Angelic Layer Epoch Japan 64mbit
12-25-2001 Angelic Layer Epoch Japan 64mbit
12-24-2001 Planet Monsters Titus USA 32mbit
12-24-2001 LEGO Island 2 LEGO Media USA 64mbit
12-24-2001 Konami Krazy Racers Konami USA 32mbit
12-24-2001 Klonoa: Empire of Dreams Namco USA 32mbit
12-24-2001 Breath of Fire Capcom USA 32mbit
12-24-2001 King Of Fighters EX: Neo... Marvelous Ent. Japan 64mbit
12-24-2001 King Of Fighters EX: Neo... Marvelous Ent. Japan 128mbit
12-23-2001 Kao The Kangaroo Titus Europe 32mbit
12-20-2001 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Mon.. 6 Ex 2 Konami Japan 128mbit
12-20-2001 Advanced Wars Nintendo Europe 64mbit
12-20-2001 ESPN Winter X-Games S.. '02 Konami Japan 32mbit
12-20-2001 Flame of Recca Konami Japan 64mbit
12-19-2001 Zoids Saga Tomy Japan 64mbit
12-19-2001 No Rules Get Phat TDK USA 64mbit
12-19-2001 Monsters Inc. THQ USA 32mbit
12-19-2001 Monster Rancher Advance Tecmo USA 32mbit
12-19-2001 High Heat MLB 2002 3DO USA 32mbit
12-19-2001 Bakuten Shoot Bayblade... Hudson Soft Japan 64mbit
12-19-2001 Dragon Quest: Torneko's Adv. 2 Enix Japan 64mbit
12-19-2001 Breath of Fire 2: Shimei no Ko Capcom Japan 32mbit
12-19-2001 Tekken Advance Namco Japan 64mbit
12-19-2001 Flintstones: Big Trouble... Crave USA 32mbit
12-19-2001 Flintstones: Big Trouble... Crave USA 32mbit
12-18-2001 Bakuten Shoot Bayblade... Hudson Soft Japan 64mbit
12-18-2001 Muscle Ranking: Miracle... Konami Japan 64mbit
12-18-2001 Muscle Ranking: Miracle... Konami Japan 64mbit
12-18-2001 Sonic Advance Sega Japan 64mbit
12-14-2002 Game Shark GBA InterAct USA 32mbit
12-14-2002 Xploder Advance Blaze Europe 32mbit
12-14-2001 Code Breaker Pelican USA 0.5mbit
12-14-2001 American Bass Challenge Ubi Soft USA 32mbit
12-13-2001 Megaman Battle Network Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
12-13-2001 Jikkyou World Soccer Pocket Konami Japan 64mbit
12-13-2001 Mortal Kombat Advance Midway USA 64mbit
12-12-2001 Battle Network RockMan EXE 2 Capcom Japan 64mbit
12-12-2001 Breath of Fire Capcom USA 32mbit
12-12-2001 Columns Crown Sega Japan 64mbit
12-12-2001 Action Replay GBX (fre) Datel Europe 2mbit
12-11-2001 Super Mario Advance 2 Nintendo Japan 32mbit
12-11-2001 Super Mario Advance 2 Nintendo Japan 32mbit
12-08-2001 Ecks Vs. Sever BAM Ent. USA 64mbit
12-07-2001 Action Replay GBX v1.0 Datel Europe 2mbit
12-07-2001 Planet Monsters Titus USA 32mbit
12-07-2001 Namco Museum Namco Japan 32mbit
12-07-2001 World Adv Soccer: Road to Win Hands-On Japan 64mbit
12-07-2001 Shaun Palmer's Pro S.. (Ger) Activision Europe 64mbit
12-06-2001 Xploder Advance Blaze Europe 2mbit
12-06-2001 Prehistorik Man Virgin Europe 32mbit
12-06-2001 Xploder Advance Blaze Europe 8mbit
12-06-2001 Game Shark GBA Interact USA 2mbit
12-06-2001 Thunderbirds: Int. Rescue SCI Europe 64mbit
12-06-2001 Monster Farm Advance Tecmo Japan 64mbit
12-06-2001 Gakkou o Tsukurou!! Advance Victor Japan 64mbit
12-06-2001 Advance Rally MTO Japan 64mbit
12-06-2001 Magical Vacation Nintendo Japan 64mbit
12-06-2001 Jackie Chan Adventures... (Fre) Activision Europe 32mbit
12-05-2001 Columns Crown Sega Europe 64mbit
12-05-2001 Action Replay GBX Datel Europe 2mbit
12-04-2001 Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX Activision Europe 32mbit
12-04-2001 Super Bust A Move Ubi Soft USA 32mbit
12-03-2001 Driven BAM Ent. USA 32mbit
12-03-2001 Army Men: Operation Green 3DO USA 32mbit

11-30-2001 EZ-Talk 2 KeyNet Japan 128mbit
11-30-2001 EZ-Talk 1 KeyNet Japan 128mbit
11-30-2001 Gradius Galaxies Konami USA 32mbit
11-30-2001 Daisenryaku Media Kite Japan 64mbit
11-30-2001 International Karate Advanced Studio3 Europe 32mbit
11-30-2001 Monster Rancher Advance Tecmo USA 64mbit
11-30-2001 Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring NewKidCo USA 64mbit
11-27-2001 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Acclaim USA 64mbit
11-27-2001 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial NewKidCo USA 32mbit
11-26-2001 Phalanx Kemco Europe 32mbit
11-26-2001 Mech Platoon Kemco Europe 64mbit
11-24-2001 Hot Wheels Burnin Rubber THQ USA 64mbit
11-24-2001 Ecks vs Sever BAM! Ent. USA 64mbit
11-23-2001 ESPN Great Outdoor Games... Konami USA 64mbit
11-23-2001 LEGO Racers 2 LEGO Media Europe 64mbit
11-23-2001 Super Dodgeball Advance Ubi Soft Europe 32mbit
11-22-2001 Tetris Worlds THQ Europe 32mbit
11-22-2001 Rampage Puzzle Attack Midway USA 32mbit
11-22-2001 Midway Arcade Hits Midway USA 32mbit
11-22-2001 Jurassic Park 3: Island Attack Konami USA 64mbit
11-22-2001 David Beckham Soccer Rage Europe 32mbit
11-22-2001 Adv. of Tokyo Disney Sea Konami Japan 32mbit
11-21-2001 No Rules: Get Phat TDK USA 32mbit
11-21-2001 Frogger's Adv.: Temple of the... Konami USA 32mbit
11-20-2001 Madden 2002 EA USA 32mbit
11-19-2001 Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo... BAM Ent. USA 64mbit
11-16-2001 Nancy Drew: Message in... Dreamcatcher USA 32mbit
11-16-2001 4V4 Arashi Get The Goal Konami Japan 64mbit
11-16-2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire THQ Europe 32mbit
11-16-2001 International Superstar Soccer Konami Europe 64mbit
11-15-2001 Dokapon Monster Hunter AIA USA 64mbit
11-15-2001 Super Bust-A-Move Ubi Soft Europe 32mbit
11-15-2001 Razor Freestyle Scooter Crave USA 64mbit
11-15-2001 Midnight Club Street Racing Destination USA 64mbit
11-15-2001 Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Activision USA 64mbit
11-14-2001 Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles THQ USA 64mbit
11-13-2001 Tweety and the Magic Gems Kemco USA 32mbit
11-13-2001 Inspector Gadget Adv... (+trn) LSP Europe 32mbit
11-08-2001 Jackie Chan Adventures... Activision USA 32mbit
11-08-2001 Alienators: Evolution Continu... Activision USA 32mbit
11-08-2001 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius THQ USA 32mbit
11-08-2001 Sponge Bob Square Pants... THQ USA 32mbit
11-08-2001 Batman Vengeance Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
11-08-2001 Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone EA USA 64mbit
11-07-2001 Golden Sun Nintendo USA 64mbit
11-07-2001 Donald Duck Advance Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
11-06-2001 Hikaru No Go Konami Japan 64mbit
11-06-2001 Wario Land 4 Nintendo Europe 64mbit
11-04-2001 Mario Kart Super Circuit Nintendo Europe 32mbit
11-04-2001 M&M's Blast Majesco USA 64mbit
11-02-2001 Gradius Advance (+t) Konami Europe 32mbit
11-01-2001 Gadget Racers Conspiracy USA 32mbit
11-01-2001 Megaman: Battle Network Capcom USA 64mbit
11-01-2001 WWF: Road to Wrestlemania THQ USA 32mbit

10-31-2001 Kao The Kangaroo Titus USA 32mbit
10-31-2001 Super Street Fighter II Revival Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
10-31-2001 Batman Vengeance Ubi Soft USA 64mbit
10-30-2001 Spyro - Season of Ice Sierra USA 64mbit
10-30-2001 Spyro - Season of Ice Sierra Europe 64mbit
10-29-2001 Lucky Luke Wanted Infogrames Europe 32mbit
10-29-2001 Tang Tang Take2 Europe 32mbit
10-26-2001 Dokodemo Taikyoku Yakuman Nintendo Japan 64mbit
10-26-2001 Doom Activision USA 64mbit
10-25-2001 Monsters Inc. THQ USA 64mbit
10-24-2001 Lego Bionicle LEGO Media Europe 64mbit
10-24-2001 Hamster Monogatari 2 GBA Culture Brain Japan 64mbit
10-24-2001 ESPN Xgames Skateboarding Konami Japan 64mbit
10-24-2001 Nakayoshi Mahjan Kaburiichi Konami Japan 32mbit
10-24-2001 Phalanx Kemco Japan 32mbit
09-23-2001 Cruis 'N Velocity Midway Beta 64mbit
10-23-2001 European Super League Virgin Europe 32mbit
10-23-2001 Hello Kitty Collection Miracle Imagineer Japan 64mbit
10-19-2001 Prehistorik Man Titus Europe 32mbit
10-19-2001 Atlantis - The Lost Empire THQ Europe 32mbit
10-18-2001 Denki Blocks Rage Europe 64mbit
10-18-2001 Steven Gerrards Total Soccer.. Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
10-18-2001 Minna de Puyo Puyo Sega Japan 64mbit
10-17-2001 Lady Sia TDK USA 64mbit
10-17-2001 LEGO Island 2 LEGO Media Europe 64mbit
10-15-2001 Gyakuten Saiban Capcom Japan 64mbit
10-14-2001 Boxing Fever Majesco USA 64mbit
10-05-2001 Sports Ill. For Kids - Football BAM! USA 32mbit
10-04-2001 Wild Thornberrys: Chimp Chase THQ USA 32mbit
10-04-2001 Scooby-Doo - Cyber Chase THQ USA 32mbit
10-04-2001 Hatena Satena Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
10-03-2001 Sports Ill. For Kids - Baseball BAM! USA 32mbit
10-03-2001 Snood Destination USA 32mbit
10-03-2001 Kiki Kaikai Advance Altron Japan 64mbit

09-30-2001 LEGO Island 2 LEGO Media USA 64mbit
09-30-2001 LEGO Bionicle LEGO Media USA 64mbit
09-28-2001 Moto GP THQ Beta 32mbit
09-28-2001 Nobunaga no Yabou Koei Japan 64mbit
09-27-2001 Final Fight One Capcom USA 32mbit
09-26-2001 MX 2K2 Ricky Carmichael THQ USA 64mbit
09-26-2001 Dexter's Lab: Deesaster Strikes BAM USA 32mbit
09-26-2001 X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse Activision USA 64mbit
09-26-2001 High Heat Baseball 2002 3DO USA 32mbit
09-26-2001 Lady Sia TDK USA 64mbit
09-26-2001 Z.O.E. 2173 Testament Konami Japan 64mbit
09-25-2001 Power Rangers Time Force THQ USA 64mbit
09-25-2001 Rugrats: Castle Capers THQ USA 32mbit
09-23-2001 Morita Shogi Advance Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
09-21-2001 FILA Decathlon THQ Beta 32mbit
09-20-2001 Back Track Telegames USA 32mbit
09-20-2001 Field of Nine - Digital Ed. 2001 Konami Japan 64mbit
09-20-2001 Caesar's Palace Advance Majesco Beta 32mbit
09-19-2001 Caesars Palace Advance Majesco USA 64mbit
09-19-2001 Spiderman - Mysterio's Menace Activision USA 64mbit
09-18-2001 Jurassic Park 3 - Park Builder Konami USA 32mbit
09-15-2001 Klonoa: Empire of Dreams Namco USA 32mbit
09-14-2001 Rocket Power Dream Scheme THQ USA 64mbit
09-14-2001 Super Robot Taisen A Banpresto Japan 64mbit
09-13-2001 ESPN X Games Skateboarding Konami USA 64mbit
09-13-2001 Gensou Suikoden Card Stories Konami Japan 32mbit
09-12-2001 NFL Blitz 2002 Midway USA 32mbit
09-11-2001 Robot Ponkotto 2: Ring Version Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
09-11-2001 Robot Ponkotto 2: Cross Version Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
09-08-2001 Jurassic Park 3: Park Builder Konami Europe 32mbit
09-08-2001 Tetris Worlds THQ USA 32mbit
09-06-2001 Atlantis: The Lost Empire THQ USA 32mbit
09-06-2001 Medarot Navi: Kabuto Version Imagineer Japan 64mbit
09-06-2001 Medarot Navi: Kuwagata Vers.. Imagineer Japan 64mbit
09-05-2001 ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 Konami Europe 64mbit
09-05-2001 WWF Road to Wrestlemania THQ Beta 32mbit
09-05-2001 Love Hina Advance Marvelous Japan 64mbit
09-05-2001 Men in Black: The Series Crave Ent. Europe 32mbit
09-01-2001 Advance Wars Nintendo USA 32mbit
09-01-2001 F-14 Tomcat Majesco USA 32mbit

08-30-2001 Tang Tang Take2 USA 32mbit
08-29-2001 ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 Konami USA 64mbit
08-25-2001 Jurassic Park 3 - Adv. Action Konami Japan 64mbit
08-20-2001 Tweety & the Magic... (Ger) Kemco Europe 32mbit
08-18-2001 Wario Land 4 Nintendo Japan 64mbit
08-17-2001 Jurassic Park 3 DNA Factor Konami Europe 64mbit
08-15-2001 Fortress Majesco USA 32mbit
08-09-2001 Extreme Mahjong Deluxe... Athena Japan 64mbit
08-09-2001 Mario Kart Super Circuit Nintendo USA 32mbit
08-08-2001 Meine Liebe (Angel League) Konami Japan 64mbit
08-08-2001 Super Black Bass Advance StarFish Japan 32mbit
08-04-2001 Final Fight One UbiSoft Europe 32mbit
08-04-2001 Jurassic Park 3 Park Builder Konami Japan 32mbit
08-02-2001 Our Breeding Series My Am.. MTO Japan 32mbit
08-01-2001 Dokapon Q Monster Hunter Asmik Japan 64mbit

JULY 2001
07-28-2001 Ougon no Taiyo (Golden Sun) Nintendo Japan 64mbit
07-26-2001 Lego Racers 2 Lego Group Beta 64mbit
07-26-2001 Suta Komi: Star Communicator Konami Japan 64mbit
07-26-2001 Mobile Pro Baseball Konami Japan 64mbit
07-26-2001 Mugen Kikou Zero Tours Konami Japan 32mbit
07-26-2001 JGTO Official Golf Master Konami Japan 64mbit
07-26-2001 Muscular Ranking Konami Japan 64mbit
07-26-2001 Pinobee: Wings of Adventure Activision Europe p???????.zip 64mbit
07-24-2001 Tweety & The Magic... (Fre) Kemco Europe 32mbit
07-19-2001 Jurassic Park III: DNA Factor Konami USA 64mbit
07-17-2001 Doraemon Midori No Wakusei Epoch Japan 64mbit
07-17-2001 Mario Kart Advance Nintendo Japan 32mbit
07-17-2001 Klonoa: Empire of Dreams Namco Japan 32mbit
07-17-2001 Space Hexcite X Jordan Japan 32mbit
07-13-2001 GetBackers: Jigoku no Suka.. Konami Japan 32mbit
07-12-2001 Our Breeding Serie: My Beetle MTO Japan 32mbit
07-12-2001 EX Monopoly Takara Japan 32mbit
07-11-2001 Tweety & The Magic G.. (Fre) Kemco Europe 32mbit
07-11-2001 GT Advance Championship THQ Europe 64mbit
07-11-2001 Pacman Collection Namco USA 64mbit
07-11-2001 Mahjong Detective Hudson Japan 32mbit
07-11-2001 Street Fighter II X Revival Capcom Japan 64mbit
07-04-2001 Aidyn Chronicles: The First.. THQ Europe 256mbit
07-03-2001 Yugioh! Dual Monsters 5... Konami Japan 64mbit
07-03-2001 Breath of Fire Capcom Japan 32mbit
07-02-2001 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Fre) Activision Europe 64mbit

JUNE 2001
06-30-2001 Bomberman Tournament Activision USA 32mbit
06-29-2001 Hot Potato BAM Ent. USA 32mbit
06-28-2001 Toy Robot Force Globat A Ent. Japan eur-trf-zip 64mbit
06-27-2001 ArmyMen Advance 3DO Europe 32mbit
06-27-2001 Choro Q Advance Takara Japan 32mbit
06-27-2001 Yushun Rhapsody Capcom Japan 64mbit
06-26-2001 F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Nintendo Europe 32mbit
06-25-2001 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Ger) Activision Europe 64mbit
06-23-2001 Tweety & The Magic Gems Kemco Europe 32mbit
06-22-2001 Super Mario Advance (Final?) Nintendo Europe 32mbit
06-22-2001 Rayman Advance (Final?) UbiSoft Europe 64mbit
06-21-2001 Top Gear GT Championship Kemco Europe 32mbit
06-21-2001 Kuru Kuru Kururin Nintendo Europe 32mbit
06-20-2001 Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis Nintendo Japan 64mbit
06-18-2001 Rayman Advance UbiSoft USA 64mbit
06-18-2001 Castlevania: Circle of the... Konami USA 64mbit
06-15-2001 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Rd. 2 Midway Europe 32mbit
06-15-2001 Konami Krazy Racers Konami Europe 32mbit
06-08-2001 Fire Pro Wrestling BAM Ent. USA 64mbit
06-08-2001 F-Zero Maximum Velocity Nintendo USA 32mbit
06-08-2001 Super Dodgeball Advance Atlus USA 64mbit
06-08-2001 Army Men Advance 3DO USA 32mbit
06-08-2001 Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure Majesco USA 32mbit
06-08-2001 Earthworm Jim Majesco USA 64mbit
06-07-2001 Chu Chu Rocket Sega USA 32mbit
06-07-2001 Namco Museum Advance Namco USA 32mbit
06-07-2001 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Activision USA 64mbit
06-07-2001 GT Advance Champ. Racing THQ USA 64mbit
06-06-2001 Castlevania: Circle of the... Konami Europe 64mbit
06-06-2001 Konami Krazy Racers Konami USA 64mbit
06-06-2001 Rayman Advance Ubi Soft Europe 64mbit
06-04-2001 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2 Midway USA 32mbit
06-04-2001 Pinobee: Wings of Adventure Activision USA 64mbit

MAY 2001
05-30-2001 Iridion 3-D Majesco USA 32mbit
05-25-2001 Bomerman Story Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
05-25-2001 Final Fight One Capcom Japan 32mbit
05-19-2001 Super Mario Advance Nintendo USA 64mbit

APRIL 2001
04-16-2001 Monster Guardians Konami Japan 64mbit
04-16-2001 Momotaro Festival Hudson Soft Japan 32mbit
04-16-2001 J-League Pocket Soccer Konami Japan 64mbit
04-16-2001 I Am An Air Traffic Controller TAM Japan 64mbit
04-16-2001 Dungeon Dice Monsters Konami Japan 64mbit
04-15-2001 Silent Hill Play Novel Konami Japan 64mbit
04-15-2001 Winning Post Koei Japan 32mbit
04-15-2001 JGTO Golf Master Konami Japan 64mbit
04-15-2001 Tweety and the Magical Jewel Kemco Japan 32mbit
04-15-2001 Fire Pro Wrestling A Spike Japan 64mbit
04-14-2001 Top Gear All-Japan GT Cha... Kemco Japan 32mbit
04-14-2001 Napoleon Nintendo Japan 64mbit
04-14-2001 Powerful Pro Baseball Pocket 3 Konami Japan 64mbit
04-14-2001 Pinobee: Quest of Heart SunSoft Japan 64mbit
04-14-2001 Super Dodgeball Advance Atlus Japan 32mbit
04-13-2001 Wai Wai Racing Konami Japan 32mbit
04-13-2001 Advance GT MTO Japan 64mbit
04-13-2001 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Konami Japan 64mbit
04-13-2001 Chu Chu Rocket Sega Japan 32mbit
04-13-2001 Mr. Driller 2 Namco Japan 32mbit

MARCH 2001
03-31-2001 Kuru Kuru Kururin Nintendo Japan 32mbit
03-31-2001 Rockman EXE Capcom Japan 64mbit
03-23-2001 Mario Advance Nintendo Japan n/ 32mbit
03-22-2001 F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Nintendo Japan n/ 32mbit