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This is a list of every N64 I know of that was planned or even made it into production, was completed but not released anyway. The list is formed so that a game can be released in Japan but not in the US or Europe, but is still marked released, or a game like Taz Express which only has been released in Europe, but never in the US or Japan, isn't on this list as the game actually was released.

The list might be incomplete or incorrect in some places, feel free to mail me if you know something about one of the games that didn't make it.

1080° Snowboarding 2 - Nintendo Sports
3Sixty - Cryo Racing
4 X 4 Mud Monsters - Take2 Racing
40 Winks - GT Interactive Platform
64 Wars - Hudson Soft Action
7th Legion - GT Interactive Strategy
Acclaim Sports Soccer - Acclaim Sports
Actua Golf 4 - Gremlin Sports
AirBoardin' USA Ascii Ascii Action
Airport Inc. - Telstar Simulation
Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley - ASC Games Action
Assault - Telstar Action
Attack! - - Action
BattleSport 2 - Cyclone Studios Action
Blade & Barrel - Kemco Action
Buggie Boogie Rare Nintendo Racing
Caesar's Palace - Crave Ent. Simulation
Calvary Battle 3000 - Japan Supply Racing
Catroots - Nintendo Platform
Chanbara Fighter - Bottom Up Beat-em-up
Contra Spirits - Konami Action
Creator - Nintendo Simulation
Cu-On-Pa - Nintendo Puzzle
Dead Ahead - Optical Ent. Action
Deadly Honor - TecMagik Action
Deer Hunter 64 - Microwares Sports
Derby Day - Chunsoft RPG
Derby Stallion 64 - Parity Bit Simulation
Descent 64 - Interplay Shoot-em-up
Desert Island - Imagineer RPG
DethKarz - GT Interactive Racing
Die Hard 64 - Fox Interactive game type
Doubutsu Banchou - Nintendo Simulation
Dragon Storm - - Action
Dragon Sword - - Action
Earthbound 64 Nintendo Nintendo RPG
Echo-Delta - Nintendo Action
Emperor of the Jungle - Nintendo Adventure
Extreme Sports 64 - Eidos Sports
F-18 Super Hornet - Titus Simulation
F1 '98 Psygnosis Psygnosis Racing
Fire Emblem 64 - Nintendo Strategy
First Samurai 64 - - Beat-em-up
Freak Boy Virgin - Platform
Frogger 2 - Hasbro Action
Gendai Dai-Senryaku: Ultimate War Seta Nintendo Action
Ghouls 'N Ghosts Capcom Capcom Action
Glover 2 - Hasbro Action
Golgo 13 - Vic Tokai Action
Grand Theft Auto - Rockstar Action
Harrier 2000 - Video System Simulation
Hashire Boku no Uma - Culture Brain Simulation
Hype: Time Quest Ubi Soft Ubi Soft Adventure
Jack and the Beanstalk - Nintendo Simulation
Jeff Gordon XS Racing - ASC Games Racing
Jest - Ocean Platform
Joust 64 - Midway Action
Jungle Bots - Titus Action
Kasparov Chess - Titus Stragety
Kirby's Air Ride - Nintendo Racing
Looney Tunes: Space Race Zedtwo Ocean Racing
Magic Flute - SunSoft Action
Magic the Gathering: Armageddon - Acclaim Action
Mini Racers Looking Glass Nintendo Racing
Mission: Impossible 2 - Ocean Action
Momotarou Festival - Konami Action
Monster Dunk - Mindscape Sports
Montezuma's Return Tecmagik - Platform
NBA Showtime 2000 - Midway Sports
Need for Speed 64 - EA Racing
NHL Blades of Steel 2000 - Konami Sports
Ninja 64 - Capcom Adventure
Nomen Quest - THQ RPG
O.D.T. - Psygnosis Action
Pilotwings 64 2 Paradigm Nintendo Simulation
Pitfall - Activision Adventure
Powerslide - - Racing
Quest 2 - Imagineer RPG
Quest for Camelot - Titus Adventure
Ridge Racer V - Nintendo Racing
Riqa - Nintendo Action
Red Baron Sierra Sierra Simulation
Resident Evil 0 Capcom Capcom Action
Rev Limit Seta Seta Racing
Robotech: Crystal Dreams GameTek Capcom Action
Ronaldo Soccer - Infogrames Sports
Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends - Redstorm Action
Roto Gunners Tecmagik - Action
Shadowgate Rising - Kemco Adventure
SimCopter - EA Simulation
Smurfs 64 - Infogrames Platform
Space Bunnies must die! - Take2 Action
Spooky ICE Platform
Super Mario 64 2 Nintendo Nintendo Platform
Survivor: Day One Konami Konami Action
Sydney 2000 Olympics - Eidos Sports
Test Drive Rally - Infogrames Racing
Thornado - - Action
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy - Rockstar Racing
Title Defense - Climax Sports
ToeJam & Earl - - Platform
Tommy Thunder - - Action
Toon Panic - Bottom Up Action
TopGun - Micropose Action
Trick Style - Acclaim Racing
Ultra Baseball 64 - Culture Brain Sports
Unreal - GT Interactive Action
Viewpoint 2064 - Sammy Action
VRS Racer - - Racing
Wall Street - Nintendo Action
Waterworks - - Puzzle
Wet Corpse - Vic Tokai Action
Wild Metal Country - Gremlin Action
Winnie the Pooh - Mattel Action
WWF Warzone 2 - Acclaim Sports

Cabbage Nintendo Nintendo Simulation
DD Sequencer Nintendo Nintendo Editor
Dezaemon DD - Nintendo Editor
DT - Game Studio Simulation
Legend of Zelda DD (Ura Zelda) Nintendo Nintendo Adventure
Mother 3 Expansion Disk Nintendo Nintendo RPG
Project Cairo - Crave RPG
Snowspeeder DD - Imagineer Racing
Yosuke Ide's Mah-jongg Juku 64DD Seta Seta Strategy
Teo - Fujitsu Simulation