Question: Why do I need an N64 game cartridge?

Answer: We use it to fool the N64ís security system into thinking it has booted from a real game cartridge


Question: I canít build LIBULTRA.LIB following the manualís instructions.

Answer: The manual incorrectly documents this procedure. You need to use PSYLIB2 which can handle long filenames


Question: Iím using the SN64 under Windows NT and it just wonít detect the hardware.

Answer: Did you remember to disable scsiscan on the Control Panel Devices list? The SN64 looks like a scanner to Windows NT. You need to configure it manually with the driver provided at the end of the install process.


Question: I plug everything in and load up the File Server to try your test image, and it says "No targets detected" and wonít do anything.

Answer: Check that your SCSI cardís IO and IRQ settings correspond with the settings on the SN Setup programís SCSI Settings tab, and that Device Manager does not show any IO or IRQ conflicts.

Beware of IRQ12! Although Windows 95 might say it's free, it does not work properly in some installations.

Check that the SCSI cable is securely fitted, that the SN64ís power LED is on, and that the N64 console is off.


Question: My hardware doesnít work, so I tried using someone elseís cartridge which was working on her machine, and it didnít work either. Now Iíve given it back to her, it doesnít work for her either!

Answer: Stop everything and carefully check the cables and connectors on your SCSI cables and on the SN64 cartridges. SCSI-2 connectors are easily bent out of shape and will damage anything else theyíre plugged into. The effect spreads like a virus. You should always insert SCSI-2 cables slowly and not at an angle to the connector, and unplug them only when absolutely necessary.