Article by: Acey

TITLE Action Replay GBX
TYPE Cheat Cartridge
RELEASE DATE 01.11.2001 (EUR)
PRICE 29.99 (~$42)
ADITIONAL Released in the US as GameShark GBA by Interact Accessories. Word is also out that GameShark might appear in European countries, including Datel's home country, the UK.


The game cart sits on the back of the Action Replay GBX.

Here's what's in the package, forgot to include the manual though, oops.

· Flash demo (Not final GS GUI)
· 64scener Action Replay page
· www.codejunkies.com
· www.gameshark.com

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With only a few months of delay the Action Replay GBX was finally released to the public in November 2001, adding another system to Datel's line of successful game cheat devices. GBC owners might've heard of the Action Replay Extreme which was Datel's cart for GBC gamers wanting to cheat a bit, or... well in need of a bit of help in a game, sounds better right? :)

Finally GBA gamers are able to get a bit of help from an Action Replay cartridge and to make everything easier the cartridge comes with PC hookup, USB cable, for typing in new codes much faster and then sending them to the cheat cartridge. The PC software included works like a search engine aswell, it will allow you to connect to Datel's www.codejunkies.com site and search for new codes and send them to your Action Replay, or a PC code database if the Action Replay isn't attached.

Codes can also be typed into the Action Replay using a easy to use "virtual keyboard" which available on the Action Replay cartridge and could be used to quickly type in codes from magazines etc without having to connect the unit to a PC first.

A savegame feature is also built into the Action Replay, which means you can backup your saved games and share them with friends or users of the codejunkies website. The cartridge however doesn't support EEPROM saves at this point, which means you can not backup saves from games such as Super Mario Advance or Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2.

The Action Replay sits on top of the GBA, looks very bulky, the game cartridge connects to the back of the Action Replay. It does not work with most Flash game cartridges, used by game copiers, the only cartridge I've successfully got working with the action Replay was a 128mbit cartridge, the others (64mbit) either froze when the game started or like the newly released 256mbit cartridge which doesn't make contact with the Action Replay connector.

A switch on top of the Action Replay toggles codes on and off, and another button can be used to activate a slowmotion feature in some games.

Ofcourse the unit is still rather new, which means that no codes are available on codejunkies.com, besides the ones which comes pre-loaded with the Action Replay GBX. The US version of the gadget, called GameShark and is distributed by Interact, has a much better site with lots of code updates weekly, it even hosts a few game saves such as a 40% complete Golden Sun save.

Gameshark and Action Replay are identical, however some games differ from the US to European version, which means the GameShark codes can not be used with the European cart, or vice versa.

  • PC hookup.
  • Easy to use "virtual keyboard"
  • Save game backup
  • Compatible with GameShark codes (US Action Replay)
  • Switch to turn on/off codes

  • Lack of codes/support.
  • Not working with Flash (game copier) cartridges
  • Looks very bulky when inserted into the GBA
  • This type of gadgets are not really my style though, I still believe that it ruins a lot of the fun playing a game, but it is also a cool item to discover, before unknown, areas of a game, or play as a character you usually can't. But do you really want to pay 29.99 (~$42) for one?