FAQ (general)

Question: How can I get hold of information of latest developments and can I be put on a mailing list?

Answer: The website will be updated on a regular basis, giving the most recent development information including upgraded software. Due to the number of queries we receive every day, we do not have a mailing list

Question: Do I have to pay for software and/or technical support?

Answer: No, once you have purchased the development system, the software and lifetime technical support are free.

Question: How quickly can a dev kit be delivered?

Answer: Subject to availability, the systems can be despatched with 48 hours of receiving an order.

Question: Is an SN64 kit needed to use the Maestro64?

Answer: A Maestro does not need an SN64 to work, but as it is a content preview tool and not a development system in its own right, it does make sense to use it as part of the development system.