What is SDevTC?
System Requirements

What is SDevTC?

The official development tools for the world's most successful games console

SDevTC is the official Sony development tool chain for the PlayStation and has been since the console's launch. What else need we say? We won't brag about the companies or the games which have used our tools - but we suspect that every day there's another programmer starting to use our tools.

SDevTC works with all the Sony development hardware under both Windows 95 and NT. Work with your hardware, not against it! Using our custom driver protocols you can download and upload at unbelievable speed - much faster than the standard protocol.

On each Sony developer CD we provide the latest incarnation of our developer tools, containing some of the most powerful, efficient and reliable software ever seen in the industry. Intermediate updates are available direct from us.

You can rely on SDevTC all the way through the gamewriting process. And remember that you can rely on SN Systems for more than tool support. Because we've helped some of the world's leading developers to get their games out on time, our PlayStation-specific knowledge is pretty dramatic too. All the cool features in our toolset have been added because developers demanded them; if you want a new feature, no matter how bizarre it seems to you, we'll consider it with the breadth of console experience only SN Systems possesses.

And of course, support and upgrades for SDevTC are and always will be free for the product's market lifetime.


Build Tool Suite

The build tool suite has evolved from our pre-PlayStation days to bring you simple yet powerful project-building.

Six components you'll find in SDevTC's build tools:

  • The popular and highly-rated GNU ‘gcc’ compiler, providing C and C++ compilation with an incredible array of optimisations
  • Custom C-assembler, outperforming every other C-assembler we’ve seen in the MIPS arena
  • Custom macro assembler designed to give you miraculous flexibility in your hand-assembling
  • Custom linker, which can handle advanced features like multiple overlay areas and run-time-relocatable modules
  • A port of GNUMake, giving you precise minimal rebuilds
  • An extensive and always-expanding utility toolkit, including a library manager and dump tools


The Windows debugger is a powerful Windows 95 or NT-hosted source level debugger with state-of-the-art plug-in technology. Customisable and expandable, it uses the much admired View And Pane architecture to maximise your screen real-estate.

Seven reasons to use the SDevTC Windows debugger:

  • Debug at source or assembler level
  • Exploit the full C expression evaluator (including type-casting)
  • See CPU and GTE registers
  • Set an unlimited number of configurable breakpoints, and one hardware breakpoint
  • Expand data structures, arrays and pointers
  • Modify variables through the debugger
  • View the call-stack and dynamically change the stack context

System Requirements

  • Host 486/Pentium-class PC with Windows 95 or Windows NT installed
  • Sony development boards (available only from the division of Sony managing your territory)

If you have SDevTC but don't have an account then you can get one here.

SDevTC is a trademark and Moving the Game On a registered service mark of SN Systems Software Ltd; GNU is a registered trademark of the Free Software Foundation; PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.; Win32, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.